Sunday, September 25, 2011

Do NOT ask how I like my Janome!!!!


Did I say I LIKE my sewing machine? You know - the one that snarls at the drop of a hat (am using quality thread)that breaks almost as fast as I thread it? I KNOW there is a hook somewhere that is catching the thread that SHOULDN'T be - I can see it! That is - I can see the upper thread stretched across the top of the bobbin - just not what is holding it there! At this point I am ready to (1)scream, (2)cry, (3)quit sewing and never sew again - that is, if only I would quit dreaming of new things to sew!

What am I sewing? I'm trying to finish up the last 2 borders on my Carpenter star - in preparation to sending it off to Wendy to do her good stuff on it!

Me thinks I need to set up and get going the new-to-me Singer straight back and forth sewing machine. Nothing fancy - just good sewing!