Monday, December 28, 2015

Well - it's working again! for how long? Who knows!!!!

The bells and whistles sewing machine is working again!!!  HOORAY!!!  For how long?  I have NO idea!  What was wrong with it?  I think it was tired and wanted a vacation!

Sounds like the machine is alive?  Maybe... maybe not!  Either way - there is NOTHING that I did to it that I didn't do before!  .....  Taking it apart, cleaning out the lint (although setting on my desk probably provided more cat hair lint than what it had after I cleaned it!), re threading it (daily until I gave up - then suddenly one day THAT worked!), replacing the needle.  Rethreading the bobbin.  Replacing the bobbin with another one.  Putting my tongue on the left side of my cheek.  Opening the window in preparation to make good my unfounded threat to toss the machine through the window.


Went through all the steps!  Even contacted the repair place to come clean and repair tired parts on my treadle so that I could use that! (at $150 just for the visit - not counting any time/labor/parts for the machine - I have to rethink how I'm going to do that!  So my lovely treadle just SITS there - driving me crazy with wanting to use it!)  And suddenly it worked!  NO IDEA WHY!

I swear the thing is alive!  And personally I think it was tired before but now it felt lonesome, neglected (because it was) and so it changed its tactics.  Working great now!

When did it decide to work?  Dec. 24.  What have I done since then?  Brought my Arizona Skies quilt (aka Tequila whatevers) to the point where I need to work on the borders!  SCREECHING HALT!  Apparently I had decided to repurpose the fabrics in the meantime.  I have found out where I had stashed 3 out of 4 of the fabrics and can use unbleached muslin in place of the patterned background.  But the 4th fabric????  Not sure - but THINK I have it here SOMEWHERE!  (Keep in mind please that I had 81 project UFOs at the time and my sewing room is in chaos!)

So that has been put aside in favor of working on Bonnie Hunter's Tobacco Road (I will work on Allietare sometime in the New Year - am printing out what I need to do in the interim and saving in an Allietare folder!)

do I have pictures of anything?  Ummm - no!  And I put my camera in that safe place again - drat it!  Will post pix when I find the camera!  The Arizona Skies is QUITE colorful!  Not a true scrappy - but a fun quilt! (I may re-make some time and do this differently!)