Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tryin' again!!!

going to try to keep up with my blog - note the key word there TRY!!!!

I saw something on several friends' blogs - a grateful list - and thought this would be good to do here as well!

Today - didn't do a lot of much - but DID catch up on some much needed sleep (which now I've lost again seeing what time it is!!!!). DID shop though - which is something I do enjoy doing (did I say I was wierd???) but must have done something wrong since my bill this time was higher than what I thought it should be - and all I spent it on is fruits and veggies (and cheese and milk!) Will be soooooooooo glad when my garden is finally doing it's own thing!

Speaking of gardens - need to remember - tomorrow after dr.s appt I need to get those poor tomatoes staked before they are beyond help! Vines look great though! Just wish there were more tomatoes - and ripe ones at that! - on them! LOL my neighbor downstairs thinks my garden is huge! LOL - little does she know that I've raised a REALLY huge garden for years (well over an acre and a half!) and that this is tiny for me! She has also displayed to me how little she really knows about veggies and plants regardless of what she says! Oh well!

Tomorrow as I already said - I have dr's appt - very nervous about this! I want this blasted thing GONE GONE GONE!!!!

Have decided also to lose some weight - not saying how much - just that I weigh entirely too much for me! So - to that end - I MIGHT post my meal menu. Maybe. or not!

Grateful list...
  1. Grateful for rain when we need it and sun for growth
  2. Grateful for my son and daughter and their significant others - all of whom I love dearly. Also grateful for my foster kids - tall small and other sized in between - love them all!
  3. Grateful for good friends who listen to me kvetch and STILL come around!
  4. Grateful to have a job and good friends at work who believe in me
  5. Grateful that I CAN quilt, sew, cook and do all the things that I do - there are those who can't.