Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's leftover Wednesday!

I'm TIRED!  Sent package to friend, did some sewing, got things ready for greenhouse onslaught.  (tomorrow will be teaching day IF they call tonight!) and menues planned for tonight and tomorrow.  Problem is - I'm too tired and sleepy to cook!  Not that I'll waste away or anything - but instead I'll wake up at 2 AM ready to eat a bedpost or something - and that is NOT good. (Neither is the bedpost!)

Selected colors and patterns - tentatively for another project.  Want to sew - spirit is willing - body is shot!  So tonight I think I will recoup a bit then cook supper  - not sure what I will have.  What I WAS going to have has been changed around a bit.  But I'll get over it - or not!

Do you know what is frustrating - is when you KNOW you have something - you've seen it in your house at least a dozen times or more - but can NOT find it no matter what!  It's like that this evening!  Tomorrow I'll look again - and probably locate it right off!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stash Report - 03-25-12

No major change this week - due to not feeling well and sleeping almost 24/7 - well the first 4 days anyway.  DID try sewing weekend - ended ripping it all out!  Cut up quite a bit on Sat.  Should have more done by next weekend.

Used This Week: 0 (I was NOT feeling well most of week and slept most of time.  When I did sew - I ended having to un-sew every little bit - drat it!)
Used This Month:25.50 yards
Used Year to Date:  41 yards

Added This Week: 0 yards
Added This Month: 1.50 yards
Added Year to Date: 8.50 yards
Net Used for 2012: 33.50 yards

As of today - the 25th - this afternoon - I added one pattern for a class, 0 fabric (shopping from my stash first!), and have nearly finished 2 more items on my list! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stash Report for 03-18-12

Used This Week: 1.50 yards on 1 swap plus 30 yards on log cabin - swap has problems. BIG ones! = 31.50 yards CORRECTION - Log cabin used 24 yards - which included backing, binding which I am sending along to be quilted.  I can't add!!!!!   Total used this week - 25.50
Used This Month: 25.50 yards
Used Year to Date:  15.50 + 25.50 = 41.0 yards

Added This Week: 0 yards
Added This Month: 1.50 yards
Added Year to Date: 8.50 yards
Net Used for 2012: 33.50 yards

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stash Report 03-11-12

Used this Week:  1.50 yards
Used this Month: 1.50 yards
Used year to Date: 15.50 yards

Added this Week:  1.50 yards
Added this Month: 1.50 yards
Added Year to Date: 8.50 yards
Net Used for 2012: 7.0 yards

Thursday, March 08, 2012


Many years ago - way back when my daughter was growing up - I had my ears pierced.  I had a lot of earrings too.  But over the years, I got sloppy and didn't always wear them. 

When my son was born some years later, he was attracted to the pretty dangly things hanging from my ears - and would grab and pull.  Needless to say - I was NOT happy.

So - I stopped wearing them - just for a while, I thought!

Then I couldn't.

So - this week I decided WEAR the earrings - OR re-home them!  so I bravely took a set of posts - and tried them - knowing they would probably be tight.

Tight is NOT the word I have in mind!  The first earring went in ok - was a bit ouchy - but then it had been a long time. 

However - the SECOND earring - it was like re-punching the whole earring - the HARD way - a gazillionth of an inch at a time!  OH MY!  Pain!!!  Definite pain!  And once I had managed to push the earring all the way through (we will NOT talk about punch the earring - not at this time!) it continued to let me know it was there all day long.

I took them out at night - to let my ears relax - then put them in again yesterday.  Again - first earring - the left one - fine.  At least until both were in!  The second earring continued to be a royal literal pain!

Again - I took them out at night.  Today I am relaxing my ears.  Actually - I'm chicken!  Although I suspect the hard part may be over.  If so - I will put them in this afternoon. 

However I AM re-thinking my decision to wear earrings and wondering if it really is too high a price to re-consider re-homing them!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

A Funny Thing happened....

A funny thing happened on my way to clean yesterday - I got a call to come substitute teach! 


Especially since I Love to teach! 

Although the teaching yesterday was more all-day reading (all classes - 5).  Which was as well.  In the interest of "modeling" reading behavior - I decided to join my young students - and read one book by noon (quite interesting) and ALMOST (with exception of 50 pages) completed another by school dismissal (this one was of one of my favorites - the young Sherlock Holmes).  Still and all it was a nice restful day.  didn't accomplish a thing at home - in fact, I got home and proceeded to fall asleep over the computer so took myself off to bed for a nice nap.  Woke up several hours later - fixed and ate dinner, played TM for a while, made plans what all I was going to do today - and went back to bed. 

Does it help any to say that while the classroom was definitely overheated - my apartment was definitely the other direction and I felt like I was freezing???? (This despite the thermostat saying it was 70!  The thermostat LIES!)

So - what to do?  Son is supposedly coming over today so we can (oh joy!) clean and clear off that side porch, put up plastic so I have a temporary (read the word TEM PO RARY!!!! and pray that isn't for the next 5 or more years!) greenhouse!  Should be easy enough - hopefully.  6 ml plastic which is what the greenhouses use.  Lathing to hold the plastic in place so it won't rip.  Hopefully. Wind the plastic around the OUTSIDE of the posts.  Put something across the porch floor to cover the 1/2 inch wide cracks between boards - and cover that probably with cheap indoor outdoor carpeting.  Get a table (potting table for now) and set it up. 

Oh yeah - door - flap on one end - so I can use that as a doorway. 

Gro-lights - that's the only thing that is tricky - not even sure I really need them since I get a lot of indirect light during the day - as in this is NOT a south facing exposure - but east with another house maybe 20 - 30 feet away.  Some shading - but NOT really that bad at all.  Still and all.....

Gro-lights - a shoplight suspended by chains with electric cord probably wound around and through the chains - and plugged into my kitchen (no outside outlet) after being wound through windows - including the busted one (storm window is busted - NOT the inside one).

SHOULD work.  Hopefully it will!

AND if son does NOT show up (as in NO ONE in their right mind looks forward to cleaning off that porch - in the snow, yet!) - then I can haul stuff up to the fence.  There are some doors - and I have clothesline, hammer and nails - and can rig up a way to haul the jerry-rigged toboggan with it's full load of JUNK to the fence for easier access.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

It's Gorgeous Out!!!

Everywhere around me is covered with snow - SOFT snow - but it is absolutely gorgeous!  I keep feeling like I should break out in singing "sleighbells ring...." etc. - but I'm concerned my neighbours would throw hard slushballs at me!

Best part though - I don't have to go out in it!  I can sit here at home in my sewing room - and sew and sew until my machine falls apart!  That is, AFTER I have finished my morning routine AND have done some anti-procrastination items!!!! 

Anti-procrastination - on the schedule for today - Declutter dining room the rest of the way - and toss as much as possible (NOT the books though!)/  Also - sitting down with my lesson book sheets and working on that!

And then a mountain of sewing!  Yeehaw!!!!  First off - gettting those charms ready to go. (all ready - just need the envelopes)  Then the RxR - I have most of the messed up stitching removed from the first one (thank you Janome!  sarcastic humor here!) and only need to sew blocks together.  Like my new machine for sure - I'm not fighting it all the time! 

And a baby quilt - that only needs to be finished being quilted. (borders only and binding). Which is part of my March project (there is another baby blanket) from last year! 

first big package ready for Wendy. 

IF I can get out of my driveway - and this is a major if here! - send all this stuff from the post offfice!!!

List what I can on Freecycle.

And solve world peace!