Sunday, March 15, 2015

Stash Report - Week 11

Part of one of the first swaps I was ever in and
where I swapped with friends from a Big Family group.
Year? 2000  Think it's time for me to put it together?

03-15-15 - Week 11
STILL  need to add the binding to the Log Cabin quilt, It's cut and ready to go.  Now to figure out what to use to support this big HEAVY quilt while I put on the binding!  As for the pattern for Spring's in the Morn (aka Spring is bustin' out all over!) I STILL have NO idea what the original thought was - BUT have decided to go with 9 patches and some blocks friends of quite a few years ago had sent.  May, as a result, go with the alternate name, since that fits better!  Saving Spring's in the Morn for something - probably applique.....

Have sewn quite a bit - just not enough!

Used This Week: 0 yards
Used This month: 0 yards
Used Year to Date: 02.50 yards

Added This Week: 0 yard
Added This Month:0 yards in Mar
Added Year to Date: 2 yard

Net Used for 2015: +0.50 yards

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Design Wall for Week 10 - 03-09-15

Log Cabin - it's back home and all I need to do is to bind it!  It's GORGEOUS!
Wendy custom quilted it - complete with baskets of flowers on the white or light parts
and feathers on the blue!  Goal is to complete binding on this quilt this week!

Passover Table Runner - this week I'm focusing on taking out the blue or black little flowers
 and replacing them probably with gray!

Crazy Quilt - one of 2 March UFO projects! (This is only a portion)
While working on the other March UFO I'm using this as a Leader-Ender project.
It probably will NOT be finished in March - but it sure would be nice for it to
become a flimsy!

Fabric frolic - also called Square in a square.
I worked on this last Sunday and Monday, but in reality this was a February UFO challenge!
The squares in this come from a group of friends in a group I used to belong to years ago.

Spring's in the Morn - or actually it should be called Springin' Out All Over
which was the original name!  I don't recall the exact pattern - but know I had used a double 9 patch square
to alternate in it.  Since I don't remember the rest of the UFO pattern (self created -
 this was maybe 12 years ago!), I decided to add in some of the blocks from a
Springtime swap from the Quiltin' Sisters group.  My goal is to turn this into a flimsy this month!

Monday, March 09, 2015

Stash report for Week 10 - 03-08-15

03-08-15 - Week 10
So close - yet so far!  STILL  need to add the binding to the Log Cabin quilt, Still need to remove the horrid purple flowers from the Passover table runner (WHAT was I thinking of????), need to STOP making Fabric Frolic blocks (February UFO), need to figure out WHAT was the pattern I had in mind for the Spring's in the Morn quilt I designed and started work on?

Used This Week: 0 yards
Used This month: 0 yards
Used Year to Date: 02.50 yards

Added This Week: 0 yard
Added This Month:0 yards in Mar
Added Year to Date: 2 yard

Net Used for 2015: +0.50 yards

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Design Wall for Week 9, 03-02-15

This week I'm working on several items - but can't show you all the pictures of the items YET - mostly because 2 of the items are barely started!!!  The third - ummmm - I may take out some of the quilting (flowers) - maybe or maybe not!  It all depends!

I belong to a group - Stashbusters - and have joined two challenges (actually more than 2!)  The first is a UFO challenge.  All the members of that challenge do their level best to NOT become queen of the UFOs - but as members complete a UFO, their name rotates to the bottom of the list and the other members move slowly - or even not so slowly - towards the top or the Queen position!

At the same time there is another UFO challenge - wherein we each list all our UFOs and assign them numbers according to their position on the list.  Each month two numbers are announced and we do our level best to finish the UFOs on that list corresponding to the numbers called.  This month - March - the numbers are 7 and 17.  for me, that means Crazy Quilt (#07) and Spring's at the Morn (#17) - both of which are BARELY started!  Significant progress this month on those would mean flimsies, at least!  And, of course, at this point I don't even have pictures of the projects - #07 would mean a picture of my machine with one of the many scrap boxes right next to it - and scraps dribbling over the top and on to the floor!  #17 would mean the fabrics, the few cut out pieces (not sewn together as of yet - but the fabric is cut into and that makes it a UFO!  Besides I like the name!)

By next week there should be something more to see!


There are 2 other table runners I am  hopeful of quilting this week as well
Both the Crazy Quilt as well as Spring's at the Morn fall under this category. 
Just no pictures yet!
This will be the binding on the Passover table Runner

Monday, March 02, 2015

Monday - all day of it! Thoughts and bits and pieces! 03-02-15

The last couple of days, I've been working on my Crazy Quilt.  while I can't say it is all handstitched, I CAN say that the pieces are machine sewn together and that they will have hand embroidered work to finish them.  I can also say that this definitely won't be the only Crazy quilt I will be doing - if only because I have a bunch of scraps that I've been saving of a variety of fabrics (velvets, satins, velveteens, brocades and so on) that will be in the other one - the one I am hopeful of putting family pictures in (including those of folk whose names I have NO idea about!..  THAT one will also have laces, grosgrain ribbon, and so on along with all the decorated stitches as well.

THIS one - the one I'm working on now I am seriously debating whether or not it will become a Springtime vest, or jacket, or not.  It would definitely be a fun thing to do and I may decide that this is the way I will go.  I definitely like the fun blocks I'm working on now!  First step, though is to piece all the fabrics together I want to include in this.  THEN if I decide to go the jacket route (appeals to me the more I think of it!), the next step would be to cut it and to cut out a proper lining for it.  Then to make both the lining and the jacket, then attach the two together.

However, I truly do want to think a bit on this - because the crazy quilt fabric itself will be really stretchy and will need a foundation to keep it from stretching all over the place.  If I use the lining also as a foundation, then that would be attached to the crazy quilt fabric BEFORE the outer garment is sewn together - which can be done - BUT doesn't truly feel like a lining to me, even though there are lots of jackets that are put together just that way.

OR I can just use the all over fabric as the foundation, with the crazy quilt pieces sewn to it and continue onward with the lining done separately then attached after all is done.

Another thought too - my machine has all kinds of fancy stitches to it - and although I've owned it for almost 2 years now, I have yet to do anything other than straight stitching.  This might be a truly good project to learn all about the fancy stitches, particularly if I want to use them to "join" the fabric pieces together in the quilt.
Other thoughts/ideas/projects - well - back to that one!  I swear that I have a super messy gene!  I had my sewing room pretty well picked up - or so I thought!  I decided to work on my crazy quilt - which meant I had to pull out one of my scrap boxes.  Admittedly I had my ironing board out for easy access - and hadn't put away either the Passover table runner I've been working on, nor the "February UFO Projects" I was SUPPOSED to work on.  So - today I walked in there - and - OMG!  I have a teensy little pathway to use to get to my machine and chair - and had only a 3 square foot of space for that chair - most of which was already taken up by my Widget cat who keeps me company while I sew so that I don't get lost (which today, anyway, was a distinct possibility!).

So - what did I do?  Did I clean the place up?  NO!  I sat myself down, and sewed crazy quilt seams together, picked out fabric from one of the scrap boxes - which, needless to say, has to be put away again, and which has dribbled itself over the edges of the box and on to the floor, cutting down the 3 square foot of space even more!

Oh well - tomorrow's Tuesday - and I can definitely start off with a 20-30 minute pupa (pick up put away, for those who don't know!) then (not that Tuesday has anything to do with it!  It's just that occurs after Monday!)
I got to babysit Evan again today - actually - unless it's some vacation or other or Lynn is sick - I get to babysit Evan every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and frequently on Thursday as well!
Today he was a bit grumpy - mostly because his teeth are driving him batty and he isn't getting to sleep (he fights sleep like crazy anyway and I swear must pry his eyelids open with toothpicks - he truly hates to sleep!)

LOL - I was singing nursery rhymes to him while cuddling him in my arms and patting to time - and suddenly he snuggled down and cuddled up and just went to sleep!  first time he's done that in a LONG time!  Reminds me of putting my son (Evan's dad) to sleep at about the same age.  I would put Nathan against my chest and pat his back in time with my heart beat - would put him to sleep every time!  But I swore that child would be 95 years old and I would STILL be patting his back in time to my heartbeat to get him to sleep!  Seems to run in families!  LOLOL

Still Evan is an awfully good little guy - just like his dad was and like his aunt Wendy (my daughter) was!  I'm so lucky!
Re my study schedule - all I have to say is ..... Oh My!  and then tomorrow I will pick up and work on it!  Trouble is - that seems to have been what I have been doing for a while - or at least somewhat. Yes there ARE books I am reading in various subjects - not what is assigned yet - but what has been read.  And there ARE videos I'm watching (ie, How the Earth Was Made) - but I truly do need to work on various assignments (I assign them).  Recently it seems my studies have been all hit or miss - with more miss than hit!  That needs to change!  I do like the side bar though!
That's enough for now!  Only other thing to discuss at present is the snow - the deep snow!  And I refuse to do that.  Ol' Man Winter does NOT need to be encouraged!  Enough already!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Stash Report for Week 9 - WB 03-01-15

This week I've been working mostly on Quilting my Passover Quilt.  The part for the walking foot is done!  However the part for the hopping foot (FMQ foot) is definitely not done.  Not that far off - and it COULD have been done - but it wasn't!  Honestly, my FMQ on this has been one of the funniest things, with angle this and angle that and wierdly shaped the other. I'm not done yet - and sure do hope I improve!  Although the biggest improvement may happen if and when I take a chill pill - if I can ever get one prescribed!  I have this funny thing - as I get tense, I start pressing down HARD on the fabric - which of course makes the fabric jerk and twitch instead of glide over the machine surface!  And no, I don't go too fast!  In fact, in a race between myself and a snail - the snail would win - hands down, every time!  Still and all, I am patting myself on the back for one thing - I am trying it - and I AM determined! (OK - that's TWO things!  I still can't count!) 

As for pictures - well, it isn't at that point yet - but hopefully I will get one up sometime this week!  the picture at the top was done with a walking foot - which still obviously needs a lot of that P word (Practice!)

03-01-15 - Week 9
Used This Week: 0 yards
Used This month: 02.50 yards
Used Year to Date: 02.50 yards

Added This Week: 1 yard
Added This Month:2 yards in Feb
Added Year to Date: 2 yard

Net Used for 2015: +0.50 yards