Friday, November 30, 2012

December Projects, UFOs and an uh-oh!

As usual I set up a picture file of projects I would LIKE to work on on my computer.  I think if I were a Magician with a high degree of whatever it takes that I might get the job done!  But I'm not!!!!

Judy L. has set up some new requirements for her next year's UFOs (which should be GREAT! - if only I could prioritize!)  Actually this may HELP me to prioritize - either that or I'm going to head down the tubes FAST!!!!! 

Of the 24 projects done the last 2 years - MOST have significant progress made - and I have 19 finishes - at least as far as flimsies - which is most certainly 19 more than I had BEFORE I started on the UFO projects!  (even if 2 were classwork!)

Right now I have a tentative list of projects to work on for next year - made up of items from THIS year and LAST.

Every month I'd like to
1) swap triangles - so that is a given.
2) I also want to do at least one machine quilt - whether with the walking foot or with the FMQ foot
3) I would LIKE to have at least ONE quilt for handwork - whether applique or hand quilting - or my beloved Hexies! (probably hexies!) - something to do in front of the DVD player
4) I would like to also participate in at least one class (well, 3 if I join the Open Sew twice a month! plus the monthly group quilting project - we're doing table runners this next year)
5) I want to work on at least one of the projects that are current WIPs!  No guarantee that I will finish it - just work on it
6) I REALLY need to do some serious sewing for my wardrobe - which is really beginning to show the effects of being worn to death!  Besides I'm tired of a lot of stuff I own!
7) I want to also work on the new project that Vicki does (this year - the color challenge, next year - ???)
8) In addition to all this I want my house to be gorgeous and to achieve world peace - not necessarily in that order!

So there ya have it - the big Uh Oh - I'm in troubbbbbbblllllle now!!!!
That being said - December project list........

1) December triangle swap

2) Finish up the applique/quilt on the Threadhead mini sampler (needs applique and quilting on the green!)

3) Hexies - finish Thanksgiving sampler for Lynn. Begin one for Wendy?

4). Practice FMQ sampler

 5) Nicole's Couch Quilt - this is for my son and daughter in law - I want to get it quilted!

 6) Class - Twister - last session this year

7) UFO - Springin' All Over - but....

I would REALLY rather work on the Underground RR and finish that one up (need only sashing, borders - and the flimsy will be done!!!)

 or better yet - Twisted Ribbons which is seasonal!

and save the Christmas sampler for next year? When I feel more capable of applique!
8) and it would be nice to work on some other 'almosts' - BUT I'm not counting on it!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flimsy Finish!!!! (Yay! It's a Table Topper!)

And now - it's WEDNESDAY - and it really is!

On the schedule for today - I have a writer's class - and - uh - I haven't written a thing!  Mind you, I am supposed to make a serious commitment to writing if I am taking this class - plus I agreed to write at least one page every morning.  The last class I went to was on October 31 - and it is now November 28.  Mind you, that is a serious number of pages - 29 to be exact!  And how many have I written?  Let's just say - time to change the subject!

Fortunately though I do seem to not have a lot of difficulty with writing - although I definitely remember times when writing was really HARD! 

BUT add to this - I have an assignment - and that one IS harder!  I have to describe HOW I planned an action!  And considering that at the time I was between 3 and 5 years old and now I'm - uh, let's skip that part - just let it be said that I'm definitely older than 3 and 5 years old now!  Anyway - as best as I remember, I didn't really plan.  It just sort of happened.  Sort of.  And, of course, that type of thinking probably was what gave my mother the worst of her headaches!

At any rate - that's what I will be doing this morning - for a while at least!  That and finishing up the last seam on an item and taking pictures and posting them.  (hmmm - I wonder if blog posting counts as being serious with my writing?  At least a page a day?????  Hmmmm!)
This is later in the day (704 PM and I'm more than ready to put my feet up!)

I finished one of my core stories for class today - length - 4 legal size pages - handwritten.  I read that as well as my writing "prompt" assignment in class - not a lot was said except for how descriptive that was and that it was "fine"!  I had quite a bit of problem reading it too - especially since I had a hard time reading my handwriting!  Next time everything gets typed and printed!

I also finished up the main part of the Hurricane Sandy - debating on borders.  If this is to be a charity quilt (it's supposed to be) then I need to add more to it, add borders and so on - to make it a twin size.  If it is to be a table topper (I do like it) - then it's fine the way it is! 

But then I said it was to be a charity quilt.  So maybe another row or 2 of the logs and then 3 borders - one light - about 1.5 in finished, another .5 inches finished and the outside and last one maybe 3 inches finished - which should add 10 inches to the quilt (5 inches each side)

And, yes, the blue horizontal stripe across each row of blocks IS intended - and yes, the ONE green horizontal stripe (on the end) is also intended - sort of an "on purpose" 'mistake'!

After I finished that - and before the borders, I picked up the mail and my movies for the night - and fixed supper (turkey casserole - sort of a turkeyetti with fat noodles), then packaged up the soup (7 quarts broth) for the freezer as well as Ziploc bags - each with 12 ounces turkey in them - and marked for Ravioli, Tamales, Fajitas, Enchiladas - and of course, one for some of the leftover turkeyetti - which I already know I will have a problem finding a place to store!  Everything else is packed away = and my freezer is SOLID!

With luck - tomorrow I'm baking or boiling and pureeing the pumpkins - then drying that in my food dryer sort of like apple butter.  That's with luck!

At this point I am SERIOUSLY thinking of getting a canner - and I positively lust after the All American Pressure Canner!  Costs like sin - but oh my is it a truly lovely canner!

It's Tuesday! (but it's really Wednesday!!!!)

As of yesterday evening (sorry about not posting the pix yet - I will - still!), I STILL haven't finished the log cabin quilt - and was tired enough I was getting REALLY STUPID!  Like I couldn't figure out WHY one side of one particular block (there's ALWAYS one!) was shorter than the other side when all the strips were (or should have been) the same width!  Will work on that one today!

The lilac one is done - BUT I still haven't taken pictures yet.  I will though!  Only NOW (of course!) I'm not really sure I like the 9 patch next to the whatever it was that I created!  But it will do nicely! 

So, I decided to do the only logical thing!  I started work again on my UFO - Charm Around.  Keeping in mind that the only commitment here is not necessarily to finish it but to do a significant amount of work on it!  And then, I decided to figure out exactly how many squares I really need!  The original pattern used charms of 5" square (all cotton,  mind you!) and then to stitch triangles made from 4" squares cut diagonally to each of the charm sides.  Which would have been fine - IF the folks sending the swap had really used 5" squares for their charms!  And had used all cotton ONLY!  Instead, I suspect that some of the folks were newbies to quilting - and the "charms" were for the most part 4.5" square - or mostly square with some interesting shapes thrown in.  that plus the fabrics used cotton, polyester blends, some sort of heavy fabric and all varied in terms of weight, thread density and so on.  Nevertheless, I'm putting all of these into the quilt - they came from dear friends with whom I shared many joys, trials, and tears and I miss them all!

Regardless - I'm supposed to have 120 Square in a square (name of the individual block) for this quilt.  BUT because I've had to adjust for sizes and all - it will now be 170 of these blocks!

Next question - how many have I done????  (OK - good question - next question?)
  Needless to say - this one will be "a goodly progress this month"!!!!  And probably evolve into my next LE project!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

By Monday Evening... (alright - so it's Tuesday, now!)

By Monday evening - I had the lilac table topper quilt (no lilacs - just roses and forget me nots and lovely purple blender fabric) almost ready to be sewn into rows and to figure out whether or not I'm going to put on borders. 

Also my Hurricane Sandy Quilt is ready to be sewn into strips and put together along with borders (3????)

Today that is exactly what I'm working on!  (instead of working on my writing which is what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing for at least an hour a day!)  AND I'm on the phone with my friend Peggy chatting about whatever is going on in our worlds!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Design Wall for Week 47

Well, after a week of sorta, couldn't, wouldn't, and shouldn't and probably gaining ANOTHER 5 pounds in the process (at least!), it is once again design wall Monday.

Leader Ender project
I still have to sew the rows together into single 12.5 inch unfinished blocks but I have 5 of these - and with alternating blocks it should make a lovely table topper!

Alternate these with a 9 patch??  I'm leaning towards this - maybe, maybe not?
 Machine quilting - Walking Foot
Fancy Flowers placemats - for a friend

Baby Quilt #3 - finish and hope

Baby Quilt Number 1 - Walking foot - I'm thinking mostly of crisscross lines?

Walking Foot Sampler - was SUPPOSED to be done - but then a lot of supposed to be things didn't happen
Hurricane Sandy Log Cabin quilt blocks - NO ONE contacted me re sending these - so I'm finishing this up as a small quiltlet and donating for charity

Twister quilt - still needs slicing and dicing - and the 1 row fixed so it matches where it is supposed to.  Needless to say - I didn't make it to class yesterday.

Charm Around - this is my November UFO  Obviously not worked on.

Quilting Sampler blocks - uhm - this will probably go into December's list
Fall pattern - I STILL haven't finished up this pattern - and on the 21st of Dec we start WINTER which I haven't even gotten to!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stash Report for Week 47 (aka Every little bit counts!)

47  Courtesy of the centerpiece placemat that didn't quite make it to Lynn and Nathan's table this month I did use some fabric.  Although not a lot of much!

Mostly I worked on Hurricane Sandy and other projects and rushed here and there doing who knows what (because I sure as heck don't know!)

Used This Week: 3/8 yards =0.375
Used This Month: 0.375 yards for November
Used Year to Date: 113.945 + .375= 114.320yards
Added This Week: 0 yards
Added This Month: 3.5 yards for November
Added Year to Date: 51.98 yards
Net Used for 2012: 62.340yards

(and yes, I would LOVE to break 100 yards on the net used for 2012!!!)

Flimsy finish - Sorta!

The sorta means that I will probably need to repair some places where my hexies aren't quite hanging together!  However.... 

This (when it is eventually finished - and has a backing on it) is for my daughter in law.  I had hoped to have it done (including backing PLUS quilting) by Thanksgiving - actually before then! However that didn't happen!  So - she'll have it - plus placemats in time for next year!

Fabric used for Hexies - according to my All-in-One Quilter's Reference tool - I used a little more than 1/4 yard.  However I KNOW I used more than that!  If only because I wasted a heck of a lot by cutting my squares entirely too large!  so - maybe 3/8 yard is what I figure (19 hexies is more than 1/4 yard and less than a half yard.)  The beige fabric is what I MIGHT (or not) use for backing on this.  Provided, of course, that I figure out HOW to attach the backing!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One would think...........

One would think that since THURSDAY is Thanksgiving that I would be completely ready for that holiday!  Hahahaha!!!!!  

At least that was the way it was earlier today!

I decided at about 10 AM that I REALLY needed to deliver my HSTs to the quilt shop today - and so - having little sense, less money, a nearly full tank of gas - away I went!  Complete with HSTs, and a gazillion or so questions - all about the projects I'm currently working on!  (Hexies, Hurricane Sandy, and Twister).

Re the Hexies (aka Thanksgiving project - this is only PART of it mind you - the rest may have to wait a bit!) -
1) I wanted to know HOW to remove that LAST row of paper templates and yet keep the shape while putting the backing on!  Want to finish this part up today for sure!  So the answer IS critical.  Reply?  use the IRON - duh! Hope it turns out as cute as I think it might!  And I will love getting the placemats ready as well to go with! (common backing for ALL - but different colors on the front - maybe with/without the big bird!)
2) What the usual size of placemat is - espec. since I will be "winging it" and making BIG hexagons for the placemats!  Would LOVE for them all to be the pomegranite one - but I don't think I have enough!  May have to do something with that!
Re the Twister - I wanted to know....
1) how important it really is to have those squares EXACTLY meet each other!  I was HOPING I would hear - not really that important.  Well, that was a wasted question?  And a rather dumb one on my part (Duh #2!)  Of COURSE it is important - esp if you have to re-cut with the Twister template - and the seam joins are what you use for aligning your fabric!  Duh!
2) Yes, class WILL be this coming Sunday!

Maureen wasn't there so I couldn't ask her re the Hurricane Sandy question - but am finishing these things up anyway.  If I can't find some way for these to be used for this project, I will set them up in a quilt by themselves for the next Charity quilt.
Anyway - I DID buy the tacky stuff for applique which will be used on several projects - probably in December.  I also bought some of "Granny's Spot Remover" - guaranteed to remove spots like you wouldn't believe.  Hopefully!
Having done that I journeyed to my favorite meat market (definitely my favorite - even though I only go there 1- 2 times a year!) - and got chicken and more chicken.  The price was RIGHT! - including for leg quarters as well as chicken breasts (10 pound amounts).
By now (you can see this coming, can't you!) I was in a thorough buying mood (mind you, I ONLY have a refrigerator freezer!) - and went grocery shopping at Price Rite!  I usually buy at a different grocery - one that is a LOT closer to me and which has some pretty good sales.  But this time I decided to drive an extra 5 minutes and go to Price Rite - where I found a REALLY nice buy on turkey.  Fortunately (for my freezer) I only got one - would REALLY like to get more!  Still - am trying to get ahold of my son (who has an extra freezer) and see what he says!
Sum total - my meat supply for much of the winter is now done!  Except for beef and maybe lamb (IF I can find a good buy!)  And I'm thinking seriously of getting a pressure canner - would LOVE the All-American one.  Sigh!
Vegetables - I picked up what I felt was a good buy - will cook and freeze or dry as I go on this.  I bought in Collards, Kale, broccoli (mine is GONE).  Would love to have a p-canner for this too!  But will either freeze or dehydrate what is more than a meal's worth.  Probably dehydrate.

got home - and checked the time - and found I had shot most of another day!  : (  Oh well, there IS this evening and there IS tomorrow!

But really, one WOULD think that I would have been a bit more ready for T'sgiving, wouldn't one?

Monday, November 19, 2012

It's Monday, Isn't It!!!

Forgot to post my Mon project list -

FINALLY I got to the small white chest that holds all the patterns that I've ever bought - uh - or bought since 19--whatever it was when everything stored in my parent's basement FLOODED and turned to nasty paste!
I tossed all the can't stand 'ems, binned for re-homing all the kid stuff (by the time I finally adopt kids - this stuff will be well outmoded!). Unfortunately I didn't re-home all the patterns that are one size below me (on the top - not saying how much smaller on my lower half - state secret, that one!) 


I set up several pages (one per pattern grouping number) with pattern number, sizes of pattern, and check lists of what kinds of items I will have. I figure that if I want to make a blouse it will be easy enough to check out what patterns have blouses in them and go to the pattern number (filed numerically) and go from there. My OLD system had a separate notebook with pictures of the pattern. That's entirely too much for me! All I need to know is whether or not there is a blouse pattern available in my size - and then go check it out!

Also finished my fall cleaning of the Dining Room (inside of windows, and sills, dusting and dustmopping and cleaning floor) and my Zone work for my room!

Had green bean soup (think veggie soup - with beef broth - and only green beans instead of carrots and potatoes) - quite good!

Now on to sewing!

Today - I want to work on:
1) Quilting Sampler
2) Baby Quilt 2 - not a lot to finish up there - just want to get that done
3) Hurricane Sandy
4) the Hexie centerpiece for Lynn's table
5) IF I have time (doubtful) I'd like to work on the Charm Around Sampler

Pix later of each of these projects!

Design Wall - Week 46 - 11-19-12

Aaach!  November is marching on!!!!

For this week - some projects from last week - some of which are SOooooooooooo close to finishing! - and some new projects!


Hexies - am doing this one for TGvng table center for dil.  Will be doing others as well just not yet (November CP)

LE project - this is Springtime Lilacs
Quilting Sampler - am doing a block a day - should finish THIS one this week!

Fancy Flowers - am doing this Stitch in the Ditch and walking foot - a gift for a friend

Baby Blanket #3 - only needs a bit more walking foot.  Then on to borders and FMQ (next week)

Baby Blanket #1 - doing this one with walking foot only

Not pictured here is the Free Motion Quilting Sampler - I have one started - just no picture.  AFTER I finish with the walking foot - again it will be one square a day with FMQ

FMQ in the rectangular green spaces - either a scroll type of thing, a feather (ha ha ha) or some such
Twister Quilt - this week is press/slice and dice and re-sew it week!

Hurricane Sandy Log Cabin blocks - not much more to go!

Charm Around quilt - Square in a Square

Sampler blocks - am finishing this ancient swap UP - posting and what blocks aren't claimed go to charity quilts
Sewing - hoping to finish MOST this coming week!  May have 1 dress and one jacket left to do

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stash Report for Week 46, 11-18-12

Last day of the Quiltathon for November - and - man - I'm soooooooooooo close!!!!!  Wanted to get the Hurricane Sandy DONE!  However - I was at the point of making one mistake after another - so tomorrow will start afresh!  for now?  I'm tired!  (Sewed for almost 6 hours - yesterday I sewed only for 3 hours which is why I didn't get finished.  Drat it!)

46 Used This Week: 0 yards
Used This Month: 0 yards for November - but I'm ohhhhhhhhhh so close!!!!!!
Used Year to Date: 113.945 yards
Added This Week: 0 yards
Added This Month: 3.5 yards for November
Added Year to Date: 51.98 yards
Net Used for 2012: 61.965yards

Quiltathon - Day Four

Oh boy, this is really pouring the pressure on!  Day 4!  Already!

I think today I'm starting with my OTHER quilting projects.....

1) I'm behind (again!) on my sampler - so that's first - and I need to catch up!  May post (later) individual pictures of each of the 16 blocks.  Maybe!  That's a LOT of pictures!

2) Threadhead - DEFINITELY want to get this done!

3) LE - get the lilacs all ready and then to sew as LE today!

4) Twister - DEFINITELY want to get this done as well (class is a week from today!) - object here is to have it ready to slice and dice - then this coming week to do just that!

5) I really NEED to work on my sewing project as well. Sigh!  Not a lot to finish - so hopefully will be able to do that.

6) Hurricane Sandy project - uhm - finish this one up I think - debating - one more round? or 2?  one more round will make this 10.5 inches.  Two will make this 13.5 inches (which is why I'm have to put this one all together and so on - then take it either as flimsy or completed quilt - it needs to be 12.5 inches - not more, not less!  Ugh! I used the wrong size strips (forgot I had moved all the 2.5 strips to the drawer ABOVE the one that I used!)

Well - that's the game plan and I had best get my rear in gear!
1) Walking foot Sampler is now caught up!  Pleased with MOST (not all - I am having problems with straight lines today!) of what I've done!  Will post pix later - possibly on a separate page one picture each block!

2) Threadhead Sampler Mini-quilt is ALMOST done - will take a picture (probably 2 - one front and one back) when it is.  However I will still have some FMQ to do - which will be later this week!

Still to go - finish the TH sampler quilt - the walking foot part, Twister - getting it ready for slice and dice (ie, re-sewing 2 seams - they don't quite match - drat it!), then back to Hurricane Sandy for the next 2 rounds. IF there is time - work on Charm Around. And then later - in front of the TV - Hexies!
This is later....
1) Finished the walking foot stuff on the TH mini-quilt - still a little bit of FMQ to go - and binding as well. 
Threadhead Mini Quilt Sampler - Finished the remaining 2 corners.
Not sure if you can see it - but this is the back - should show all the Stitch in the Ditch that I did

2) Restitched the Twister quilt - uhhhhh - looks about the same - the blocks don't quite match - ALMOST match - but not quite - at least on 2-3 of the rows.  Otherwise looks great.  Am POd tho - because all this will show up when I do the final slice and dice!

3) Hurricane Sandy - along with a little Frogging - because I seem to have a problem of darks staying dark and venture off into the wild unknown of mixing the lights and darks up!  All straight now - but have 1.5 rows left on each of the blocks.  Quit stitching when I realized I stitched the block to the wrong side of the strip!  :P 

Made it to Disk 7 on Cecilia Ahern's If You Could Only See Me Now.  LOVE that story!

For now - am fixing fake crab croquettes, smashed potatoes, beets, maybe some peas, cinnamon apples for dessert!  That and reading probably for the rest of the evening!  More tomorrow!