Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bits and Pieces....

Today is posted in bits and pieces. No reason - just thought y'all might want to know!

Have been playing FlyLady Bingo - which I enjoy - sorta - while I clean up the place and move stuff around (getting everything ready for remodeling whatever part it is - number 4??? or 5???? Anyway - FINALLY have living room done - looks good - but I need more bookshelves and a table (LR is becoming my library - and I REALLY like it this way! A WHOLE section devoted strictly to Ancient history - so cool!!!!)

Getting the dining room ready too - for all the stuff that WAS in the kitchen (from pantry, bathroom - and of course, the kitchen!) Now this is the frustrating part! - I've been buying rolled oats - however I have a BIG bin of rolled oats (25 pounds) that isn't even opened! Why buy then? Well, when the guys are doing a remodel-deconstruct - all that plaster dust and debris becomes airborne. I'd just as soon it didn't settle in my rolled oat bin and spoil the batch! So - it remains - here - but unopened!

This last 2 weeks have really shown one of the many reasons I buy in bulk - we've had a horrendous amount of snowfall - and it has NOT been easy to do fun things like ... shop for groceries! Am soooooooo - glad I have some pantry supplies! Definitely plan on continuing this venture for sure!

Exercise - A few weeks ago I would have been delighted to point out that I had managed to pull a shoulder muscle (exercising with cold muscles) or that I had messed up one leg (same thing). Now that I've been exercising pretty much on a daily basis - I feel really PO'd!!! Well - I'll get over it - or not! Will try lifting dumbells again tomorrow. AFTER warming up my muscles, of course!

January has been for the last few years a busy season. This one has been no exception. However it is now heading into February - so we'll see how that one goes too! (April is the month I dread!!!!)

Quilting - ummm. I am supposed to work on son's quilt - and hopefully finish the flimsy - at least! Key words there are .... ummmm! am SUPPOSED TO and HOPEFULLY. Does this give you any ideas about where I stand on this? Now I HAVE figured out WHAT and WHERE - sorta. Mostly I am going to wing it - the rest of today - and all of tomorrow!

Oh yeah - the remodeling date... - they begin Feb 9 - what would have been my mom's bday.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

New month, new day and .... NEW YEAR!!!!! (Actually I'm still working on July 2010!!! A bit chilly out though for growing green beans!)

January - a time for resolutions (and sometimes breaking them), new beginnings - a time when I feel like Superwoman - and invariably take on more than 20 people can handle. That lasts until Jan 2 - when I suddenly realize exactly what I've done! So - now I do try (honest!) to hold it down a tad. Maybe instead of resolutions (solemn upright things those resoltions - all stiff and staid) I will try ONE (or so - probably the or so!) GOAL - complete that one and work on the next - as in it keeps me moving and focused - that's the thought anyway - and it keeps me from snowballing myself under! Hopefully!

Therefore - in THAT light... I'll post my goals to the side.

First - I do want to adopt - or at least try to do so. So this needs to be a major focus here! And is!

Second - I DO want/need to work on my weight! Most definitely - especially if I want to walk without pain.

Third - there are all those lovely quilts waiting to be completed - and even more - there are soooooooooo many more in mind to be begun!!!!! (me drooling here!) So one quilt at a time - and focusing FIRST on the challenge quilts!!!

And the FIRST challenge quilt - is #6 - Nathan's quilt! I'm not saying it will be DONE - but it will be worked on for sure!!! Now to make out a sort of time table here.....

Fourth - My house. Now this includes the Flylady Focus, remodeling insanity..... uh oh..... I see a major glitch (did I say GLITCH???) here. Well, I'll work on it!

Focus is to work on these things and HAVE FUN!!!!