Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wow - look what Wendy is sending to me!!!!

Wow - look what Wendy is sending to me!!!!

She has finished the Friendship Quilt I sent to her!!! Oh my! She is one talented lady!!!!


I was TRYING to post on the other pages - and other than editing the original post - I can't figure out how!!!!

It has been one wierd week!

It has been a strange week (only ONE week?) - an earthquake (which I didn't even know about until I read it on FB!) and now a hurricane - which is on its way here. I've never been in a hurricane before (other than the one that came up the Mississippi - and that was just a lot of rain and a little wind).

At any rate there seems to be a whole culture about them. First are the hurricane parties - which I do NOT understand! I mean - like - a hurricane is a disaster - why then celebrate it with a party? Esp when you are using up supplies you may need in the next few days?

Second on the list comes the last minute rushing around and invading the grocery and other stores. Honestly it is worse than Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) with people being almost as rude and careless! Like - someone backed into my neighbour's car as she was out doing last minute errands. They didn't even apologize - but just drove off. Meanwhile another lady started ranting and raving at my neighbour because my friend's car had blocked the new lady from getting HER car out of the parking space. When my friend stated that she had just been involved in a car accident - the OTHER lady (new lady) screamed that she didn't care but just move her (friend's) car out of the way! Ugh!

What was I doing? Of course - last minute shopping - and hoping - bottled water (none to be found). Came home and carried my expensive purchases indoors (kitty litter, kitty food - both DESPERATELY needed - TODAY! as well as 1 pound cheddar cheese - a splurge!) Anyway - once that was in - I went to my garden - harvested several likely tomatoes, eggplants, green peppers, some potatoes, greens (mustard I think), and am wondering if ANY or even some of this lovely produce will be here after the hurricane finishes in the area! I sure hope so!

Came inside - filled bathtub with water (for flushing the john as well as emergency useage), have filled all available containers with water (two pitchers, 2 thermos, 3 water bottles, and my "carry cups (3)) - this water all Brita filtered. Put that in the refrig - which should work until the power goes out (when I have a big cook-a-thon! - and by which time I can have most if not all water "canned" in my canning jars.

Speaking of canning - I have FISH and tomatoes (last year's) galore in my refrig - REALLY hate the idea of power outage and not being able to use all this lovely bounty - but I have no pressure cooker (item to get on new list) or appropriate jars for pressure canning (think Kerr - NOT the Mayo jars I usually use in Water bath canning). Still though I DO have veggies, so should do fairly well. Shall see! and make notes for next year.

Otherwise - what to do? Clean - of course. And quilt. At least until the electric goes out - then applique or slice and dice until it gets dark - then go to sleep! Oh yeah - and I MUST do laundry TODAY - BEFORE power outage!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Odds and Ends and a Carpenter Star to boot!

Ugh! I was going to post a picture of the project I'm currently working on (finishing up my Carpenter Star - only 3 years overdue!!!) but it would certainly help if I could find my camera! Definitely will be doing some picture posting this week - AFTER I find my camera - and AFTER I figure out HOW!!! Am excited.

The quilt wasn't really as far along as I had thought - but now I have to connect my rows together - tried some - but while I was "in the groove" yesterday - that sure isn't the case today! So - am working on the apartment - and doing laundry - which is really a good thing since I think there may be a ban on my showing up at work in just skin! At the least I know it would take a long time for my boss as well as CT to recover from the shock of it all!

Other stuff - Re-watched DaVinci code which I find interesting - but may decide to re-home the DVD - haven't decided. Not really my cup of tea!

Nathan is here today - and working on the second coat of paint in the bathroom - YAY!!!!

Made some Pasta Fagioli - VERY good - except I like mine spicy hot - and, of course, discovered at the last minute I'm out of hot peppers! I would say I will add those later - but the soup isn't going to last that long! I really hate to say how many cups I inhaled for lunch today!

Garden wise - still weedy - we had a really ominous looking thunderstorm - so no weeding - BUT - I harvested tomatoes (4), a few potatoes (um, a bit late - they were sprouting already!), and one of my eggplants - which are the long skinny kind! And I REALLY want some for supper - AND sooooooo..............

YAY - have reduced BP meds! Go Me! AND I lost 8.5 pounds since June!!! Yeehaw!

Wendy and I played work for 15/play for 45 yesterday and today - was GREAT! Mostly I focused on cleaning up my sewing room - which I did NOT finish - but it is better - a LOT better! YAY!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two POSTS - what AM I thinking of.....

What! This is some kind of record here! TWO posts in one month! Maybe I should get a reward or something!

I miss Wendy and Vince something awful. I miss Nathan and Lynn too! (Wendy and Vince - back in Canada - relaxing after the visit last weekend - and having company this one! Nathan - in Canada on business - VERY late time getting home Fri night - and on call this weekend! Talked briefly to Lynn on Friday - which is when I found out about Nathan's hours! Short phone call so she could get some rest before picking him up)

Saw Dr. on Fri - and - YAY - I have PT prescribed for me now! Maybe with that my shoulder can give me a bit of relief! (and yes - he did offer me pain shots - No! that particular med is NASTY on the kidneys! and mine may need all the help we can get!)

Also made appt for cystoscopy in Sept. - It's during work rush season again - but I screwed up the last appt - don't dare miss this one! God willing it won't be anything major. But if it is - well, then, it is - and I will deal with it then!

All on hold in the adoption dept until I finish clearing up the remodeling aftermath and get some shelving up (so I can get stuff put AWAY!) and the cystoscopy is done.

Am de-cluttering like a fiend! Well - decluttering anyway! This is of EVERYTHING!

Still haven't worked on quilty stuff for a while - but I'm really getting itchy about it! AND I want to work on my fall wardrobe too!

Oh yeah - I have TOMATOES!!!! RED ones! And POTATOES (from volunteers!) BIG ones!

More later!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

....And Now... It's AUGUST!!!! (Ta-da-da-dum! - drum roll here!)

aargh! And now I remember why it is usually a good thing to save my posts as drafts!!!

This particular post last week I tried to post 3 different times! And - my computer got them all!!!! Ugh!

Basically - I wanted to post about seeing my daughter Wendy - which was absolutely delightful! My work gave me the day off. So I had no really uptight time schedule!

We met Kathleen from Liberated Quilters - and then all of us went for pizza slices at the Pizza brick oven place in Simsbury! Was delicious! I will say though that I was really proud of myself for resisting the gorgeous batiks at the fabric shop there~

Wendy and Vince followed me home to my apartment - where we divided up the fabrics galore from Carole! (I still think Wendy came out short!) and then we all journeyed to Nathan and Lynn's where we all ate dinner and spent the night - and talked until fairly late! Next morning I headed back to work from there - and Wendy and Vince headed to Canada.

Friday we had a closing on the other apartment house! Exciting! (I saw the interior for the first time on Thurs night - Nathan had seen it before). Really liked it - and the lot is HUGE!

That's about it for now~