Thursday, June 28, 2012

State of the Garden - 06-26-12

Somehow I invariably feel like some sort of politician when I give the title.  I COULD change it, I suppose - but it also gives me a giggle somewhere along the line!

No pix today - BUT - just a bit of report....

Strawberries - like I said last time - are done Done DONE!!!! and trying to put runners all over the place!  (I keep saying back in your bed - but that does about as much good as nothing!)

Peas - I have pea pods - still the yellow ones which are good - just not  alot of them!  I also have a few green pea pods as well.

And once again - the birds and bugs have thoroughly enjoyed my snap peas and my regular peas!  Blast their lovely little hides!  However SO FAR the purple hull peas (at least that's what I THINK I planted there!) are still coming along!

Beans are starting to bloom - and some of the pole beans are vining quite well - my purple podded beans have now reached the top of the fence and are waving back at me when I walk through the garden.  Now as long as I don't have to stand in one place too long.....  At any rate I figure maybe a week before I have any beans to speak of!

Lettuce - Oh yeah!  I'm harvesting (thinning) the whole plant for salads!  Yum!  Nice and tender and sweet!  This will be almost a daily thing for me!

Birds found out that the onion plants will NOT attack them and have unkindly removed the onion plants on ONE side of the cabbage family plants!  They have also been chowing down on some of my transplanted cabbages!  Time to move Pfred the barn owl I think!

Other coles - I have baby (ready to transplant anytime now) cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts - at least I HOPE that's brussel sprouts!, and collards - hopefully!  At any rate - lots of baby plants needing transplanting!  That's this weekend I think!

Corn and squash are now vying for space - and - yup - I did plant too closely - thinking of the disaster with the peas, etc. this spring.    Okra is up too!

Pumpkin is doing it's thing - and trying to go visit the sweet potato vines in the hills next to it.  So far I haven't given permission - nor am I likely to!

Tomatoes have definitely grown - and yup, sure enough, I found another 3 boxes of tomato plants I had raised that I need to put SOMEWHERE!!!!  Peppers, tomatillos, eggplant are still small.  I think a good bit of food (worm castings and peat moss) and water will help!

Beets - um = I need to do some replanting here.  And re salisfy, scorzonera - maybe I have 6 plants.  That's it!  Parsnips - maybe about the same number - and re Hamburg Parsley - your guess is as good as mine!  These are sloooooooooowwwwwwwww starters - but there is SLOW - and there is NOT AT ALL!  This is fresh seed - esp since these plants do NOT like to be held over - BUT - I am thinking the weeds, soil acidity (I REALLY need to check this out) and the shade (they SHOULD do reasonably well - they are root crops - and many root crops will tolerate shade much better than leafy crops) - but who knows!  Still - I'm taking care of what I have - and hoping more will appear later.  I also need more beets, as well as turnips, rutabagas, kohlrabi.  Not sure where those are going to happen - BUT I DO have a small strip between the sweet potatoes and the one and only blue berry bush (plus the rest of the line for blueberry bushes)  We'll see.

Potatoes - um - uh - they STILL need hilling up!  AND watering - that's this week.  For sure - especially if I want any sort of potato crop!  However - I HAVE seen some pretty nice looking tubers - that I carefully covered over with a bit of soil, etc.

Fruits - raspberries and blackberries - not quite yet - but working on it!  Blueberry - too young to really bear!

Pear tree - I have TWO baby pears!  so far they haven't done the June drop thingy.  Hopefully they will stay on the tree until time to remove them (you don't leave pears on the tree until fully ripe - unless you really enjoy stone cells!)  My one apple tree is doing great - and the other is definitely coming up out of the roots!  the peach tree and cherry tree are also looking great as well!  And I'm looking in the catalog at Stanley Prune (does NOT need a pollinator) and an apricot (hardy in this zone) as well.  Still would like another apple I think - but NOT those Lil Big trees.  Those things ONLY give a half bushel each.  And I want something not only for eating but also for canning for the winter!

Flowers - um - the 2 rose bushes I planted - I sure hope they come back.  So far the leaves turned dry and crispy - despite watering.  One rose bush I wasn't sure would survive anyway - but had hopes for the other one!  Re my petunia border - doing fine!  I'm thinking of adding some top soil to the fenceline - and planting more petunias, etc. there.  Sure smells nice!  Of course - you KNOW I'm allergic to them!  But they DO smell nice!

And the fence mess is GONE GONE GONE  - Yeehaw!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Design Wall for 06-25-12

OK - so it's 2 days later!  Still - it's here!

Actually I DID delay posting this - partially because I wanted to show where I am on my June Color Challenge (which I SHOULD finish today - hopefully!)  And let me tell you - the directions are NOT accurate!  Oh the cutting and sewing is fine - BUT the directions had me cutting 3 times what was needed!  As a consequence - my tablecloth will now become 4 placemats with a centerpiece!  Actually - it will be cute - AND when I finally figured out that this was based on a 14" square instead of a 10" square - this really makes more sense!

Ta Da - not done - BUT you can get an idea from the FIRST of the two pictures what each placemat will look like - and from the second - you can see an un-pressed "flower".

The next picture - or design wall board thingy - was my Arizona Skies - still unfinished - BUT last Sun afternoon I DID get all the center blocks trimmed - will have some do overs - we'll see.  The picture is an old picture!

The third item I hope to finish is my Underground RR quilt - it is next on the list right after the June color palette!  Not posting a picture on this one!

The 4th item - I would like to work an hour (or so) on is Nicole's Sofa Quilt.  Honestly I haven't even gotten it started - mostly because my son really liked the pattern - which means a whole different color scheme - AND - no flowers (his decision!) which is difficult because most of what I have has flowers of some description!  No picture yet on this one!  However I am hopeful by the end of the day I will have made SOME sort of choice - and without heading to the quilt shop too!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stash Report for 06-24-12

Ahhhh - this week was a fabric SALE!!!!  I will say though that although I did buy a tad more than I had planned to - I was a FAIRLY good girl.  Essentially!

To be sure - there were all these lovely FQ of fruits and veggies - and I kind of went nuts over those!  To the tune of 20 FQ.  Wasn't until I got home and started thinking again about how much I will actually use in those little jars and how much will be left over that I got a bit nervous!!!!

Also I did get the pale pink fabric - sure hope I got enough - but there is more - just not on sale price anymore.

And - uh - someone had gotten some of this darling seashell fabric - and so I immediately went beserk and HAD to have some - and of course, I HAD to have some of the go-with fabrics as well and - uh - I was a good girl and thinking of table toppers - so I didn't buy tremendous amounts of yardage.

It was hard - but I think I won.  Sort of!  Especially when you consider what I WANTED to get!

Actually though - what I used this week - I didn't finish anything - hope to this coming week  - hopefully!

Used This Week: 0 yards
Used This Month: 24 + 7/8 yards or 24.875 yards
Used Year to Date: 70 + 7/8 yards or 70.875 yards
Added This Week: 20 FQ or 5 yards + 2 yards (first go around) + 3 yards (2nd go around, pay the lady and go out the door!) OR 10 yards

Added This Month: 19.50 yards
Added Year to Date: 34.67 yards
Net Used for 2012: 36.205 yards I THINK (error in subtraction last week - next week I go to kindergarten to learn basic math!)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Friday marathon

Last night I got a jump ahead on today's work - I made bread - a new to me kind!  Feta and cracked pepper!  Oh MY!  Yummy!  VERY yummy!  Doing this one again!

Also last night I got a jump on some of my WHB chores - scrubbed the bathroom, laundry room (aka the pantry!) and the kitchen floors!  Today - it's dustmopping and scrubbing the REST of the floors (when you have cats you have hair balls - don't ask! Eeeuuuuuwwwww!)

Also will be making Challah for tonight and setting up the Shabbat candles. 

Already spent the morning fighting my fence row - really piled high my brush pile of stuff for the lawn mower guy to haul off!  AND my poor potatoes actually have sunlight!

Oh yeah - I have TWO pears on my tree!!!  True - they are baby pears - and sometimes during June drop they do just that!  BUT I am so happy about this! 

Re my other fruits - the apple I planted this year is doing just fine - as are the peach tree, cherry tree and blue berry bush.  However - sad to say - the apple from before that I transplanted entirely too late looks like it is on its last gasp!  I think I will be replacing that this fall - hopefully with the same kind!  AND if possible will be getting 1 - 2 plum trees as well (would LOVE to get a green gage plum tree - but no one carries it!)  Am a bit irritated though - I don't want a standard tree - BUT DO want a dwarf tree - which grows about 12 foot high and bears 1 - 2 or 3 bushel fruit.  Unfortunately - if I don't want a standard - ALL I could find was the "Lil Big tree - which grows only to about 6 foot high and puts out only a half bushel at most!  No!  In my book - that is just a way to advertise something new and charge an arm and a leg for it!

Oh yeah - on the schedule for today - a thorough clean of my room (this is its time!) and of the kitchen (which missed its time), a trip to Wally world, getting my hair back to only one color - hopefully - and NOT green -= at least not green THIS time!  THEN back to sewing.  Am working on Arizona Skies (aka Tequila Buzz) and having problems.  Shall see!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

On today's schedule.....

On today's schedule - I want to ... make watermelon rind pickles, sew on my Arizona Skies (aka Tequila Buzz) to have it ready for class on Sunday, finish hilling 3 beds potatoes (leaving 8), if time work on my lapbook for Shabbat - and post pix of that!  Also want to do a quick WHB of the house focusing on both my room (2 zone missions behind!) and the kitchen (want to do 6 missions there - including that nasty floor!) as well as put together one set of shelves for the pantry aka laundry room!

I also want to create World Peace in my spare 5 minutes!  Uh huh!!!!

Well, that's the game plan - now to see how far I actually get!

Yesterday's preserving Kettle Report

LOL - actually this was the FIRST picking of the pea-pods!   And no - I didn't wait too long before picking them!  These are from India - and are GOLDEN!

And no - I didn't preserve them!  Actually look quite nice in a salad!  They are also quite tasty!  Also ate the second picking - I had maybe 10 for that picking!  Wow!  LOL

Have been eating watermelon!  Eventually I will get over the immediate craving for watermelon - and can start preserving them.  Right now I can put up the rind in watermelon pickles.  For preserves - I have to wait twice - once to get over my "eat it NOW!!!" craving and the second time - for it to go through the 24 hour brine for pickling!  Same for Preserved watermelon rind! - and preserves for that matter!  YUM!

And of course, the juice is fantastic in watermelon sherbert - a slightly sweet and delicate flavor - very good!  And a favorite in my family (I put the sherbert up sometimes with a hint of lemon juice to "pick up" the flavor - and use an ice cream or ice-milk recipe for the sherbert.  EASY PEASY!

Will try to post pix today of finished pickles, etc.!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weave It to Me photo!

Monday I misplaced my Weave It to Me photo - somehow or other - and probably erased it.  At any rate I just finished re-taking the photo.

My Weave It to Me flimsy

Actually I think this is upside down since the pale blue on the far right is really strip number 1 and belongs on the left!!!  Is it perfect?  Nyet!  And no, I'm NOT pointing out all the errors!  Let's just say that if I do something with stripes in it again - I think I will put a reminder up as to which way they go!  And yes, it does need a really good press.  However it IS kitten approved (Scrappy is her name - one of 5 that I have and who is a BIG HAM!)

Oh yeah - the piled up and un-folded laundry at the foot of my bed - is now back on the bed - waiting PATIENTLY (as it has for the last week) for me to fold it and put it away!)  I think I will do that - AFTER I finish my current project - based on the Fancy Flowers quilt block - which will be a table topper - and, no, I'm NOT into round tablecloths.  My machine does NOT quilt round!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Design Wall 06-18-12

Hmm - my picture of my completed flimsy has vanished - will post this to my design wall this PM. 

Underground RR is on my schedule for this week.  Should finish by weekend.  No new pix at this time.

Also on my schedule - June challenge - I want to finishthis one today - am thinking of the Fancy Flowers with another block (which I have yet to figure out)  Maybe a 9 patch or a snowball type.

Arizona Skies - I'd LIKE to have completed by next weekend - or at least very close to it - mostly because I have a class then......  no new pix here either.

New challenge - baby blanket - actually some adorable fabric which will figure in 3 baby blankets - this is the first one.

State of the Garden - 06-19-12

I worked in the garden yesterday evening - and was able to ...... PICK my first Pea Pods!!!!  Yeehaw!  (Then I counted them!)

Of course -= there ARE more pea pods coming - and, no - those are NOT dried out.  Those are pea pods from India - and are SUPPOSED to be yellow! 

Re the peas - I also took pictures of the garden - Peas.....

As you can see - these peas are flowering!  (they are also not necessairly climbing the support either but kind of leaning all over everywhere!!!)

Beans still have some major misses - but are really doing pretty well.  No blooms yet - but some are climbing the fence.

This morning I finished weeding the salad section - and finally was able to plant the leeks (they were too small before now) - we'll see how they do - especially if the birds leave them alone!!!!!)

Yesterday I transplanted some of the late broccoli and cauliflower that I had planted in the garden (remember, the birds LOVED the coles that I had planted in the greenhouse and chowed down so happily!)  Cabbage plants, brussel sprouts and Collards that I had planted in the garden were still too small to be transplanted.  Re broccoli and cauliflower - I still have extras!

This morning I also weeded the rest of my sweet corn/okra and squash beds - as well as the watermelon, eggplant, pepper and tomatillo beds.  I have some misses - blasted birds!

Tomatoes look great - I do need to get some support in for some of them however.  Wonder if I can rig up something for the pumpkin vines?

Potatoes are blooming (some of them) and I am sooooooooooooooo late getting extra dirt in - will work on that starting this evening - maybe an hour a day until I get done???? 

I looked at the rest of the root crops - and it's a very mixed bag - mostly about misses - beets - yes, unless you count golden beets - which apparently the birds also love.  Only a dab of the parsnips sprouted and some of the salsify that had sprouted seems to have disappeared.  However right now that is a weedy mess and I will have to go through there and take closer look.

Have determined that I want more blueberries - maybe this fall?  Also I want to move my rhubarb plant over this direction - and maybe subdivide it - I sure like rhubarb and need a lot more!

Also this year I have added flowers as well - 2 rose bushes and some petunias - hope to expand that this month as well.

As for the State of the Garden....  There ya have it!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stash Report for 06-17-12

Lap quilt flimsy finish (almost - one row left - and will finish that when I go back in - and I'm counting it DONE! at least as far as being a flimsy!)

Used This Week:  7.5 yards
Used This Month: 24 + 7/8 yards or 24.875 yards
Used Year to Date: 70 + 7/8 yards or 70.875 yards
Added This Week: 1 yard (pellon interfacing - fusible) - oops, doesn't count - that is a NOTION or SUPPLY - therefore added this week is 0.0 yards (Yeehaw!)

Added This Month: 9.50 yards
Added Year to Date: 24.67 yards
Net Used for 2012: 44.205 yards

And next week is a FABRIC SALE - in several MA quilt shops around me (not the Shop Hop - but sort of a summer revival of it!).  Do I NEED more fabric?  Nyet!  However.... I have been lusting after both the bug jars - AND the canned fruit and veggie jars for a long long long time - so...  guess what!  I will be adding some to my stash!  Now to just make sure that is ALL I add!!!!!

I've just been informed that Pellon is NOT a fabric (YAY!!!!!)  So I've removed it - and adjusted the stash report accordingly!  (YAY!!!) 

Oh - and you KNOW (just like I know, sigh!) what will happen next Saturday!!!!!  However I am taking only so many dollars with me - thinking of leaving my cc home - but that would be when I would have problems filling the gas tank - so it will probably go with me!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

June Color Palette Challenge

Hmm - this month I LOVED the colors that Vicki Welsh posted.  However, once again my interpretation of one of the colors was slightly different from the color- chart illustrated since I would have sworn I saw a lemon yellow in there! 

However - I have decided to go along with the color chart - and am intending to use THESE colors/fabrics in a table topper (due in - gasp - 14 days!)  Mind you, I'm still at the complete the flimsy stage since I really have very little experience in quilting per se!  And yes, one of the pinks in the picture looks like it will fade into the pink behind it (drat it!) and the salmon in the front shows up as entirely too dark from what it is.  Also the green DOES need to be a bit more yellow-y - however it is what I have!

Pattern is what I'm indecisive about!  I REALLY wanted a rose - a BIG rose - medallion type.  And - yes, I could take a photo, then put it all on a grid and pick and choose in my colors for something approximating and giving the feel of the real thing.  As it stands I REALLY REALLY hate most of the roses I see in piecework - and my applique skills at this point will cause a hyena to die from laughing so hard!

So in the interest of that - one of the patterns I'm considering is Fancy Flowers - but that has some problems too - and so I'm thinking about it!  At least this weekend - and with the intent of working on this bright and early on Monday.

At any rate my dd Wendy and I played 15 hard work/45 play (quilt) this morning - and so now - I'm thinking of heading outside to either plant - or bury (depending on how dried out they are) the remainder of the petunias I got yesterday.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Design Wall for 06-11-12 - uh.... it's the 15th!!!!

Oops!  It's the 15th - and I FORGOT to post pix of my Sweet Treats!

Tonight is Open Sew - and I'll be taking my Underground RR with me - hopefully to at the least put the sashing on (and finish the remaining 2 blocks)

And then there's the Double Irish Chain (blushing here - I haven't gotten to the Second block yet!!!

(And of course, I like the "buggy" theme enough to want to do something with the buggy fabric I'm using on my sewing machine wall!)

And there's the Arizona Skies - uh, really named Tequila Buzz except that I don't drink very often - so Arizona skies sounded to me like something a lot more friendly!!!

Haven't gotten very far on that one either - but next week - watch out!!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Sometimes computers are a pain in the...... Sitdown! 

My computer started in with the virus BIG time on Sunday (right after I posted to Judy - hint here.....  EVERYBODY - do a Norton scan just to make sure you didn't "catch" anything!!!!!)  So I ended up deleting EVERYTHING - and uploading my backup discs. 

Unfortunately one thing I do NOT have on my backup discs are pix!!!!  I can pick up all my Siggies the same way I did the other 2 times I had to do a mass delete or change computers - BUT the pix - well... what's here is what's here.  What was on my computer is LONG gone!  Esp. since I erase what was on my camera everytime I upload pix (keeps me from getting REALLY confused about what's on here - and what isn't!)

That being said - it's really not that much of a biggie (I hope!) since I do have some sort of info on here re pix and where I am etc.  Hopefully!!!! (thought - I'll just download back again onto my computer!  Hopefully!)

Re Design Wall Monday - it will be back here again later today (as soon as I find my camera and take more pix!)

And for those interested in my garden - it is still in the beginning to grow stages (except for potatoes which are trying to bloom - BEFORE I can get them all hilled up!)  Re the "larnin'" part - well.... I need to do that!  Preserving - my strawberries are I think just about done - and boy are they good!  So good in fact that I've had strawberry this and that - and - uh, I ate them all!  Fortunately they put out runners so next year I should have even more!  Hopefully!

For now - I'm going to work on the Weave it to me that I was going to have done on Sunday - and didn't because I had to babysit the computer!

Note to me - ASAP - get a phone line into the sewing room so I can play computer WHILE I'm sewing!

Oh yeah - guess what!!!!  Last night I got a phone call from an ex-co worker (I was laid off last November - still maintaining contact with folks there - we were a close knit bunch!)  One of the main supervisors had her babies!!!!  I say babies - because she had TWINS!!!!  A boy and a girl!  And another co-worker also had her baby within the same month!  this is so neat! 

And of course, I'm thinking in terms of quilts and so on....  have to think on that a bit!  You know - I don't really miss working there - but I sure do miss the folks there - A LOT!  They are some pretty special people!

At any rate - I'm making plans to head south to my former workplace sometime either in July or August (depending on everyone's work schedules) and visit folks there again!  LOL - I may even bring down some of my quilts for Show and Tell!  And IF I decide to do a baby quilt - or 3 - I may decide that would be a good time to give them all around!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stash report for 06-10-12

This includes the Sweet Treat Flimsy (just the flimsy with borders - picture up tomorrow), the Row by row that I completed and sent off (finishing up that swap!)

It does NOT include the Weave It to Me which I wil probably finish either later today - or tomorrow!

Used This Week: 16 + 7/8 yards
Used This Month: 17 + 3/8 yards
Used Year to Date: 63 + 3/8 yards
Added This Week: 0 yard

Added This Month:9.50 yards
Added Year to Date: 24.67 yards
Net Used for 2012: 38.705 yards

Friday, June 08, 2012

State of the Garden..... Tues... no, it's Friday

Pix of the various plant beds - some well eaten by my "friendly" chipmunk or squirrel - and I wish he/she would stop it!!!!!  Oh yeah, in some instances - this is the 3rd or 4th re-planting....

The herb garden - needs work still!

Perrenial bed - needs more asparagus (a LOT more asparagus), as well as something to staple the fronds in an upright position!!!!  Also needs a LOT more rhubarb!!! and something to chase the bugs from the plant!  I forgot to take a picture of the strawberry bed - which still needs to fill in a bit -  but will hopefully do so this fall.

Peas and Bean bed in the garden - complete with areas munched up by the squirrel and/or chipmunk.  Blast it!  Replanted (and in some instances - re-munched!)

I have more pix of the garden - although not the stuff planted yesterday all on my state of the garden page.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Design Wall 06-04-12

This is the Sweet Treat Quilt.  Obviously it isn't finished.  All the messed up blocks were fixed and I was trimming to size - and.....  oops!  sliced the whole bottom of one block completely off!!!  However I had an extra block (which the gremlins must have eaten - and I hope it gave them indigestion!!!! 'cause it shore ain't here!!!!!)  Anyway - tonight after I finished up another project I worked on the sweet treat quilt - and fixed the unfortunate block (extra block STILL missing!  Actually - last I heard it was on a cruise to Alaska!) I suspect I will find THAT one when everything is done and I've learned how to quilt!

Currently however (this picture was taken BEFORE I added the sashing) everything is in rows - and just needs to be sewn together, borders added (NO idea what color border!!!!) and that's that!

Oh yeah - the last 2 rows are a tad bit different since there is entirely too much yellow all together!  One of the yellows moves up to the pink place, the ok pink block moves to the green place,  and the green with the orange center moves down to the middle with the other pink (all fixed) is on the end!

This isn't the only thing on my wall!  for sure!  churn dash is still there - and untouched.  Double Duty hasn't been touched since last week.  Same for Az Skies.  The threadhead quilt is DONE - and that mini-design board has been dissembled.  The Weave It to Me is essentially (though not completely) untouched.

And then there is the Irish Double Duty quilt - which I've been going nuts over - since my last class is this week - and because I'm working on a queen-size quilt - it is taking a while!  That I'm putting on my design wall - probably tomorrow.  It's too late tonight and I'm going to bed!  G'nite all!

Monday, June 04, 2012

And - ANOTHER finish!!!!

Actually THIS one was supposed to be later this week - then was moved to last night.... BUT about the time that I caught myself nodding off while ripping out seams - and basically thinking STUPID - I said - that's it!

So - I got up early and started in sewing (it's raining out so I can't garden anyway!)  Then went to Wallyworld and bought in supplies for my kitties - plus 2 supposed to be flannel backed tablecloths (they aren't!)  Came home - AND FINISHED the Row x Row!  Yeehaw!  It's NOT perfect by any means - but it's as done as I'm going to do it - and there is one block I would suggest doing some stuff to it - not a lot - but that's my block from Hell and I'm sick of that block!  Sick!!!!

Pix are on a new page  - Flimsyville - and if you noticed - the Threadhead page has vanished - because it's done - at least until the final quilting!

Design wall page is next followed by the rest of the Sweet Treats - and my Irish Double Chain (due on Wed!!!! I'm almost halfway done!)

Tomorrow I'm going to try to get the rest of the tomatoes in and take pix.  But I found SOMETHING (squirrel?  chipmunk?) is DIGGING in my garden and has dug up my beans I re-planted last week!  I found holes - BIG holes!  Hmmmmm!!!!

LOL _ a friend wants me to make homemade strawberry jam for her.  Yeah right!  Problem is I keep EATING the strawberries!!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2012


Today I've been so far pretty much playing.  Am just about to head outside (it's getting cloudy like it will rain again!) - and thinking of pulling weeds out of my once tilled tomato and melon sections of the garden - that plus cleaning up the rest of the way around my raspberry bushes (which may/may not have berries this year - not sure but I think the late frost got them).  IF I can - I'll transplant my tomatoes/peppers/eggplants.  Melons aren't ready yet - but I do need to check on them in the greenhouse.  Will post pix after I take them!!!!

More later!!!

Whew!!!  Nice weather outside - BUT!!!  Mosquitos and chiggers like it too!  fortunately I have a "natural" bug spray (has cloves in it for one thing).  Unfortunately - I forgot to put it on until the mosquitos had already thrown a party!

Anyway - the MELON patch has had weeds pulled.  So has the tomato patch.  AND some of the eggplant/pepper patch.  I made PART of the paths (my feet are notorious for going where I dont want them to!) - and pooped out!  At any rate - that was almost 2 hours (ok - so was only 1 hour 40 minutes - so sue me!)

Next on the list - my 15 minutes torture chores and 45 minutes patchwork bliss!  Yeehaw!!!!  Pix later!

Stash report for June 03-2012 - already again!

Used This Week:  0.5 yards
Used This Month: 0.5  yards
Used Year to Date: 46.5 yards
Added This Week: 9.50 yard

Added This Month:9.50 yards
Added Year to Date: 24.67 yards
Net Used for 2012: 21.83 yards

And here's another picture of my "finish" (keeping in mind that I count flimsies as a finish as well! esp since I don't quilt as of yet!  Other than rudimentary stuff!)

This is the Threadhead Mini Sampler with one block pieced FOUR times because I kept losing it (either that or the cats especially liked it!)  Yardage is "guesstimated" - quiltlet measures 16" by 12" - and this is without backing or binding - BUT keep in mind that one piece (QSTs) I had to REMAKE FOUR TIMES!!!!!  and the last time was REALLY fun since I was out of the fabric in question and had to cannabalize something else (which involved finding something different for THAT block!)

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Yee-haw! Another finish!!!

This mini quilt was a design/challenge from the Threadhead blog - and a lot of fun to do (up until I turned the 'points' around and made a different to me 'star' that wasn't - if you know what I mean!  And then proceeded to lose/re-do FOUR times 2 of the tiny blocks that make up the points!D).  And by NO means is it "perfect".  BUT it is DONE - and MINE - and that' all that counts (other than getting it quilted!).  I was going to add applique - but not now.  I'm just glad to get it done!  (And I have the 'perfect' little table to put it on, too!)