Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This, that and then the other thing.....!!!

Went to work today. Can I say I felt like warmed over bubonic plague victim???? BUT by the time I can home - I could seriously say - "I survived" Yippee.

Anyway - now to fix dinner - I have some pollock fillets. The last time I fixed this it as so bland as to melt away into nothing. This time I used allrecipes.com - found 2 possible recipes - Pollock Montreal - which I think I will fix - and copy the rest of the menu as well - asparagus (with a sauce) and rice. (Can I say FAT-TE-Ning????)

The other recipe is fish fillets with stuffing which really sounds equally intriguing! Both are rated 4 star high! So - I think I am about to discover some new faves!

Also recieved another RxR from Annie - gosh does that girl ever quilt!!!! And it is lovely! As I have done with each of the others I've recieved - I did a show and tell with both post-mistresses - who are becoming increasingly intrigued with quilts - and online quilt groups. Yay!

Now to clean and cook - but then it is at least 100 F outside - and me with no a/c yet! (Tomorrow is the big day! Excited about that - mostly not because of the heat - though that too - but because it means I will be able to BREATHE!!!!)

Monday, July 11, 2011

How does putrid green sound???

Feel like yuck today. Called in sick. Although I know it isn't - it FEELS like my face is alternating between a putrid green and a grayish beige. Yuck!

Saw Wendy did some quilting today - looks wonderful - as always! She is so talented - and this is not only her mom speaking!

Actually I'm very fortunate - both my kids are fantastic young people and I'm very very proud of both of them! Not so much because of what they do - although that too, but just for being themselves. I count myself very fortunate!

ok - off to beddy bye - which seems to be the place I've spent the most time this past weekend (when I had planned a LOT of delightful things to do!)

Saturday, July 09, 2011

July Ho-Hums!

TG June is over - that's one of my busy seasons - and this past one was no exception! Add to that my returning home from a several month (since mid-February) stay at son's home. And yes, the house is NOT finished - but in terms of gasoline, etc. - soooooooo much less expensive to drive to work!!!

for those who are somewhat observant (certainly NOT me - it would take me to mid-December to notice this!!!) I've added 2 buttons - one for Judy Lacquidera's Monochromatic Challenge and one for her stash busting! Both more than well-worth while! (And both of which I am WAYYYYYYYYYYY behind on - working on last January, here!!!)

Other news - I decided after all to put in a garden - have some veggies (plants all) in - and as soon as I figure out where I stashed my garden seed will get that in too. I figure I've got until mid-next week before some of the veggies are on the no-no list for this year! Wish me luck!

Re the remodel - it is gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS!!!! LOVE my kitchen - and the bath is painted to match!~ AND I have a DISHWASHER and a REAL STOVE with a REAL OVEN!!! Yeehaw! I'm in hog-heaven!