Sunday, December 05, 2010

Starting again - or ... Isn't life really all about starting again... and again... and again???

LOL - back again - and I have clean clothes for tomorrow too! LOTS of clean clothes!

Today - my dd called - and we played the 15/45 game - that is - work our buns off for the 15 minutes (actually 20 in this case) and then spend 45 minutes playing - which for us means QUILTING!!!!

Today - I spent most of the time cleaning - uh - doing laundry! - PLUS eating (I take my lunch with me and t
n eat that!), doing some light shopping (I had the Spark menues for the week and the shopping list! so didn't get into TOO much trouble!!! :) Also cleaned out my handbag, and the car while waiting on the laundry. All this in an effort to avoid doing my well overdo paperwork! AND - I succeeded! Of course - NOW I feel guilty that I didn't get the paperwork done! Maybe 15-30 minutes tonight.......

Oh yeah - re the quilting end of things - for those who know me - and know that I REALLY promised to NOT start another new project but to work very hard on all the old ones and get them FINISHED!.... I lied! As of 20 mintes ago - I have all the pieces cut out for Christmas ribbons - which is a very cute quilt! Have set up a paper of all the stuff that I want to finish - one step at a time!

Exercise wise - today is cardio day - and some truly intense cleaning (and rushing around like crazy) for about 20 - 30 minutes and I'm caught up on that! Not going to count Pounds on lifting and moving laundry about or on carrying bags of laundry upstairs - although I COULD......

Food - I changed my dinner menu a bit - mostly becase I didn't eat all the lunch foods. Dinner - I have peas and carrots to eat with my broiled salmon - (in other words - I forgot to head to the garden for the broccoli spears!) Also - eating 1 apple as opposed to eating grapes! COULD eat some strawberries - but I have the apples and need to eat those first (strawberries are dehydrated! and will hold longer!)

Tomorrow - work day! Packing up lunch tonight - and have tomorrow's breakfast ready to go already! Now to pick up, clean up and go find my DVDs and settle down in front of my TV!

Have a great day everyone!