Saturday, September 11, 2010

I REALLY hate being sick!!!!

Aaargh!!!! Have I ever said I REALLY REALLY dislike being sick? Actually I refuse to even THINK sick! What I really dislike therefore is hacking, coughing, sneezing, headachy, feeling like the before Dristan ad - and sharing the wealth with everyone who passes by!

An autumn cold? Maybe.

Flu? Bite your tongue - but there may be more truth than not to that thought!

And of course - it happens at one of the busiest times of our work year! - not the most busy - TG! However.....

On another note - I find that more and more of my daily activities are taking place near where I work! LOL

Have finally settled on patterns (note the PLURAL) for charity lap robes! They do NOT look terribly hard! Now to get started! Just wish that they could be in other than patriotic colors (required by the charity) as in pink and lavendar would look stunning! So would green! Oh well! More for me on other quilts!

Found my calendar (don't ask why I couldn't find it before) and have updated it somewhat - including with the daily menus.

News from IL re house - NOT good! Ugh! Decision time.

Need to get back to my studies! And decluttering my living room! Will work on that tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

SEPTEMBER!!!! Already????!!!!

Wow! This year is FLYYYING by! September already AND it is the SECOND week!!!!

Update on all activities. Schooling was somewhat waylaid (what else is new?)

1. Adoption - not ready yet. Soon HOPEFULLY - and NO - I'm NOT too old. Internationally I can adopt from the Ukraine, and definitely from several different countries in Africa. There is no upper age limit. However I know I must provide a "plan" - the "what if- " kind which I firmly believe folks should do anyway - most of the people that I know that passed on - did so in their 20's and early 30's. And left children.

Also - I'm working on setting this apartment up for adoption as well.

2. One project per month COMPLETED - I need to see and repeat MANY MANY times that last word! COMPLETED! COMPLETED! COMPLETED! COMPLETED! (think that will work???)

3. Education - um - as I said above - schooling was waylaid this month. Super busy month - all kinds of stuff going on..... uh - stuff like Treasure Madness, Treasure Isle - lame stuff like that! Hopefully am back on track now.

4. Exercise - That I HAVE been doing - pretty much daily! A 6 minute routine! Yoga - that I NEED to do as well. Working on this one!

5. Gardening - have plans figured out for beds. Have been harvesting - but not replanting - at least at this point - though I will plant some brassica greens (kale, mustard, turnip) in part for the cleansing action they do and mostly because I happen to like eating greens!

Roots - umm - next spring.

6. I still have N's red car - STILL! son keeps forgetting his title. Personally I am ready to push it out on the front lawn and put a "free" sign on it!

7. House - still working on dining room and living room - have decluttered a LOT in the DR as well as in the kitchen. More to go still. Amazing though - I have decluttered FREQUENTLY - yet still find more to go when pushed into it!

8. Quilting - am involved in projects at work - for donations - including quilts. Had hoped to do some crochet projects - but the bag of squares I had wouldn't work. So - now doing squares for other things. Mostly star types. Not sure what I will do re batting though.

9. Work - we had our company picnic - was fantastic!!!! And I was sooooo tired afterwards!!!

Also we had our survey - and that went really well also! LOL - I trained as an ambassador - but they apparently didn't need me!

NEW this month -

1. Work - finish up tag ends of projects, busy season, prepare for company appreciation week - our portion of it. Also - we have a small feast for those who were for whatever reason unable to attend the picnic. Should be fantastic! Our team has sure gotten a lot of kudos - and our leader sure deserves all of them! We have selected awards this quarter for those we think have gone above and beyond! And our leader will recieve one - as well as several other folk who, although they are not a part of our team but have been involved every step of the way! and have certainly gone way above and beyond to help!

2. This month one of the groups I belong to is having a series of contests as well as a readiness program - which should be a lot of fun (and panic! LOL)

3. Son says that we will begin the demo work on the bathroom and pantry this month! Ugh! However that needs to be done - and my new furnace installed!

4. Quilt - new LE blocks - patriotic. If possible also crochet!