Sunday, May 29, 2016

Goals for WB 05-29-16 - Sunday

Post office
Visit and babysit with Evan - R

  • Zone 1
    • Front Porch 
      • Zone
      • WHB
    • Entrance and 2nd floor landing
      • Zone
      • WHB
    • Back Stairs
      • Zone
      • WHB
    • Side Porch
      • Declutter
      • Zone
      • WHB
  • Zone 2
    • Kitchen
      • WHB
  • Zone 3
    • Bath
      • WHB
    • Laundry Room
      • WHB
    • Sewing room
      • WHB
  • Zone 4
    • Bedroom 
      • WHB
  • Zone 5: 
    • Living Room
      • Zone
      • WHB
    • Study
      • Zone
      • WHB
  • Paperwork - 
    • M, W, F

  • GARDEN - plant - peas,Re-plants bird hit veggies (greens, coles)
  • GARDEN - Weed garden
  • GARDEN - Water garden
  • GARDEN - garden tools - clean and mend
  • FOOD PREP - W, F
  • PREP - T, R
  • Breads
    • whole wheat bread
    • pizza dough (whole wheat)
    • Challah
  • Soups
    • Turkey vegetable and freeze most of it
  • Salad in a jar
    • tossed salad, super salad
    • Yoga - routines 1, 2, 3 (alternate over 3 days)
    • Strength - arms, legs, core (alternate and paired up with yoga routine)
    • Cardiovascular - dancing, walking, marching, housework
  • RUSSIAN - M, T, W, R, F
  • MATH
    • Algebra - M, T, W, R, F
    • Rachmaninoff - S, M, T, W, R, F
    • Torah - S, W
    • Hebrew - M, R
    • Holiday - T, F
    • Pre- Camb - M, W, F
  • SCIENCE (doing review of some of work)
    • Botany - S, T, R
    • S, T, R
  • ART - M, W, F
          • STASH REPORT (Sunday)  catch up year's amount
          • DESIGN WALL (Monday) Take pix of all projects since beginning of year
          • FINISHINGS - Bindings, movies, spiced tea, hot cider or hot chocolate (Friday at Open Sew)
          • BINDING - 
            • Baby quilt - sampler 1
            • Baby quilt - sampler 2
          • QUILTING 
            • Baby quilt - sampler 1
            • Baby quilt - sampler 2
            • Awful Ugly Slippers
            • Above is what I definitely PLAN - however - there ARE several others hoped for - BEFORE end of May!!!!:
              • New Year's (2010) (January UFO)
              • Charleston Baby blanket (2015) 
              • Yellow Brick Road
              • Summer Breeze (tie quilt)
              • Valences (yes, these need quilting)
              • Apple Cider quilt
              • Lilacs in Bloom
              • Hearts Around
              • Hurricane Sandy
              • Mondo Bag
              • Cinnamon Stix and January table runner
              • It's all about hearts table runner
              • Luck of the Irish
              • Snow people and Valentine TR
          Any or all of the above completed before 05-31 will be GREAT!
          • PIECING
            • Eons old swap - finish ASAP and post  Deadline - 3 weeks - then turn remaining blocks into flimsy for charity
            • Swaps - Caught up through JULY!!!!
            • Jamestown Landing (goal would be entire flimsy - HOWEVER I will be overjoyed to get this ready for the outer border  (5 gazillion blue strings in border marching around the center!)
              • Frog 2 upside down rows
              • Re-do those 2 rows.
              • Put rows together
              • Inside border (Dark blue?)
            • Four Patch Re-Visited - New and temporary LE only until 05-31!
              • working on square in a square Leader - Ender method
            • Orange Crush - LE
              • LE in June - until all June projects completed!!!! - it is a quilt along with Wendy!
            • Allieterre - still a vision on the FAR horizon! - IF and ONLY IF Orange crush is DONE DONE (quilted and bound!)

          Menu for WB 05-29-16 - Sunday

          B:Fried eggs
          L:Turkey Burgers

          B:Cous cous
          D:Baked Stuffed potatoes

          L:Super Salad
          D:Lo country Beef and Rice

          B:Hard boiled eggs
          L:Cheese sandwich

          B:Cold cereal
          L:leftover casserole

          B:English muffins, Jelly
          L:Leftover luncheon menu
          D:Blackened salmon

          L:Crockpot Italian Vegetable Stew

          Wednesday, May 25, 2016

          Goals for the rest of WB: 05-22-16 Sunday (and this is Wednesday!)

          GO AND DO
          DONE Post office
          Called and cancelled GARDEN -Groomer Appointments?
          DONE Visit and babysit with Evan - DONE M, DONE W, DONE R, DONE S
          • Zone 3
            • Bath
              • DONE WHB
            • Laundry Room
              • DONE WHB
          • Zone 4
            • Bedroom 
              • DONE  Zone
              • DONE WHB
          • Paperwork - 
            • DONE T, DONE W, 
            • DONE Bills
          GARDEN - M, W, F

          • GARDEN - plant - peas, DONE bought in plants, squash, cucumbers, sweet potatoes
          • DONE GARDEN - buy in remaining plants
          • EXERCISE
            • DONE Cardiovascular - dancing, walking, marching, housework
                  • PIECING
                    • Jamestown Landing (goal would be entire flimsy - HOWEVER I will be overjoyed to get this ready for the outer border  (5 gazillion blue strings in border marching around the center!)
                      • DONE Complete Rows
                      • MOSTLY DONE Put rows together
                    • Four Patch Re-Visited - still sitting there!  New and temporary LE!
                      • DONE working on square in a square Leader - Ender method

                  Monday, May 23, 2016

                  Whu-u-ups! It's MONDAY - and almost the end of MAY - and I haven't posted my menues!

                  B:Baked eggs, milk, coffee
                  L:Hot Turkey sandwich, salad, tea, fruit
                  D:Leftovers or Pancakes
                  S:Milk, fruit

                  B:Couscous, brown sugar, milk, coffee
                  L:Green beaSoup, toast, tea, fruit
                  D:Mexican torta, milk
                  S:Milk, fruit

                  B:Muffins, milk, coffee
                  L:Turkey salad, fruit
                  D:Pasta Turkey Satay, Baked sweet potato, salad, tea
                  S:Milk x 2, fruit

                  B:Scrambled Eggs, w wheat toast (homemade bread), milk, coffee
                  L:Cheese sandwich, Milk, fruit
                  D:Leftovers, or Turkey burger
                  S:Milk x 2, fruit

                  B:Cold cereal, milk, coffee
                  L:lo casserole, fruit
                  D:Black and White Checkered chili, corn muffins, spinach salad, tea
                  S:Milk x 2 , fruit

                  B:French toast, honey, milk, coffee
                  L:leftovers from lunch, tea
                  D:Pan-roasted chicken and potatoes, Carrot coins, spinach salad, tea, challah
                  S:Milk x 2, fruit

                  B:Coffeecake, milk, coffee
                  L:Orange chicken (turkey, subst)(crockpot), coffee or iced tea, challah
                  D:tuna salad, challah, milk, fruit
                  S:Milk, fruit

                  Sunday, May 15, 2016

                  Trying ONCE again!!!!! Sparkpeople - I'm ba-a-a-ack!

                  Today I didn't even bother to climb onto the scales!  I KNOW I'm overweight - WAY overweight!  When I put my arms down at my sides and the pudginess keeps me from feeling my ribs - I am too entirely fat!  Not just overweight, not pudgy - but FAT!

                  The emphasis these days is to love yourself regardless of what weight or size you are.  Fine, well and good!  However when I'm FAT - I have increased problems breathing, problems standing and walking, my knees pop out more, my chronic fatigue makes itself known once again and my metabalic rate plummets!  I also feel bad!  WAY bad!

                  So - I need to tackle this problem.........  I don't know how others do it - but I DO know how I do it and what can work for me (IF I stick to it!).
                  1. EXERCISE!  Yoga for sure - especially if I enjoy walking, standing, sitting without pain.  And Strength exercise - my muscles are going in the wrong direction for now - and definitely need to be built up!  Especially if I enjoy the walking, standing, sitting activities for which Yoga has given me the flexibility!

                  Cardiovascular activity - uhm - IF I keep up the above - this one follows almost automatically - usually in the form of walking around the house, dancing (although it can - and has in the past led to knees popping out of joint again!)

                  2. STAY AWAY from coffee.  or at least stay away from more than 1 cup a day.  Tea is fine - to an extent - just not strong tea!

                  3. No dieting per se - but re-figuring my food intake options - and going for healthy food choices - and yes, I do like the Spark people diet.
                  a. Limit fat intake.
                  b. Limit sugars
                  c. More fiber
                  d. Veggies - esp raw ones are good - just watch the sauces
                  e. Make sure I consume 3 glasses milk daily - OR the equivalent
                  f. One helping
                  g. REGULAR times for eating.  Breakfast at 7. Morning pick me up at 10. Lunch at 12:30.
                  h. at 8 PM - evening snack - which is figured as part of day's caloric intake.
                  i. at 3 PM - afternoon snack - also part of day's caloric intake.
                  j. Weigh and/or measure EVERYTHING!
                  k. Make friends with salads!

                  4. Ummm - I SHOULD be journaling the diet - but considering that I spend too much time sitting and being on the computer anyway - that can be a problem.  Consider planning - and then following the plan!

                  5. Weigh in - uhm - this gets to be a problem and then I hyperfocus on foods and overeat or binge eat.  Consider losing inches rather than weight - and decreasing clothing size!

                  6. Rewards for each week?  hmmm - at this point a reward for each DAY would be nice!  should be something fun and NOT food!  Must think on this!  I definitely am too food oriented - and, no - hot fudge sundaes will NOT work as a reward! Neither will adding to my overly abundant stash!

                  May's quilting goals - and what I'm doing!

                  (Pix to come - eventually!)

                  Egads - I'm up to Number 20 (and probably a lot closer to #1 by now~!) on the UFO Queen's list on Stashbusters - something to NOT be proud of!  Trust me on that one!  Ah well, never mind - I'll have a week before I have to pay in a FQ should I hit the #1 spot!  And I have the little baby quilt that would be just right for it!

                  The numbers for May on the Numbered UFO list are - #12 - which is Four Patch Revisited and #53 which is Jamestown Landing, both Bonnie Hunter's patterns!.  I truly do NOT expect to be at the final quilting on either of these - but will be instead be glad to get them to the flimsy stage!~  I'm still at the practice a lot on the FMQ - and choose to do my practicing on table toppers of some description and baby blankets!  Hence the baby blankets!

                  As for pictures of either of these - well, ulp!  I don't have any yet - but I WILL have them!  and WILL update my flimsy gallery as soon as I get the pix taken!

                  Mostly though I'm working on Jamestown landing - and considering that prior to this month I only had 35 string blocks out of the 168 needed and that my dd and I have been doing swaps with her portion being 500 blue and white HST which would be coming my way 100 at a time (I need 840 of these doodads!)......  well, all of a sudden things started moving faster - and Wendy sent 400 to go with last month's 100 and I got busy on paperpiecing the remainder of the string blocks!  Currently I'm putting together the alternate rows (the star rows are DONE!) and will be making the remaining blue and white HSTs after I figure out exactly where I am with what!

                  Originally I had thought of changing the color of the intervening unit block to green - or gold - or red - because I was afraid there wouldn't be enough color in there!  ROFLOL!  Even though the string blocks are "light" - they are comprised of ALL KINDS of lights and I just love them!  Definitely enough color in there with the string blocks looking "light" from an onlooker point of view!  Love this quilt!

                  Re the Four Patch Revisited - I have ALL the little blocks leftover from when I downsized Bodacious to a baby quilt which I gave Evan.  While I don't have any double pink like Bonnie used - I do have several other pinks and am switching my LE to attaching the triangles for the square in a "square" (the tiny Bow-dacious 4 patch blocks)!  Still need to figure out what other color to use!  This will probably be a quilt for my bed - uhm - an alternate winter quilt????  not sure! (My Log Cabin is first choice!)   This is the LE as stated - HOWEVER since it is also a May quilt - it is of short term duration - and LE will revert back to the Orange Crush quilt once Jamestown Landing is done!

                  Jamestown Landing is a Bonnie Hunter quilt - and found in String Fling.
                  Bow-dacious is also a Bonnie Hunter quilt - and is found in Adventures with Leaders & Enders.
                  Four Patch Re-visited is also a Bonnie Hunter quilt and is also found in Adventures with Leaders & Enders.
                  Orange Crush is a Bonnie Hunter mystery and is found on her blog:  Quiltville's Quips and Snips.

                  Needless to say - I'm a Bonnie Hunter fan and I LOVE scrap quilts!

                  Menu for WB 05-01-16 - Sunday

                  B:Cheesy eggs, toast
                  L:Hot turkey sandwich

                  B:Rolled Oats, brown sugar, butter
                  L:Green bean soup in turkey broth
                  D:Turkeyetti (with veggies)

                  L:Egg salad sandwiches
                  D:Succotash soup
                  B:Poached egg on toast
                  L:Turkey sandwich

                  B:Cold cereal, milk
                  L:tuna salad
                  D:Asian Burrito

                  L:leftovers from lunch menu
                  D:Mediterranean fish, baked potato, sour cream (lite), spinach

                  L:turkey pot pie (crockpot)
                  D:Noodle kugel, veggies, fruit

                  Goals for WB 05-15-16 - Sunday

                  GO AND DO
                  DONE Post office
                  DONE Medical Appointments
                  DONE Visit and babysit with Evan
                    • Sewing room
                      • DONE Zone - am rearranging room - ugh!
                  • Zone 4
                    • Bedroom 
                      • DONE WHB
                  • Zone 5: 
                    • Living Room
                      • DONE WHB
                    • Study
                      • DONE WHB
                  • DONE Paperwork - F
                  GARDEN - M, W, F

                  • DONE GARDEN - plant - beans, bought in plants, 
                  • PIECING
                    • DONE Swaps - Caught up through JULY!!!!
                    • Jamestown Landing (goal would be entire flimsy - HOWEVER I will be overjoyed to get this ready for the outer border  (5 gazillion blue strings in border marching around the center!)
                      • DONE HSTs - the rest of them made up - 168 I think
                      • working on it Complete Rows
                      • SOME ARE DONE Put rows together
                    • working on it Four Patch Re-Visited -Leader - Ender method
                    • Orange Crush - this will be a quilt together with Wendy - on hold until both of us are ready for it
                    • Allieterre - still a vision on the horizon!

                  Sunday, April 17, 2016

                  Menu for WB 04-17-16

                  B:Poached eggs, toast, coffee
                  L:chicken and noodles

                  B:Kasha, coffee
                  L:green bean soup
                  D:fried trout, greens with lemon, pan fried potatoes, cornbread

                  B:Waffles, coffee
                  L:tabouli salad
                  D:pizza with cheese, salad

                  B:Sausage egg cheese burrito (homemade), coffee
                  L:peanut butter and jelly sandwich
                  D:Turkey burger, baked potato, peas and carrots

                  B:homemade granola, coffee, milk
                  L:chicken salad sandwich

                  B:Popovers, coffee
                  D:Fresh fish - potato,

                  B:Passover apple kugel, coffee
                  D:Sat eve P meal
                  Sun - P meal with Nathan and Lyn

                  Friday, March 25, 2016

                  Quilting Marathon!

                  Actually it starts on TUESDAY - March 29, 2016.  HOWEVER - I just finished quilting (and binding) another quilt - and I'm on a roll!  Essentially!  So - I'm prepping for the quilting - and maybe doing some quilting surreptitiously along the way!  :)

                  Items I want to quilt............

                  1. The Valences (3) (yup - I'm quilting it - backing with a white sheet and then quilting enough so that the block will stay a block when washed!
                  2.  and 3.   These are 2 baby blankets that I pieced from blocks leftover from the  Valences - 4 blocks each!  And there are STILL leftover blocks I will use SOMEWHERE!
                  4. Charlestown baby quilt - turned into a flimsy this past January when I was SUPPOSED to be working on my Tobacco Road Couch quilt!
                  5. Yellow Brick  Road - and I FINALLY know how I want to quilt this.  Now to see if I can develop the skills I need!
                  6. New Year's Mystery quilt table topper (2010)
                  7 - 12 - Table Runners for different holidays
                  13. Summer Breeze - a full size quilt
                  14. Scrap Basket Quilt - a QOV I want to get finished and on its way!
                  15. Apple Cider table topper
                  16. Hurricane Sandy table topper

                  and I'm quite sure I can find others hidden away - uh - tucked away on my shelves!

                  Of course I need to clone myself and my machine several times over in order to get this all done!  So - I'm going to just list these here - then play elephant.  You know - how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!  Probably starting with the easiest first (table runners, valences, baby quilts!)

                  Wednesday, March 23, 2016

                  What I did this past week and weekend!!!

                  Here's pictures of the Log cabin Quilt that I finished binding in January (not this past week - but also wasn't posted either!)  My daughter did all the quilt design of this (I did the piecing and the binding!)

                  Detail of the white parts

                  4 blocks together and almost pictures of the quilt stitching design

                  Log Cabin Quilt - all bound

                  Quilted and bound this past week.

                  Evan's "Big Boy" quilt
                  (he's being promoted to Big Brother in October!)
                  I did both walking foot quilting (straight lines)
                  as well as Free Motion Quilting (the flowers and leave -
                  which, of course, you can't see!)  First time FMQ on a big project!

                  You can almost see the blue thread of the flowers in this picture.
                  Almost, but not quite!

                  You can barely see the shadows on the backing for the design -
                  flowers with leaves!