No pictures yet - but this is where my picture of Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery quilt will go (which is ALMOST a flimsy - but I have a sick sick machine!)  FTM - I also have at least 3 other ALMOSTs ready as well.  Need to do some finishing!

Buckeye Beauty Baby quilt - baby due on or about the 18th!
Re finishing the quilt - it will be a cliffhanger for sure!

Now updating the page - and I have NO idea what the date was for completing this!  (Forgot to take a picture!)  Just that it was sometime in August!
Yellow Brick Road
Actually the quilt was DONE - except for the borders.
I wanted to make it bigger so that it would fit nicely in a crib!
Hence the borders!  Which I REALLY like - kinda "makes" the quilt!

Silly me!  I forgot I had this page!  Now updating the page..............!!!!
Underground RR flimsy
(please ignore blue fringe from my afghan! also the purple border from my Friendship Star quilt)
flimsy completed 06-25 or 06-23-14

Double Duty - flimsy completed 06-26-14

Celtic Solstice.
Purple border does NOT go with this quilt - belongs to another quilt.  Completed last May - taken apart once then and pieced border put on as well as outside border.  Taken apart again in June and pieced border re-done, along with the outside border - which I then removed - quilt was big enough already!  And I like it better without! 

These two are of the baby changing pad.  
Actually they are of the walking foot quilting sampler - 
now repurposed to the baby changing pad!

All three above are of the Bodacious Baby quilt - which is now quilted, bound AND labeled!

Bo-da-cious baby quilt.
Button, the kitty, approves!

Celtic solstice - this is NOT finished -
I have pieced borders to go on -
however all else being equal, the greater part IS finished - at least as far as being a flimsy! LOL

Snow People

Cinnamon Stix table runner


Thanksgiving Table Runner flimsy (Pineapple table runner from Runnermania book)

Channukkah tablecloth and 6 napkins (tablecloth fits card table)
Lucky Charms by Kathryn Squibb made up for Halloween in Runnermania book

Summer Breeze by Kim Brackett in her book Scrap Basket Surprises
Corner detail of the Summer Breeze Quilt flimsy
My Passover Table Runner - aka Making Ends Meet - from Runnermania

It's All About Hearts Table Runner -kinda winged it - hearts (most of them) from swaps!

Christmas Ribbons

Optical Illusions - St. Pat's Day
February 12, 2013

Kim Brackett's Scrap Basket Blues from her book Scrap Basket Surprises

Mini Twister

January 07, 2013
Threadhead Mini Sampler is BOUND!!!!!

December 27, 2012
Twister - the BIG one!

December 3, 2012
I declare it Done (at least as a flimsy!)

November 28, 2012
Yay!  It's a Table topper
Nines and Dashes

November 21, 2012
A sorta finish (has problems - MAYBE) of Hexie centerpiece for daughter in law's Thanksgiving table - to be used NEXT year!

October 25, 2012
Grandma's Scrap Quilt (sans 2 rows sashing and 1 more row - which may be added some day in the future!)

(lumps on the bed are 2 of my kitties who are VERY patient with me!)

E. Sloppy's Sweet and Sassy quilt - re-named (and modified) into Wendy's Apple Cider Quilt

September finishes!

Baby Quilt #1 - August UFO

Improvisational placemat - August CP

"Nicole's Couch Quilt" - designed by Judy L. that I made for son Nathan and my new daughter in law Lynn 

My Row x Row for September 2012 - UFO
Couch quilt for me!


Fancy Flowers Placemats


Weave It to Me


Sweet Treats - a quilt along with Judy L.

Sweet Treats - cornerstone detail


Threadhead Mini Sampler

Sometime before 2012
Yellow Brick Road - and I don't remember who published this pattern 

Row x Row swaps!!!

Carol's Row x Row

Juanita's Row x Row


This mini quilt was a design/challenge from the Threadhead blog - and a lot of fun to do (up until I turned the 'points' around and made a different to me 'star' that wasn't - if you know what I mean! And then proceeded to lose/re-do FOUR times 2 of the tiny blocks that make up the points!D). And by NO means is it "perfect". BUT it is DONE - and MINE - and that' all that counts (other than getting it quilted!). I was going to add applique - but not now. I'm just glad to get it done! (And I have the 'perfect' little table to put it on, too!) 

A finish on a flimsy this week - table topper - was 2011 New Year's Mystery quilt from About.com - ABSOLUTELY cute!

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