Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Change of Pace

I'm hoping to do away with all the listing of my To Do items on my blog - BUT I do need to have the list visible so I don't totally ignore everything.  So, I'm trying something a little different.  I found a side bar that allows for text - and hopefully that will work and that I can change it daily.  Hopefully.  which will leave THIS part for any commentary (or not) on what is going on - or on life in general.  At least that's the game plan.  Now to see if it works!

Mind you, I do babysit.  Although I only babysit for 3-4 hours a day, I seem to have problems "shifting gears"! which is something I truly do want to get past!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday - 02-27-15

  • TO DO
    • Done Babysit Evan
      • Done Cardio dance, housework
      • Done, rather - working on it Bills

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday - 02-26-15

  • TO DO
    • Done Babysit Evan
    • Done PAPERWORK
      • Done Yoga 6-R2
      • Done Strength 2 x legs
      • Done Cardio dance, bicycle
    • MONEY
      • Done Chapter 3
      • Done PAPER
      • Done BILLS
    • MUSIC
      • Done Rachmaninoff 2nd C. to #4
      • Done Scarlatti - Sonatina in G

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Design Wall for Week 8 - 02-23-15

The Mini Twister- this will go to a friend Peggy.

BINDING NEEDED! (probably will have to wait a tad - maybe not!)

Log Cabin quilt is back home!
Wendy did a BEAUTIFUL job quilting it -
not sure you can see all the feathers or the baskets of flowers and so on with this picture!
but they're there - and boy are they gorgeous!
Now to put the Binding on - and - ta da - it will be DONE!

My Passover Table Runner - also my first experience FMQ.
The Walking Foot part was fine!  But OMG the FMQ!
Going to work on the vine - and may remove at least part of that blasted flower
 and re do it in a different thread!

Buckeye Beauty -
will be straight Walking Foot - at least until the borders!

Am going to be adding on the corners LE style -
at least until I get done with other projects!
I would like to get this to the flimsy point.
Don't have enough black though.
Wendy's Stars
This will become the Medallion for a QOV - as soon as I add the borders, et al.
Hoping to bring this to a flimsy status this month

Odds and ends from a VERY OLD Swap that I totally flubbed on!
Want to finish up the last of these - today I think.  And because the fabrics got separated from the envelopes and the directions when I moved, the blocks that I do not specifically recognize I will post pix on both to that email list as well as to the individuals.  Some were already sent to the individuals in that swap - including one block that I inadvertently left the embroidered antennae OFF of the butterfly.  Those folks who do not reply after a month or who indicate this will have their block added to a quilt for a charity.

This is one of the blocks

I have to re-sew part of this - but this is another block.
Unfortunately, it apparently doesn't belong to the Louise I thought it did!

Hand Piecing is on hold until after all the Bindings are done, done, DONE!

Wednesday - 02-25-15

  • TO DO
    • Done Babysit Evan
    • Done Prepare March order
    • GARDEN
      • Done BYG 8 - 13
    • MONEY
      • working on it Chapter 3
      • Done SHOP
      • Done ERRANDS
    • MUSIC
      • Done Rachmaninoff 2nd C. to #4
      • Done Scarlatti - Sonatina in G

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday - 02-24-15

  • TO DO
    • Done Babysit Evan
    • Done PAPERWORK
      • Done Yoga 6-R3
      • Done Cardio dance, bicycle
      • Done Chapter 2 - complete
      • Done Paperwork
    • MUSIC
      • Done Rachmaninoff 2nd C. to #4
      • Done Scarlatti - Sonatina in G
    • still working on Passover table runner

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stash reports


Strictly speaking this is still my stash report - mostly because I have NO idea what I want to do for crochet or knitting or.... well, whatever!  Regardless I am hoping this is the year that (1) I get all those gazillion scraps categorized - light/dark and to heck with the mediums!  Medium depends so much on whatever else I am using!  (2) I actually am brave enough to not only use my walking foot, but also to do some FMQ - like a LOT of it!  Heck!  With over 85 quilt projects (2 table runners = 1 project because the TR are SMALL!), I've GOT to get some quilting done!  And, goodness knows, (3) there are soooooooooo many quilts I want to do!

However - considering that it is 02/22/15 and I am just starting up again - that is where I will start my stash report!  Including with the project I just finished this past week!

Oh - and I will be counting ONLY completed quilts - flimsy, quilting and binding - the whole thing!

02-22-15 - Week 8
Used This Week: 02.50 yards /Used This month: 02.50 yards/Used Year to Date: 02.50 yards
Added This Week: 1 yard/Added This Month:1 yard/Added Year to Date: 1 yard
Net Used for 2015: +1.50 yards

Monday, 02-23-15...

  • TO DO
    • Done Babysit Evan
    • Done Finish WHB
    • ZONE 3
        • Done zone clean
        • Done zone clean
      • Done Yoga 6-R2
      • Done Strength 2 x Legs
      • Done Cardio dance, housework
      • Done 13-2
      • Done 50-54
      • Done Chapter 2
      • Done house
    • MUSIC   
      • Done Rachmaninoff 2nd C. to #4
      • Done Scarlatti - Sonatina in G
    • SOUPS 
      • Done Make soups for the week plus (freezer) - chili
    • Done DESIGN WALL(Monday)
      • Working on it corners on Fabric Frolic - until all other quilt stuff is done
      • Working on it Quilt Passover TR and binding

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Best laid plans for today!

Ugh!  As much as I dislike this - I NEED to do a To Do list - probably daily!  At least for now!

Today is Sunday and I don't know whether or not Wendy will contact me and feel up to quilting or not (she has chronic fatigue syndrome BADLY!)  If she can, then I will be quilting and chatting with her.  Otherwise - here is my game plan...........  and I KNOW I'm seriously behind (YET, Still, AGAIN!)

Yoga - go over Week 5 - AGAIN!  This is what happens when a person does NOT exercise for 2 weeks!  Well.... having to go OVER AGAIN a week's lesson plus, more importantly, not being able to move!!!!  Anyway - Yoga - Week 5 AGAIN!  Today - the 3rd routine (Preliminary leg pull, chest expansion, abdominal lifts - which I HATE!, eye exercises, shoulder stand and alternate nostril breathing while sitting in a half lotus position.  Oh joy!  But then - I will be able to MOVE and I will feel more energetic.  It's just the getting there and the unjoyful abdominal lifts that I dislike!

Strength exercises - today is core exercises - and WHY did I put all the ones I hate on the SAME day as abdominals in yoga?  Ugh!

Cardio for today - ummm - I looked around here, so my cardio for today will be to put on a bouncy type dance record - and clean my bunions off for 30 minutes (includes, dust mopping, floor scrubbing, wiping down kitchen cabinets, cleaning OUT kitchen cabinets - that is, all the stuff I was SUPPOSED to do this week - and didn't!)

It is really Zone 3 that begins today.  I'm pretending that hasn't happened yet!  I'm still working on Zone 2!  Uh, that is, I'm BEGINNING to work on Zone 2 - dusting down ceiling and walls, wiping off fingerprints (mine), cleaning the refrigerator, stove, Going through my cabinets - one at a time and this part I will NOT get done with today (what doesn't get done today gets worked on either once a week or else on the NEXT Zone 2 week- haven't decided yet!) and - oh yeah - the floor!  The floor abused by overflowing dishwashers and sinks!

I'm past the worst (hopefully!) of the sinusitis and no longer have the major sleepies wherein I become a human zombie (quite literally - I can NOT keep my eyelids open!) so now it is time to stir up all the dust I'm allergic to and clean the cabinets so I can get clogged up again!

Also - I want to finish up (strongly begin) the WHB or weekly home blessing - which is a bit more - but not much more - than a kiss and a promise towards dusting and dustmopping the rest of the place to keep it from reaching a screeching crescendo!

Should there be time today - or this coming week - I want to hang up some kitchen curtains (don't ask!  Sore point between myself and my son!  I LIKE curtains!  CLOSELY woven curtains! which hopefully my cats will find B o r i n g!

With 3 foot and more of snow outside - and it would be more - but it just packs down between storms! - this seems ridiculous!  But seriously - it SHOULD get warm somewhere between now and the end of May.  Hopefully!  If not - I'm moving south and letting the glaciers have their way in my back yard!

Anyway - I was SUPPOSED to do this last month - but then things wouldn't be interesting, would they!

ONIONS!  It's time to plant onion seed - inside! (could have been planted anytime since last November!)  Hopefully I'll remember to label the dratted containers!  And hopefully I will find a way to keep my beloved kitties OUT of the planted in dirt!  I do NOT want to find any surprises waiting for me to grub around in the dirt!

Oy vey!  Do I have paperwork coming out my ears!

First off - to gather it all together!  THEN sort the stuff!  THEN to make appointments with myself for the days to work on it!  However for that to happen - SORT the stuff FIRST!

EDUCATION (tomorrow)

QUILT (tonight)
 Tonight I want to finish up the last of Peggy's table mat.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh - Wendy called - and so now - on to quilting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 05, 2015

I'm on a tear - and wanna get this done! Wish me luck!

By Friday night (hopefully!)
  • Babysitting - today and then nada tomorrow!
  • House
    • PUPA (Pick up/put away) - all rooms
    • WHB (weekly home blessing - weekly cleanups)
    • Zone (thorough clean ups - akin to Spr. housecleaning - only not quite all of it in one month - spread over 3 month time)
      • Bath (Z3)
      • Sewing room (Z 3
      • Laundry room (Z3)
      • BR (Z 4)
      • Living room (Z 5)
      • Study (Z5)
  • Quilting
    • Open Sew Fri eve!
    • Finish quilting Mini Twister
    • Attach binding to MT
    • Binding on Log Cabin Quilt
    • Sew Binding MT at Open Sew
By Sunday evening (hopefully)!

  • Babysitting - none
  • House
    • PUPA - all
    • Zone
      • Kitchen (Z2)
      • FPorch
      • SPorch
      • Entrance
      • Back Stairs
  • Quilting
    • Finish piecing Grand Illusion Mystery
    • Finish Binding on Log Cabin Quilt
    • Quilt Samplers - finish - post pix to indiv addies
    • Quilt TR - 
      • All about Hearts
      • Optical Illlusions
      • Passover
      • April
      • Begin quilt Buckeye Beauty