Sunday, February 21, 2010

PS - the camera

Forgot - (and am hoping this will add on to the other post! NOT replace it) - tried to upload what I've done - camera works great - I need to work on figuring out how to upload though!

Friday night Sew in and other stuff

ok - managed to crawl out of bed today. Went to bed VERY early (830 PM) Fri eve - was exhausted - and dehydrated. Up Sat - off and on - only long enough to drink fluids and eat something. Slept all Sat night - and feel soooooooooooo much better today. Actually almost feel re-hydrated too which helps a LOT!

Did spend enough time online last night to peek at Wendy's blog - oh my! Just gorgeous! My blocks are still WIPs. Hope to finish those today - along with sorting a mountain of papers, cleaning house and flying off to Timbuktu to campaign for world peace - just me and Superman!

Anyway - have general idea set - and will be probably working 20 minutes, quilt 20 minutes, papers 20 minutes - or something along this line. Will post more later

Friday, February 19, 2010

YAY It's Friday - and Friday Sew in!

YAY!!!!! FINALLY I figured out how to get back into this blog! I really really REALLY hate it when I either can't find the blog - or forget what my password is (I only have maybe 10 - 20 passwords - at least!).

Anyway - I'm looking at Friday night Sew in! Am so excited! And of course I want to sew it ALL!

Focus - in order of must do's:
1. THOSE blocks
2. Package up the Friendship quilt to send tomorrow AM
3. Carpenter Star
4. Apple Cider quilt

Sounds like a lot - maybe/maybe not - not sure. Mostly just bits and pieces of nearly done projects to catch up on!

ALL of this - with housecleaning - 20 minutes of every hour until done - then 20 minutes of paperwork - and I won't get done with that one tonight for sure!