Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stash Report No. 40 - or 39 - or whatever - for 09-30-12

ok - I'm SOoooooooooo loused up on my stash report numbers.....  I thought it was week number 40.  However Judy L. says it is week 39 - and since we KNOW how easily I get distracted and messed up - I guess she is probably more right than I am!

39  AGAIN!

Used This Week: 0
Used This Month: 10.135 yards for September

Used Year to Date: 98.015 yards
Added This Week: 0 yards
Added This Month: 0 yards for September
Added Year to Date: 44.43 yards
Net Used for 2012: 43.45 yards

Now this is NOT to say that I'm not busting my butt trying to get the quilt that was due today - Sunday  - completed - because I am.  I'm just not done.  Yet.  So - the yardage will have to be added in to next week's stash report.

UFO Challenge!

September UFO is done!  At least the flimsy part of it!!!!

And the NEW October Challenge is No. 6!  Which is a modified Child's choice for me!

This is a block that I started for a swap some years ago (when I first started quilting) - and it's a mess!  The swap never happened. 

BUT I really, really did NOT like that block as it stood!  Now however I am modifying it and playing with it.  Hopefully it will be a lot more fun now!  Amongst other things, I am probably going to make this into a much smaller quilt.  Maybe. 

First though I have to take out all the goofed up stitching!  And that is going to be a chore! (a TV time chore!)

Idea though is to put pix of things that _I_ love or did love as a kid in the box on alternate squares.   We'll see.  I suspect finding pix of things I love or did love in FABRICS is NOT going to be easy!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

And the winner is..................

The black with the Mardi-gras theme!  Hmm - definitely am thinking applique - maybe over pieced work! 

Not a lot done today - did do a lot of slicing/dicing tonight.  Tomorrow will sew up a storm!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday's workings.....

Today I substitute taught - which in many (not all) respects I thoroughly enjoyed.  What was really neat was that TODAY I actually got to teach - not just babysit.  LOVED it!  LOL  - the only part I DIDN'T love was having to work within the confines of the system for behaviorally and emotionally challenged children.  By and large all the kids were great.

Now to sew!
Tuesday summary - I did a LITTLE sewing - mostly I sliced and diced stuff that I shoulda sliced and diced in JULY!!!!  Good news is that once that is done (it wasn't) there is sewing but it's not really difficult - and then mostly assembling. 

I contacted SH quilt shop and asked re the selvedge edge question - lady there said she trimmed it - but definitely understood my frustration.

No pix today.

Monday's Progress Summary

I thought that in order to keep me moving along I need to report my progress - either on a daily basis - OR on a several times a week basis.....

After I did 15 minutes of clean up (definitely NOT long enough, by any means!), I grabbed the directions to the Scrap Bag quilt.  And promptly got lost in the directions!  I mean, it sounds so simple....  Cut x number of inches from the selvedge edge.  Well, does that mean with Selvedge ON or with selvedge cut off?  As in, I would cut the selvedge off and cut the strips lengthwise - which is what she wanted.  BUT she didn't say that!  The strips ARE to be cut lengthwise but why didn't she just simply say so????  Ugh!!!!

Anyway - I cut and prepared as much as I could (so far - I definitely have LOTS more to do!) Because I KNEW I wasn't going to finish in one day and ... uh, because I know me - at least well enough that I know I would have NO idea what on earth I was doing - I bagged each of the 3 print fabric groups (Binding strips, posts, and blocks and sashing).  HOPEFULLY I won't get things confused all over again!

This is one small group (66) of the granny square backgrounds (yes, that is muslin - I'm using stash and felt that with the fall scrappy look, the muslin blended so much better than a dead white!)

Then I got sidetracked!  Don't even know what I sidetracked on - but that was it for the evening!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Design Wall for Monday, 09-24-12

1. As usual, I have been procrastinating like crazy about working on my Grandma's Scrapbag Quilt.  As you can see!  This is the main focus for the week (class - last one for THIS project, is Sunday!)

Fortunately it's a fairly easy and hopefully QUICK quilt!  Not planning on doing the final quilting on this one yet!

2. For the color Palette challenge, I have a vote (on 1 of the 3 blacks for background in the CPChallenge). Mind you, I haven't selected the pattern yet - but it will be SMALL! (Table topper? Quiltlet?) This is so that hopefully I can get it done in time! The 3 backgrounds are (or should be) located in the post directly below this one!

3. Re Final Quilting, I have 2 practice pieces (hope to spend at least an hour a day practicing or working on each of the types.  One is for the Walking Foot while the other is for Free Motion Quilting.  I'm scared spitless of both - even though I've had a class on this as well as have had my dd show me.

(The sampler for the FMQ is the top one - and I may re-do the whole thing - goodness knows, I sure need to!)

3a. For the walking foot (1 hour daily): I want to work on:

3b. This next baby quilt I want to finish up my walking foot quilting and then do some FMQ around the edges.

4. As per usual - I have my Leaders/Enders project - only this time I added a trim 5 for every time I go to the cutting board!  (as in I'm getting CLOSER!)

5. Additionally my plans include a CLEANUP of my sewing room!  which is super full of blocks, scraps and what all!  Rather than an all at once free-for all - and since I use Bonnie Hunter's Scrap Saver System (which WORKS!) - I'm spending 15 minutes a day (for the next 50 years probably - but then I'll feel virtuous the entire time because I'm Cleaning Up!).

(Btw - the plastic box is FULL of blocks - all shapes, sizes, stages of finished and not!)

I Need a Vote Here.......

I WAS going to make a Burgoyne Surrounded quilt - HOWEVER I discovered that my colors were for August!!!!  This is September!  However living in a state of confusion and chaos and indeciveness, I now have TWO months of choosing to do.

For the month of September (this is for the Color Palette challenge):

Which do you like better?

a) Sort of a kids theme on the black

b) this one is NOT my favorite
 (although I love the fabric - just not my favorite for THIS pattern)

c) Sort of a Mardigras on the black

On Wednesday I plan to count any and all votes and choose the main black fabric at that time.

Please keep in mind, there is NO prize given for choosing!  Just a mention of which one!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Flimsy time!!!!! Yeeehaw!!!!

LOL - thought I would NEVER get to finish this!  But I did!

I showed a picture on my stash report - am going to show other pictures - same quilt flimsy.  These will eventually be shifted over to my Flimsyville page!

Stash Report for 09-23-12

FINALLY!!!!  I finally had a chance to finish the last border on my September UFO - Row by Row!  Yeehaw!!!  This Couch quilt was a swap - and was supposed to have 5 people in it but one person dropped out.  This quilt was ALSO supposed to have been swapped out over a year ago!  I know now that I am MISERABLE at swaps!  I LOVE to swap - and LOVE to get the blocks in the mail - but am absolutely horrible when it comes to time!  Be that as it may - all rows got finished, sent on their merry way (and hopefully were ok) and I recieved my rows in exchange - which are absolutely gorgeous!!!! (My part of the swap is the birds in the nest - the second vertical row in.  And yes, that is the red strip between the gold and the navy - looks almost like the navy - but in reality it really gives a punch to all the colors - hopefully when it is washed that it will keep its color to itself, however!)

When figuring this yardage - I am adding ALL the rows - since I also had to do swaps to get my rows back!  Am using the yardage the same as for Nicole's couch quilt - mostly because I have NO idea as to the rest of the yardage!  (128 inches of flimsy) and some of the pieces are small - others aren't.

Used This Week: 8.76
Used yards for September: 10.135 yards
Used Year to Date: 98.015 yards

Added This Week:.0 yards
Added This Month: 0
Added Year to Date: 44.43 yards
Net Used for 2012: 43.45 yards

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Design Wall - 09-19-12

This is my Row x Row (September UFO) that I had HOPED to have completed long before now (like last week during the quiltathon!)  However that obviously didn't happen!  I did get the other 2 gold borders on (2.5 inches) and am in the process of sewing on the red borders (thin ones - only 1.5") and then will attach the 5" border that is Navy with red and gold squares in it.  It should look nice when done - not sure how I will quilt it yet - but at least the flimsy will be done!

This is the Grandma's Scrap bag - due the 30th - and hopefully at least well on the way to completion if not completely finished as a flimsy!  This is for the Quilt a quarter class!

Not sure here what I will do - this is how my eyes saw the color palette - however I think that some things will have to change, although the way it came out in the picture, I'm not as concerned as I was!  Anyway - it is the blues that need to change...... hmmm, this is for the AUGUST color palette which obviously I did NOT do.  It is now September - so - maybe I will table this!  SOMEWHERE I have a picture (maybe) of the September palette!

This is my Leader/ender project - part of my Apple Cider quilt - (aka Sweet and Sassy according to the book I got the pattern from!)  I finished up sewing all the twosies and foursies together - then counted them!  :(  I need to make some more HST's!!!! maybe 5 blocks of 8 HSTs worth!  Apparently my previous ones were NOT quite the size they should have been - either that or I have a secret stash somewhere!)

Flimsy complete!

Another Flimsy completed!

Will be adding this one to my flimsyville page (as soon as I add all the others!!!!)

Stash report 09-19-12

One flimsy done!!!! 

And another ALMOST done (like maybe tonight???)  Actually the one that is completed I finished yesterday - the baby blanket.  However due to the fact that when I sew it is like when I cook - and total chaos!  At any rate I couldn't find my book to write down the yardage - BUT it is found now!  And yardage I have!

The other flimsy will go on next week's report - although I DO need to look and see if I can figure out whether or not I figured in that one row I did for swap or not.  I don't think so - but then - I don't really know.  I just need to look back to when I did it.  I do know that the other 3 rows have NOT been added in - and so at the least they will appear on NEXT week's report!

Also - if I get the chance tonight - I plan on final quilting a baby blanket - so that will go on next week's as well.  And these are the for sure things!

Used This Week:  1.375 yards
Used This Month: 1.375  yards for September
Used Year to Date: 87.880 yards

Added This Week:.0 yards
Added This Month: 0
Added Year to Date: 44.43 yards
Net Used for 2012: 43.45 yards

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 4 - that Quilt thingy!!!!

Pictures will be added to ALL the posts some time Monday .....and today is stash day (published after this post - eventually - 'cause I REALLY want to get my borders on the RxR this AM as well as finish up the last of that little doo-dad baby quilt!

Have decided to loop-de-loop on the borders of a baby quilt I had started some time ago - hopefully I will get to that Ptoo (AFTER I practice a LOT!)

Will post pix when I get around to getting my Lithium batteries!

Am starting on a minimum of sleep since the jokers upstairs decided to party starting at 1 AM and only quieting down after they woke me, I got mad and went up and beat on their door and threatened to call the cops.  Personally I think a brass band starting at 6 AM and playing LOUDLY would only be too good for them!  Especially if it played in their ears!

Am playing with my dd Wendy (like yesterday) - work for 15 then sew for 45.  Somehow makes the housework a bit more palatable!  Maybe.  So far I have laundry going, bathroom scoured, my bed made and room straight.  Mostly because I forgot to set my timer for the 15 minutes part!

Now to sew (am taking my walk-around phone in there since I can't connect up my computer in the sewing room because there are no phone outlets working there!).  First up - baby quilt!
Sometime after 3 PM
Everything was going great - UNTIL I ate lunch - since then I could hardly drag my legs from one step to another sooooooooo..............  Time for a Nap break!

DID cut the border strips for the RxR - was concerned that I might need 1 -2 other borders (albeit VERY narrow 1" wide unbleached muslin ones) - and so showed Wendy - she thinks it will be fine without.  She was a bit concerned that the gold was fading right into the background - and in truth, online it tends to - but in reality - it looks nice there!  Did find out that I do NOT have a lot of my favorite dark strip - but hopefully enough for a 4.5" border (would have loved a 5.5 or a 6" border - but 4.5" will do - has to - not enough fabric for more!)

Baby blanket - ALMOST done - am at the press everything stage (same for the RxR) then sew the sashing strips between the rows, quilt, and slap on the binding (am thinking may be a self-bound maybe - or if not - then will repeat the gold)

Both will have to wait until later - going to sleep now

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 3 of the Thing-a-thon

Today I actually got quite a bit done - so far - may go back to it again in a bit!

Wendy called (Yippee!!!) and that usually - not always - but usually means that we play this game of work our butts off for 15 minutes doing some chore or other, then go play for 45 minutes.  The exception is lunch time when we add in a half hour for lunch too (she takes her half hour at the beginning since she is an hour ahead of me, and I take mine at the end - usually!)

Sure wish I had new batteries (Lithium) for my camera - and definitely see that I'm going to have to go back and put in pix when I do get around to getting new batteries!  In the meantime - sorry - no pix!

First thing I did was to unsew almost everything I did yesterday - which considering how "gathered" everything was - was no major chore!  Only the triangles were in good shape - and those are now all sliced and diced and bagged, ready for trading!

The baby blanket is another project I may return to tonight - or not since I have an hour of FMQ to put in (it's a promise!).  It is looking really cute - and soooooooooooo simple!!!!  I only have the sashing and cornerstones to do and it will be ready as a flimsy!

I also sewed all of my Row by row together - and really love it!  Tomorrow I'm planning on adding borders - maybe cornerstones, probably not - and that will be ready as a flimsy too!!!  This is my Sept UFO, btw.

I also sewed up all my 2.5 " two-sies and joined them all together as foursies.  Have counted them - BUT discovered that somewhere along the way I can't count!  I'm supposed to have a hundred of those doo-dads - and I've only got 70  (actually - 68).  Soo - guess what I need to cut!  Yup - more fabric for my HST/s - although I may do all the other steps first - mostly to see if I can!  And this quilt might be able to be a bit smaller than otherwise thought!  Will see!  Re joining together - the foursies will be sewn to spokes of a larger pinwheel and then that whole thing sewn together in strips.  And about now I REALLY wish I had those batteries since I am NOT that good at explaining what I want to do!

Dinner tonight - I'm doing vegetarian - and mostly what I have on hand - namely, greens, onions, rice, black eyed peas for my protein, and some of Judy's recipe for cornbread (next time I add more cheddar AND more jalapeno!!!!  That is soooooooooooo good!!!!)

Oh yeah - movie for today was Shanghaii Surprise (I like to quilt with a movie) - with (are you ready for this?) Madonna as the heroine.  This is NOT my favorite - and I will probably weed this one out! (Freecycle, here I come!) Especially since I have something like 500 movies on DVD and video (don't ask!).

Friday, September 14, 2012

That thingy - Day 2

Yup - not mentioning THAT word again - at least not right now!

Woke up and couldn't sleep - 430 AM  Upstairs tenants must have been studying in their kitchen because when I turned the dishwasher and washing machine on I heard someone get up from the table and venture into the front room!

At any rate - it is now 658 - and MOST of my morning routine is done (except for getting dressed) and NOW I'm sleepy!!!1  Wouldn't you know it!  As in I can't stop yawning!

Think I will collect some zzzzz's though - then up and work on completing those triangles (due the 21st).  Then onward to working on Grandma's Scrap Bag (due on 30th) - and make sure I put in at least an hour doing the all over quilting - probably starting on lesson one - in quilting made easy.  Am thinking that this is something I can do RELATIVELY well - so build up the confidence (VERY shaky) before tackling FMQ - and maybe all over quilt one of my whole cloth fun thingies.  Maybe. As well as doing a sampler block of quilting.  Maybe.

Now that I've designated myself as superwoman (because I ALSO plan on spending 15 minutes out of every hour cleaning this place up!) - I'm going to catch a few zzzz's - am tired after discussing all that!
Now that I'm awake!  (Egads - it is 915 AM

Time to eat, finish tidying up the place (including Friday's change sheets - and laundry!). 

On the menu - apple pancakes!  It's Friday and baked foods day (pancakes are baked on a griddle - hopefully not fried!)

I DO have some required phone calls to make before sewing (business) so will do those then put phone on speaker in the sewing room!  (TG for speaker phones and "walk-around" phones!!!)
1148 AM
I think something is wrong with my timer - it said ONE hour!  Longest hour I ever saw!~!!!!

Finished eating, tidyied up kitchen, removed sheets from couch to wash (I had company). 

Pinned together my Sept UFO (I know, I know - not on the list for today!!!!  BUT it is fast and easy!), got my other quilt stuff ready - started removing screwed up stitching on triangles (ugh - sewed right side to wrong side - 24 or 25 triangles worth!) which fortunately I caught BEFORE slicing and dicing!, marked stitching for walking foot (am doing walking foot first - I'm PETRIFIED of FMQ for now - build confidence - build confidence!  Also determined that Grandma's scrap bag is NOT on agenda for this AM - has a LOT to do and I have a LOT of fairly fast hanging on quilt stuff things to do.  STILL no idea re Sept color palette!!!!  Something with fall I think.  Maybe.  Inspiration is GONE!

Next - Make that bed and get my room tidied, then switch to regular foot and stitch that RxR center.  Stitch the rest of the twosies for my Apple Cider quilt.

Now to see if that is what I actually do!

12:50 - hmm - maybe it wasn't the timer - maybe it was ME!!!!

Stripped bed - all sheets, etc. in the wash which is doing it's thing!  Bed re-made and room picked up (less than 15 minutes).

Finished pinning together the August baby blanket. 

Sewed the unfinished triangle set. 

Re-threaded and changed needle  - it was skipping stitches.  Probably more than long since time anyway!  UN-sewed the 3rd triangle set. 

So - at this point....
  1. Triangles (3 sets of those papers - each set different) DONE
  2. Apple Cider (did some more - NOT done)
  3. Baby blanket
  4. Row x Row
  5. Walking foot sampler - partially marked on

Oh yeah - neighbour came over to tell me that while I was at my son's wedding (stayed away all night) that upstairs threw a giant party - 50 or more people - drinking, girls - and some of the guys went outside and pee-d on my neighbour's yard (he wasn't home - but he was told about it).  As I told him - if this happens again - or these kids act out again - for them to call the cops!  I really REALLY do wish that everyone would call the cops.  I could (and will) say something to my son - but honestly - what WE say doesn't have nearly as much emphasis as what my neighbours say (apparently the neighbours' - several neighbours - who have young children saw the whole thing - so we are talking indecent exposure here - and that is prosecutable.  Unfortunately the neighbours - some at least are VERY leery of calling the cops - I really wish they would.  I understand why they don't want to - however it honestly needs to be done in order for these kids upstairs to wake up and grow up.


Frustration!!!!  I just finished sewing up some blocks for the baby quilt, 1 row of my RxR and was working on the 2nd row - when I noticed - all my sewing done thus far (except for the triangles - TG!) was trying to gather itself!  Ugh!  Stopped and rethreaded the bobbin this time (should have done that last time!  Oh well, I DID get the triangle thingies sewn and sliced and diced - ready to trade in next week!

OK - I;m done for the day - just sewed several stupid things - then after digging potatoes and picking collards for supper, managed to slice my finger with the knife!  (WARNING - chiggers are FIERCE!!!!!)   Nothing major - just a minor will bleed all over the quilt if I have the chance!  I'm done!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quiltathon - Day 1

Yup - first day of the quiltathon - and as per usual I had several "Mom, would you please...."

Anyway - have my running all done (I HOPE!!!!!) it is now 12:54 PM and my sewing room probably would resemble Judy's BEFORE picture (if Judy posted a before picture!)

(This is the After picture - After I cleaned up a bit!  NOT done - trust me on this one!  it's about the BAGS of odds and ends I have to sort - plus all the stuff to put away that you CAN see!)

Originally I had planned (totally putting the quiltathon out of my mind) to (1) pick beans, greens, dried peas and pack those away for winter, (2) REALLY SCRUB this place - one end to the other and see what I could do about eliminating/decreasing the number of kitty dust mice (some are now approaching the size of small dogs!), (3) cleaning up my sewing room and slicing and dicing my way to freedom - or to getting everything that is NOT yardage put into strips and blocks of various highly used sizes (1.5", 2", 2.5", 3.5" and 4.5" - slices and/or blocks - no bricks, thank you, because I forget I have bricks!)

Hmmm - maybe - like Judy - I'll just keep updating my post throughout the day. 

Game plan:

1 PM: 15 min pick up in kitchen (unload DW and reload as I have time), then slice and dice my way to freedom!  Keep stuff somewhat sorted!

507 PM - KNEW I shouldn't have mentioned Quiltathon - at least not in the same breath with the "Mom, would you please......"  This time it was "Mom, you messed up!!!!" which is the statement I truly hate!  Especially since that means I have to go fix it!  Anyway - I fixed it (hopefully!) and all is ok again!

So - my NEW game plan - (1) fix dinner (I did pick up the kitchen earlier!!!!), eat, then go sew - or slice and dice!  Or at least pretend hard that I am!  (Now if I could only remember what it was I had planned for dinner - am thinking it had to be either vegetarian spagghetti, homemade cheese pizza, or something similar.  I DO know it wasn't fish, though!  I'm out of fish!)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Stash report for 09-09-12

This past week has been insanity week - my daughter and son-in-law (aka Wendy and Vince) arrived Tuesday and ate dinner out. 

We spent Wednesday either hiking or literally on the road (one of my famous "shortcuts") to the mall (won't go THAT way again!!!!!! drove for HOURS!)  DID introduce Wendy to one of my favorite quilt fabric places where I "strong-armed" her to buy fabric (honest it did NOT require strongarming ANYONE!)  I was good - but it definitely was a struggle! 

We spent maybe an hour where Wendy reminded me and taught me free motion quilting.  I'm still terrified of it!  VERY TERRIFIED!!!!

Due to the exercise - everyone slept well that night - quite well, in fact!

Thursday we went to Amelia Park - a botanical delight and meandered through there!  Met the master garderner and chatted a while with him!  Very fantastic person! 

Then we journeyed to another of my favorite quilt shops - in Charlotte MA - had a wonderful time!  Wendy wore herself out checking out the lovely fabrics there!  Again - I behaved.  Barely - but I behaved! 

Check in time for Wendy and Vince at the motel in Sturbridge and meeting my "lil Sis" and my brother in law there.

Friday was a runcrazy day, culminating in my heading to Sturbridge where my son and lovely daughter in law married in the hillside gazebo at the Public house, followed by a really fun reception (and yes, I did cry when Nathan asked me to dance with him!  But then Lynn's mom cried when she danced with Lynn too!)  Truly beautiful wedding, truly lovely and caring inlaws and a fantastic daughter in law and son! 

Saturday the Koenigs and Thompson's (my sister and brother in law) took me out for a birthday dinner (no, I'm NOT telling how ancient I am - let's just say that T. rex was still gallivanting around doing handsprings!) - this after a HUGE breakfast at the crackerbarrel that Wendy and Vince treated me to!

Eventually I hugged everyone, wished Nathan and Lynn a happy and blissful honeymoon and we all went our separate directions - Wendy and Vince back to New Brunswick, Karen and my brother in law back to Indiana, Nathan and Lynn to their home.  I waddled back to my car feeling like a cross between where if I EVER saw food again in the next 50 years, that I hoped someone would kick me in the behind and wanting VERY badly to hide or better yet to hide my scales.

All this to say - nothing really sewn.  And I did behave - nothing purchased THIS week - not guaranteeing about next.....

Used This Week: 0 yards
Used This Month: 0 for September
Used Year to Date: 86.505 yards

Added This Week:.0 yards
Added This Month: 0
Added Year to Date: 44.43 yards
Net Used for 2012: 42.075 yards

Figures really the same.  Am doing practice quilts this week and backings on some flimsies I have already - should be some changes next week (backings) - hopefully!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Design Wall 09-03-12

In order - NOT of priority - but in order of how much time I have to work on them - at least until after the wedding - THEN priority!

These are those triangle papers - which we swap.  One is completed, the second is ALMOST done (machine snarled - I need to finish it as soon as I locate the whip and chair to calm that beast!) and the third.... OOPS!  I am supposed to have right sides together.  Well, that didn't happen!  Looks like it is back to the drawing board on that one with me and my trusty little seam ripper!

This one needs some serious meandering quilting and is in a temporary holding pattern - at least until I get the fabric to finish it up - which will be this coming weekend!  I do believe in late wedding gifts, fortunately!

Yes, once again - my Apple Cider quilt is my Leader-Ender project.  Lends itself quite nicely to that - although I will say that every so often my compulsiveness takes over and I whack out a bunch of these!!!!  At this point I need to count and start attaching the small to the large!!!

August's UFO shouldn't take long to complete - a 6 patch baby blanket - EASY PEASY!!!!

And for September - the Row by row I got back from my swap some eons ago!  All I need to do is sew the rows together, slap on some borders, back the daylights out of it, quilt and bind!  I've figured out what colors I want the borders - BUT I'm REALLY REALLY Leery of that red bleeding all over heck and back!  Sure goes well with not only the Navy pattern (has gold and red in it) but also the overall quilt colors too!  BTW - part of this quilt comes from Australia and part from USA - TX as well as my original row and one other - from the midwest!  I love things like that!  The overall pattern looks like fun!  Praying it doesn't bleed!

This is Grandma's Scrap Basket all over again!  I need to do some work on it - but won't really have time until next Sunday!  Should be easy to do!  Hopefully!
This I figure will be worked on the most!  I LOVE Hexies!!!!  My grandmother made a flower garden quilt for me which I dearly loved and which, unfortunately started coming apart in the wash.  This one I hope to either finish - or get approximately close to finishing someday.  EASY to do!!!!  Am debating though whether I want another round on some or on all the flowers - and whether I will use a background of white or other light color between each of the flowers - or just attach the flowers one to the other.
Other quilt things for this month include a quilt a long starting the middle of the  month, the August AND the September Color palette's (no ideas - either one!!!!  :(   

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Stash Report for 09-02-12

Mine SEEMS stuck - it isn't - but it sure feels that way!!!!

I finished up my HSTs for the September swap - but I can't really count that since the number I get back is the same number as I'm swapping (3 sheets of those multiple HSTs - 25 at a batch) - and they will be in the same state of needing to be attached to SOMETHING as the ones I'm trading off!

Baby Blanket (August UFO) is NEARLY finished - can't count it yet though!

The couch quilt isn't in the final quilting yet - mostly because I need 2 more yards of the super wide yardage - and can't quite afford to do that until after this coming weekend!  So that has to wait!  August CP - I STILL don't know what I'm going to do - and now I have September. 

Grandma's Scrap Bag (class) isn't done - and I won't work on that until sometime next week.

Plans for this month..... Other than the one class (we meet once a month for a year), and hopefully several Open Sew sessions, 1 quilt along (friend in Canada is doing that one) - I plan on finishing up and quilting quite a few this month. I have a total of 9 (including my August CP AND my August UFO - as well as the September CP and Sept UFO) on my project list - but not overly concerned about finishing a couple of them.

I also hope to do some serious quilting (quilting the quilts????) - meandering and maybe some other things as well). Will post what I do there - and although the flimsy has been accounted for re yardage - I will this month count the backing and binding of any I


Used This Week:  0 yards
Used This Month: 8.76 yards for August
Used Year to Date: 86.505 yards

Added This Week:.0 yards
Added This Month: 0.25
Added Year to Date: 44.43 yards
Net Used for 2012: 42.075 yards

My Sewing Room

This must be the time of change - weddings, de-cluttering, re-homing STUFF, re-arranging furniture.  But then it FEELS fall!!!

In some misguided moment yesterday I decided to rearrange my sewing room.  Misguided because (1) it was a mess to begin with, (2) I have company coming (daughter and her dh) on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and (3) this is going to be insane week anyway.

HOWEVER - I did get ALMOST all of it straightened up again (am re-homing some clothing that S. had when she still lived at home) - keeping N's baby stuff since he and Lynn hope to start a family soonest.

Worst part is - NOW I'm thinking of rearranging MY room - which actually should not be that hard!  (moving my bed into a different direction)  Definitely will chase the dust mice out from under the bed! 

My living room is still a work in progress - as in I have son's remodeling stuff STILL parked there.  Would dearly love to rehome ALL of that at this point!

My kitchen is HALF done - as in I have a set of TALL shelves that need re-sorting/stacking/whatever - BADLY!  Hope to get that done as well.  (also have BEANS - pole beans to pick)

Aaack - did I say TOO MUCH and going crazy????