Saturday, December 02, 2017

Well - I'm BACK!

I'm Back!!!  I'm Back!!!!  I'm Back!!!  (songs of great joy and hilarity...... Yay - computer actually is most woring! - except or the , the l, and sometimes the a and the s)

It is great that there is very good blog security.  It is extremely sad that I forgot which account, had changed my email, phone number and generally screwed things up - a LOT!  I actually had to jump through a LOT of hoops to get my blog back!  But I'm HERE!

Meanwhile - my apartment has been renovated, I've gone through 2 computers (part of the reason it was such a pain to log in to my blog!  I could read - but change diddly squat!)  I also have 2 grandsons now - and another grandbaby on the way - (hopefully a girl - but grandsons are great too!  Healthy is best!)

I'm still homeschooling myself - some of which has been lingering a while - and all of which were discontinued for a while with only sporadic breaks of study.  I haven't adopted yet which is a sad thing.