Sunday, August 08, 2010

It is GORGEOUS out!!!!!!!

Good morning (yes, it is still morning here in MA!)!!!

It's a lovely overcast, cool and rainy day outside.

Now where did the lovely come from? Probably came from getting within eyesight of finishing a flimsy I've been playing around with this last year or so! Yes, I found my Flying Geese directions AND the ruler (at the same time - they are both now in their "home") - and have finished MOST of my flying Geese (I only have 12 more to go - actually less since I did the beginning stages on 2 sets of 4 last night) Then off to trimming and stitching the flying geese and log cabins up in rows, attaching the setting triangles and stitching the whole thing together!!!! THEN I get to send the whole thing to Wendy!

DID occur to me - as I'm doing my Leaders and Enders that I COULD work on my next quilt! So I STARTED with these really cute churn dash blocks (a favorite of mine!) that I dressed up into flower gardens - then discovered entirely too soon that (1)

I needed to cut up a LOT more of fabric for more of these - and while searching through my blocks and strips - got wonderfully sidetracked onto what had to be a gazillion rectangular blocks of various widths that I had trimmed from some blocks that a friend gave me (she got tired of working with them) and that I had sized down considerably so as to get something remotely like a uniform size (those blocks are also ESSENTIALLY stitched together - BUT am missing one vital color currently). It occurred to me that one quilt I have wanted to try for years was a very simple basket weave! So - with that in mind I have my new and current L&E project, keeping in mind that I do tend to hyperfocus - and the add-on project all too often becomes the major project!

Now - this morning it occurs to me that since I want to tie BOTH quilts with blue yarn (I want the pom-pom effect) - that maybe I want to combine them - as in putting all the big blocks in the center and basket weave a border all around! Maybe/maybe not - have to think on this more - but mostly =- have to get both finished as far as I can go!

Did have a wonderful time yesterday though digging in all that fabric - sorted (sorta) out my block bin - and discovered I REALLY do NOT like sizing the blocks - PLUS - the block bin is NOT my scrap willy-nilly bin for odds and ends I don't want to size down. Attended to this yesterday - so that is somewhat straight. It was amazing though - that the block bin - for being as full as it was - after I pulled all the blocks for the project I started with - and then after I pulled all the blocks for the blocks for the basket weave - is a LOT LOT LOT smaller! Actually almost reasonable again!

Then I really made history (at least in my family) I actually PUT EVERYTHING AWAY where it goes! Yay! Go me! So this morning was NOT a horrifically frightening mess to walk into! AND I have lot of blocks that I sewed on yesterday that have to be pressed (hence my "running away" for a few!)

At any rate - today - am finishing up writing on a couple of modules, cleaning my house, doing my poor laundry, and cooking up a storm for this week (soups, bread). If I have time today - still have to do some garden work - won't get it all done - but will definitely get SOME done! And am having to think about WHEN I'm going to diet - and HOW I'm going to diet with my crazy schedule and all.

Did talk to - and actually visited with Nathan yesterday for a short time - he came to pick up his mail - and arrived before I had finished sorting it all out. We talked and he also did some fixits on the dryer outlets. Sadly though I will have to get a new dryer - the one here is ancient - plus does NOT fit any of the plugins for current day 220.

Also chatted briefly with Wendy this AM - will talk more with her later today hopefully! I called early - mostly because I really hate to interrupt their family time in the PM. But had forgotten that they had company this week! My bad!

That's it for now - more later!

Whoa - it just turned lovely and sunny with a tiny breeze mixed in! Just gorgeous out! Now I want to go out and play in the garden!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wonders never ceasing

Wow - will wonders never cease??? It's Wednesday - and I'm BLOGGING!!!!

Have moved some stuff around on my blog a bit - and will be doing so this coming weekend again. Among additions - several work related items - ie, courses I take while I'm at work (nearly finished with 2 - need final exams done - and of course - FORGOT my study notebook! : /

Anyway - Wendy commented to me on how much I had on my week's agenda - not that I really EXPECT to get it all done! LOL At any rate - how to do it all? Tread water!

More in a bit.........

Monday, August 02, 2010

This and that.........

Egads! It has been a while!!!

Glanced over my last post and noticed I talked about my ARCHITECTURE module for learning! Geez! No~ I MEANT to say my archaeological module for learning! Or rather some of the items that I feel would give me (or any child) a fairly good idea of what archaeology is all about!

This for starters. And this study of archaeology would continue throughout history as well.

At any rate - I have the basic module set up on that - complete with experiential activities, etc. for a variety of ages. And am studying as well - while currently designing learning modules for different eras here on earth - starting with the Archaean era or Pre-Cambrian era. [Evolution, infinite variety of life (1)/First day – Precambrian, cyanophytes, stromatolites, primitive bacteria (2)/Paleozoic – Cambrian (1) and Ordovician (1) = 5 weeks]

Also am working on my Russian - starting again (I should be REALLY good on Chapter 1 by now! LOL)

Wendy and Vince visited here July 23 - was so neat to see them both! And I miss Wendy! She called on Sunday - and we played a bit - at least until my headache caught up with me (has to do with a pinched nerve because I slept "funny") Sure hope next year she and Vince can spend a lot longer! Also would love it if Nathan could go up there and visit a bit as well. Preferably with me tagging along - but at least to visit with his sister a bit!

Wendy brought me a copy of her newest book - this one photography! Was really neat! and I can understand why it keeps selling out!

Associate Satisfaction week was last week - when the company I work for rewards all the Associates with all kinds of fun activities - and the Focus team I was on was responsible for ALL the activities of the whole week. True - we farmed out 2 days for some of the entertainment - but still maintained the focus for fun activities and for food events as well as the 3 days that were exclusively ours! Busy - busy busy!

Had a lot of fun though - and the last day - we had dancers in from the Ethnic Dance Company in Hartford. And of course we had to do the Limbo - which I dearly love and which I USED to do quite well (of course this was - ahem - a LOT of pounds ago!) It WOULD have helped a lot if I had remembered just how long ago that was and how much less I weighed then than now!

Now I'm - uh - let's just say I am NOT top heavy! if you know what I mean! At any rate while trying to bounce under this stick held by coworkers - I bounced a little too hard and sat down very suddenly - on my - um - sit-down place. VERY hard! which did not help any headache I had either! However - it was a great lot of fun - as was the whole week - and today the management rewarded EVERYONE with an any flavor at all ice cream cone - which was just a lot of fun! (I had a chocolate sundae thingy! Yum!)

Tomorrow - I am looking forward to a lecture by Breast Cancer survivors group - and Wednesday I have both a meeting as well as a training session - which makes for a very easy day as well. So - when do I work? Yeah - trust me, I do - and very hard. It is just that right now our volume is way down - and so it is a very good time to do all this other stuff. I do like the idea of receiving training time during working hours though.

I do know one thing for sure with all the food I've eaten this last month - I'm lucky I can still walk in the door - instead of rolling my way in!!!