Monday, February 22, 2016


Whew!  I'm FINALLY back online!  I do admit,. however, that not being able to read or post anything (or play games) did mean that (a) I got a LOT done (am involved in Spring Housecleaning - got rid of a LOT of stuff - old videos, ancient spices - and a MOUNTAIN of papers!!!!!  (b) I also got my cabinets and closets clean (well - all except 3 of them!) (c) I sewed up a storm!  Start to finish on a little quilt - Charleston - which, of course, I changed all around and will NOT put borders on - because it is darling WITHOUT the borders!!  I still have to quilt it though!  I also am almost completely done with the 5 zillion and one piece Tobacco Road quilt - and it is GORGEOUS!  Pix as soon as I get all these things done!  I hope to have MOST (not all, unfortunately!) quilted by the end of the month! and will post pix then!

Oh yeah - why was I offline?  broken power cord!  I have a new one now - and am so glad!