Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Progress Report - 01-27-15

Yup!  Still fluffy!

Sigh!  Would love to talk about how good I am about dieting!  (Yup - sure would love to talk about that!)

Would love to talk about how hard I am exercising!  (would rather NOT talk - or even think about how hard I am exercising! My poor body is letting me know plenty about exercising - so I don't need to talk about it to remind myself!)

And I've been on again - off again!  NOT giving up!  Just trying to realize that there is more to life than dieting and exercising!  I did join some online groups.  Have left some online groups (the same ones!)  I don't like a lot of diet groups.  Or really anything that talks about dieting.  Makes me hungry!

I'd rather copy all those Facebook pictures and recipes of foods and post to my page.  That's usually about how far it gets!  Then I go back to the kitchen and get an orange.  Or an apple!  I must say though, my FB page is getting quite full of recipes though!
I've been spending a lot of time  planning my garden for this year.  Which is great and good exercise, etc.  Would be nice though to have more sunlight! And better soil!  and Money so that I could hire someone to design it for me!  Yup - would be nice!  But since those things aren't happening - at least right now - I'm planning it the best way I can!  Am also trying to update the garden pages too!
What happened to my Design Wall and my Stash report pages?  Well, I am WAY behind!  I've been babysitting quite a bit with the most beautiful grandson in the world (not that anyone else's grandson is not beautiful - it is just that my grandson is the most beautiful! and precious!  and has VERY strong lungs!)  to say that he is spoiled - nah!  It is just that he has me (and his parents) trained now to hold him in the way HE wants to be held (vertically), walk quickly and repeatedly around the dining room table (this one doesn't work with me - my body says NO to that much walking!), dancing and waltzing with him (OK - this one I do!) and sitting up to watch Curious George on Netflix TV.  Serious - he's barely 3 months and truly does love to be in a sitting up position to watch TV.  He also loves to pretend like he's standing (with someone holding him up).  So we may have an early walker here - which truly does NOT surprise me (Wendy - walked by herself - actually ran - on tippy toes - at a bit more than 7 months, couldn't sit by herself though until after she was standing - and fell into sitting position - which is how she did it for a LONG time - at about 6-7 months as well! She was in the walker from 4 months on.)  (Nathan - walking definitely at 7 months - actually running.  Sitting - ummm - maybe at 5 months, maybe slightly earlier - hard to say - he loved to be in the baby walker from time he got up until naptime or time to eat!  Walker at 3.5 months)
Back to design Wall - I'm ALMOST done with piecing Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery.  Almost done quilting some things too!  Machine however is now at repair shop.  Ugh!  Definitely will be glad once it is back!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

STILL having problems putting grandbaby Evan's picture on here!  And he is such a sweet baby!  I get to babysit him 4 - 5 days a week for several hours until son gets off work and can watch him while daughter in law is at work. (Son works from home - BUT is almost constantly on calls with computers and such; dil works at a college about an hour from here and works both with dance teams as well as with cheer teams).

Other things - re quilting - I've been working on Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery - will see if I can get some decent pix and those I will post ASAP.  I have some qualms about the center part though - mostly because my eye needs a place to rest - very busy!

Also have been quilting - a la walking foot - on various small quilts - will take pix of those once done as well!

I also decided (courtesy of one dr.) to both lose weight and to tone up what muscles I have - and so re-joined the Spark People group - which I enjoy a lot - but it does take up time!

I also have a mountain of new "texts" for me to learn from!  Now - to find the time in which to do the learning!

today's focus - 45 minutes quilt, 15 minutes cleaning.  Sounds fair to me!  LOLOL (and you just THINK I'm joking!)