Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One would think...........

One would think that since THURSDAY is Thanksgiving that I would be completely ready for that holiday!  Hahahaha!!!!!  

At least that was the way it was earlier today!

I decided at about 10 AM that I REALLY needed to deliver my HSTs to the quilt shop today - and so - having little sense, less money, a nearly full tank of gas - away I went!  Complete with HSTs, and a gazillion or so questions - all about the projects I'm currently working on!  (Hexies, Hurricane Sandy, and Twister).

Re the Hexies (aka Thanksgiving project - this is only PART of it mind you - the rest may have to wait a bit!) -
1) I wanted to know HOW to remove that LAST row of paper templates and yet keep the shape while putting the backing on!  Want to finish this part up today for sure!  So the answer IS critical.  Reply?  use the IRON - duh! Hope it turns out as cute as I think it might!  And I will love getting the placemats ready as well to go with! (common backing for ALL - but different colors on the front - maybe with/without the big bird!)
2) What the usual size of placemat is - espec. since I will be "winging it" and making BIG hexagons for the placemats!  Would LOVE for them all to be the pomegranite one - but I don't think I have enough!  May have to do something with that!
Re the Twister - I wanted to know....
1) how important it really is to have those squares EXACTLY meet each other!  I was HOPING I would hear - not really that important.  Well, that was a wasted question?  And a rather dumb one on my part (Duh #2!)  Of COURSE it is important - esp if you have to re-cut with the Twister template - and the seam joins are what you use for aligning your fabric!  Duh!
2) Yes, class WILL be this coming Sunday!

Maureen wasn't there so I couldn't ask her re the Hurricane Sandy question - but am finishing these things up anyway.  If I can't find some way for these to be used for this project, I will set them up in a quilt by themselves for the next Charity quilt.
Anyway - I DID buy the tacky stuff for applique which will be used on several projects - probably in December.  I also bought some of "Granny's Spot Remover" - guaranteed to remove spots like you wouldn't believe.  Hopefully!
Having done that I journeyed to my favorite meat market (definitely my favorite - even though I only go there 1- 2 times a year!) - and got chicken and more chicken.  The price was RIGHT! - including for leg quarters as well as chicken breasts (10 pound amounts).
By now (you can see this coming, can't you!) I was in a thorough buying mood (mind you, I ONLY have a refrigerator freezer!) - and went grocery shopping at Price Rite!  I usually buy at a different grocery - one that is a LOT closer to me and which has some pretty good sales.  But this time I decided to drive an extra 5 minutes and go to Price Rite - where I found a REALLY nice buy on turkey.  Fortunately (for my freezer) I only got one - would REALLY like to get more!  Still - am trying to get ahold of my son (who has an extra freezer) and see what he says!
Sum total - my meat supply for much of the winter is now done!  Except for beef and maybe lamb (IF I can find a good buy!)  And I'm thinking seriously of getting a pressure canner - would LOVE the All-American one.  Sigh!
Vegetables - I picked up what I felt was a good buy - will cook and freeze or dry as I go on this.  I bought in Collards, Kale, broccoli (mine is GONE).  Would love to have a p-canner for this too!  But will either freeze or dehydrate what is more than a meal's worth.  Probably dehydrate.

got home - and checked the time - and found I had shot most of another day!  : (  Oh well, there IS this evening and there IS tomorrow!

But really, one WOULD think that I would have been a bit more ready for T'sgiving, wouldn't one?

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