Sunday, May 08, 2011

Okay - who fast forwarded my calendar to May???!!!!

Geez - it seems like April just STARTED!!!!!

This month my challenge is #9. Hmmm - there is ANOTHER stars and stripes thing - this time my kaleidoscope!!!

The monochromatic challenge according to Judy is Red! Good! That is something I CAN do!!!

Swaps I'm in - Charm around (just this week caught up!) Row by row (mine has to be mailed out! - Monday is THE date - though not when it was SUPPOSED to be mailed out! sigh!) AND I've already got the next row by row - and keep envisioning blocks to go into it! I know I shoulda written it all down - because now I've forgotten!

Oh yes - other swaps (see how I keep sidetracking???) - Jacob's ladder - which I HOPE will be in different colors! An advance block - Twinkling star which is NOT twinkling terribly well for me at this point bt had better best be by Tues or Wed when I'm mailing it out! Also a 4 patch ladder which I think wold be cute and fun and may use p some more scraps!

I found out about a quilt retreat this week - which sounds WONDERFUL - in New Hampshire no less! They retreat twice a year - once in May and once in November - this is a ski lodge, btw - so it should be fantabulous!!! Hoping to find a way to go!

More later.....

Just got back from dinner out with son and his girlfriend (who I like a LOT!) It was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

At any rate Lynn and Nathan (son) had just gotten back from a painting party at my house in W. I'm so excited - but neither will let me see the renovations until they are DONE! - this means paint, cabinets - the whole enchilada! I'm very excited to see it - although the moving back in aspect does NOT thrill me - but then, I'll get over that!

Re shoulder - saw the ER doc - and trying to make an appointment with the regular doc re my shoulder. ER doc thinks it could be an injury to or torn muscles with the scapula. Oh joy! This however would explain the pain, that I can't lift my arm above shoulder height, the pain, and so on. I need physical therapy for this arm for sure! and lots of painkillers!

Oh yes - the big thing - my life has now returned to almost normal - that is, normal for me! No more extended hours, wierd schedule - at least until next month!

More next time!