Friday, December 23, 2011

Yeehaw! I can post!!! I Can Post!!!!

Yeehaw!!!! They fixed it = well, at least SOMEONE did!!!! I can post!!! I can post!!! Since my last post in September, I have been laid off (November 15)- am still on severance pay (TG!) which means my medical is covered - which is the only thing I've been concerned about!

Life here - well, I am enjoying the slower pace TREMENDOUSLY!!!! I've been to open sew - and am cleaning up this place the way I want it to be. I also am reading up a storm and have been putting myself through my own form of homeschool (currently behind - too much medical stuff to wade through!)

Have another quilt - the Carpenter Star - that I'm sending to Wendy - and am trying to finish up some VERY out of date swaps (who will definitely NOT want me back - not that I want to swap again for sure! My life is too chaotic for that!)

Also am finishing up 2 baby mats (the quilting part), 2 baby blankets - and, now that I have the framework of the sewing room back together - am trying to get the 5 bags and 4 bins unpacked, sorted and ready to go - a VERY needful thing since I have all the setting triangles for my Double Duty Quilt mixed up in there SOMEWHERE! Hope to have all that done this weekend - in addition to lighting Chanukkah candles, and wishing friends and family Merry Holidays!

Have signed up for a slew of quilting classes - just trying to figure out now how I'm going to pay for them! :/ They promise to be quite interesting though! One is a Log Cabin class - which isn't really hard although MAKING them is NOT my favorite thing to do - I do love the overall effect though! Another is the Quilt a Quarter class which I'm really excited about! And then there is the Open Sew class. Sigh! And that's just for January!

So I guess between that and housework, and studies, and volunteering either at food pantry and/or hospital as a cuddler that I'm going to be back in a somewhat frenetic pace again! Ugh! I need my brain examined!

Oh yeah - this is my new computer. Unfortunately, however, when the old one died - it took all my Siggies with it - which makes me NOT very happy! I need to replenish, I guess. Barring that - I guess I will have to break down and figure out how to upload photos from my camera to the computer and from there to the blog!!! Hmmm!!!!!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Do NOT ask how I like my Janome!!!!


Did I say I LIKE my sewing machine? You know - the one that snarls at the drop of a hat (am using quality thread)that breaks almost as fast as I thread it? I KNOW there is a hook somewhere that is catching the thread that SHOULDN'T be - I can see it! That is - I can see the upper thread stretched across the top of the bobbin - just not what is holding it there! At this point I am ready to (1)scream, (2)cry, (3)quit sewing and never sew again - that is, if only I would quit dreaming of new things to sew!

What am I sewing? I'm trying to finish up the last 2 borders on my Carpenter star - in preparation to sending it off to Wendy to do her good stuff on it!

Me thinks I need to set up and get going the new-to-me Singer straight back and forth sewing machine. Nothing fancy - just good sewing!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wow - look what Wendy is sending to me!!!!

Wow - look what Wendy is sending to me!!!!

She has finished the Friendship Quilt I sent to her!!! Oh my! She is one talented lady!!!!


I was TRYING to post on the other pages - and other than editing the original post - I can't figure out how!!!!

It has been one wierd week!

It has been a strange week (only ONE week?) - an earthquake (which I didn't even know about until I read it on FB!) and now a hurricane - which is on its way here. I've never been in a hurricane before (other than the one that came up the Mississippi - and that was just a lot of rain and a little wind).

At any rate there seems to be a whole culture about them. First are the hurricane parties - which I do NOT understand! I mean - like - a hurricane is a disaster - why then celebrate it with a party? Esp when you are using up supplies you may need in the next few days?

Second on the list comes the last minute rushing around and invading the grocery and other stores. Honestly it is worse than Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) with people being almost as rude and careless! Like - someone backed into my neighbour's car as she was out doing last minute errands. They didn't even apologize - but just drove off. Meanwhile another lady started ranting and raving at my neighbour because my friend's car had blocked the new lady from getting HER car out of the parking space. When my friend stated that she had just been involved in a car accident - the OTHER lady (new lady) screamed that she didn't care but just move her (friend's) car out of the way! Ugh!

What was I doing? Of course - last minute shopping - and hoping - bottled water (none to be found). Came home and carried my expensive purchases indoors (kitty litter, kitty food - both DESPERATELY needed - TODAY! as well as 1 pound cheddar cheese - a splurge!) Anyway - once that was in - I went to my garden - harvested several likely tomatoes, eggplants, green peppers, some potatoes, greens (mustard I think), and am wondering if ANY or even some of this lovely produce will be here after the hurricane finishes in the area! I sure hope so!

Came inside - filled bathtub with water (for flushing the john as well as emergency useage), have filled all available containers with water (two pitchers, 2 thermos, 3 water bottles, and my "carry cups (3)) - this water all Brita filtered. Put that in the refrig - which should work until the power goes out (when I have a big cook-a-thon! - and by which time I can have most if not all water "canned" in my canning jars.

Speaking of canning - I have FISH and tomatoes (last year's) galore in my refrig - REALLY hate the idea of power outage and not being able to use all this lovely bounty - but I have no pressure cooker (item to get on new list) or appropriate jars for pressure canning (think Kerr - NOT the Mayo jars I usually use in Water bath canning). Still though I DO have veggies, so should do fairly well. Shall see! and make notes for next year.

Otherwise - what to do? Clean - of course. And quilt. At least until the electric goes out - then applique or slice and dice until it gets dark - then go to sleep! Oh yeah - and I MUST do laundry TODAY - BEFORE power outage!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Odds and Ends and a Carpenter Star to boot!

Ugh! I was going to post a picture of the project I'm currently working on (finishing up my Carpenter Star - only 3 years overdue!!!) but it would certainly help if I could find my camera! Definitely will be doing some picture posting this week - AFTER I find my camera - and AFTER I figure out HOW!!! Am excited.

The quilt wasn't really as far along as I had thought - but now I have to connect my rows together - tried some - but while I was "in the groove" yesterday - that sure isn't the case today! So - am working on the apartment - and doing laundry - which is really a good thing since I think there may be a ban on my showing up at work in just skin! At the least I know it would take a long time for my boss as well as CT to recover from the shock of it all!

Other stuff - Re-watched DaVinci code which I find interesting - but may decide to re-home the DVD - haven't decided. Not really my cup of tea!

Nathan is here today - and working on the second coat of paint in the bathroom - YAY!!!!

Made some Pasta Fagioli - VERY good - except I like mine spicy hot - and, of course, discovered at the last minute I'm out of hot peppers! I would say I will add those later - but the soup isn't going to last that long! I really hate to say how many cups I inhaled for lunch today!

Garden wise - still weedy - we had a really ominous looking thunderstorm - so no weeding - BUT - I harvested tomatoes (4), a few potatoes (um, a bit late - they were sprouting already!), and one of my eggplants - which are the long skinny kind! And I REALLY want some for supper - AND sooooooo..............

YAY - have reduced BP meds! Go Me! AND I lost 8.5 pounds since June!!! Yeehaw!

Wendy and I played work for 15/play for 45 yesterday and today - was GREAT! Mostly I focused on cleaning up my sewing room - which I did NOT finish - but it is better - a LOT better! YAY!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two POSTS - what AM I thinking of.....

What! This is some kind of record here! TWO posts in one month! Maybe I should get a reward or something!

I miss Wendy and Vince something awful. I miss Nathan and Lynn too! (Wendy and Vince - back in Canada - relaxing after the visit last weekend - and having company this one! Nathan - in Canada on business - VERY late time getting home Fri night - and on call this weekend! Talked briefly to Lynn on Friday - which is when I found out about Nathan's hours! Short phone call so she could get some rest before picking him up)

Saw Dr. on Fri - and - YAY - I have PT prescribed for me now! Maybe with that my shoulder can give me a bit of relief! (and yes - he did offer me pain shots - No! that particular med is NASTY on the kidneys! and mine may need all the help we can get!)

Also made appt for cystoscopy in Sept. - It's during work rush season again - but I screwed up the last appt - don't dare miss this one! God willing it won't be anything major. But if it is - well, then, it is - and I will deal with it then!

All on hold in the adoption dept until I finish clearing up the remodeling aftermath and get some shelving up (so I can get stuff put AWAY!) and the cystoscopy is done.

Am de-cluttering like a fiend! Well - decluttering anyway! This is of EVERYTHING!

Still haven't worked on quilty stuff for a while - but I'm really getting itchy about it! AND I want to work on my fall wardrobe too!

Oh yeah - I have TOMATOES!!!! RED ones! And POTATOES (from volunteers!) BIG ones!

More later!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

....And Now... It's AUGUST!!!! (Ta-da-da-dum! - drum roll here!)

aargh! And now I remember why it is usually a good thing to save my posts as drafts!!!

This particular post last week I tried to post 3 different times! And - my computer got them all!!!! Ugh!

Basically - I wanted to post about seeing my daughter Wendy - which was absolutely delightful! My work gave me the day off. So I had no really uptight time schedule!

We met Kathleen from Liberated Quilters - and then all of us went for pizza slices at the Pizza brick oven place in Simsbury! Was delicious! I will say though that I was really proud of myself for resisting the gorgeous batiks at the fabric shop there~

Wendy and Vince followed me home to my apartment - where we divided up the fabrics galore from Carole! (I still think Wendy came out short!) and then we all journeyed to Nathan and Lynn's where we all ate dinner and spent the night - and talked until fairly late! Next morning I headed back to work from there - and Wendy and Vince headed to Canada.

Friday we had a closing on the other apartment house! Exciting! (I saw the interior for the first time on Thurs night - Nathan had seen it before). Really liked it - and the lot is HUGE!

That's about it for now~

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This, that and then the other thing.....!!!

Went to work today. Can I say I felt like warmed over bubonic plague victim???? BUT by the time I can home - I could seriously say - "I survived" Yippee.

Anyway - now to fix dinner - I have some pollock fillets. The last time I fixed this it as so bland as to melt away into nothing. This time I used - found 2 possible recipes - Pollock Montreal - which I think I will fix - and copy the rest of the menu as well - asparagus (with a sauce) and rice. (Can I say FAT-TE-Ning????)

The other recipe is fish fillets with stuffing which really sounds equally intriguing! Both are rated 4 star high! So - I think I am about to discover some new faves!

Also recieved another RxR from Annie - gosh does that girl ever quilt!!!! And it is lovely! As I have done with each of the others I've recieved - I did a show and tell with both post-mistresses - who are becoming increasingly intrigued with quilts - and online quilt groups. Yay!

Now to clean and cook - but then it is at least 100 F outside - and me with no a/c yet! (Tomorrow is the big day! Excited about that - mostly not because of the heat - though that too - but because it means I will be able to BREATHE!!!!)

Monday, July 11, 2011

How does putrid green sound???

Feel like yuck today. Called in sick. Although I know it isn't - it FEELS like my face is alternating between a putrid green and a grayish beige. Yuck!

Saw Wendy did some quilting today - looks wonderful - as always! She is so talented - and this is not only her mom speaking!

Actually I'm very fortunate - both my kids are fantastic young people and I'm very very proud of both of them! Not so much because of what they do - although that too, but just for being themselves. I count myself very fortunate!

ok - off to beddy bye - which seems to be the place I've spent the most time this past weekend (when I had planned a LOT of delightful things to do!)

Saturday, July 09, 2011

July Ho-Hums!

TG June is over - that's one of my busy seasons - and this past one was no exception! Add to that my returning home from a several month (since mid-February) stay at son's home. And yes, the house is NOT finished - but in terms of gasoline, etc. - soooooooo much less expensive to drive to work!!!

for those who are somewhat observant (certainly NOT me - it would take me to mid-December to notice this!!!) I've added 2 buttons - one for Judy Lacquidera's Monochromatic Challenge and one for her stash busting! Both more than well-worth while! (And both of which I am WAYYYYYYYYYYY behind on - working on last January, here!!!)

Other news - I decided after all to put in a garden - have some veggies (plants all) in - and as soon as I figure out where I stashed my garden seed will get that in too. I figure I've got until mid-next week before some of the veggies are on the no-no list for this year! Wish me luck!

Re the remodel - it is gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS!!!! LOVE my kitchen - and the bath is painted to match!~ AND I have a DISHWASHER and a REAL STOVE with a REAL OVEN!!! Yeehaw! I'm in hog-heaven!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Okay - who fast forwarded my calendar to May???!!!!

Geez - it seems like April just STARTED!!!!!

This month my challenge is #9. Hmmm - there is ANOTHER stars and stripes thing - this time my kaleidoscope!!!

The monochromatic challenge according to Judy is Red! Good! That is something I CAN do!!!

Swaps I'm in - Charm around (just this week caught up!) Row by row (mine has to be mailed out! - Monday is THE date - though not when it was SUPPOSED to be mailed out! sigh!) AND I've already got the next row by row - and keep envisioning blocks to go into it! I know I shoulda written it all down - because now I've forgotten!

Oh yes - other swaps (see how I keep sidetracking???) - Jacob's ladder - which I HOPE will be in different colors! An advance block - Twinkling star which is NOT twinkling terribly well for me at this point bt had better best be by Tues or Wed when I'm mailing it out! Also a 4 patch ladder which I think wold be cute and fun and may use p some more scraps!

I found out about a quilt retreat this week - which sounds WONDERFUL - in New Hampshire no less! They retreat twice a year - once in May and once in November - this is a ski lodge, btw - so it should be fantabulous!!! Hoping to find a way to go!

More later.....

Just got back from dinner out with son and his girlfriend (who I like a LOT!) It was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

At any rate Lynn and Nathan (son) had just gotten back from a painting party at my house in W. I'm so excited - but neither will let me see the renovations until they are DONE! - this means paint, cabinets - the whole enchilada! I'm very excited to see it - although the moving back in aspect does NOT thrill me - but then, I'll get over that!

Re shoulder - saw the ER doc - and trying to make an appointment with the regular doc re my shoulder. ER doc thinks it could be an injury to or torn muscles with the scapula. Oh joy! This however would explain the pain, that I can't lift my arm above shoulder height, the pain, and so on. I need physical therapy for this arm for sure! and lots of painkillers!

Oh yes - the big thing - my life has now returned to almost normal - that is, normal for me! No more extended hours, wierd schedule - at least until next month!

More next time!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

April???? Oh no... How Could It Possibly Be April????

I just went to Judy L's site - and found out that the NEW UFO challenge for April is #4 and the Monochromatic challenge is Orange. But.... but.... I'm not done with my March challenge (Or January or February's FTM) and just started my monochromatic challenge for March as well (ONLY because I REALLY wanted to start something new,.... - and it happened to be in mostly browns (and golds and orange-y browns).

URGH!!!! I am NOT ready for April - truly I'm not!!!! WAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am in so much trouble! ......

I am in so much trouble! I talked to my dd this AM - who gave me 2 delightful recipes - and some possibilities for variation (Strawberry-spinach salad) - MARVELOUS! This girl would rival most chefs with her cooking skills and her creativity!

Then - I made the mistake of going to both as well as to the Spark People chef site. I like Wendy's salad better - a LOT better! BUT while I was there at the other two sites - I fell in love with some additional recipes for items I have on hand (it isn't payday week so I like to actually use what I have on hand!) I swear I gained 5 thousand pounds just looking at all the stuff! I even started to plot what I was going to eat when on my menu plan (menu plan GOOD - using what my eyes and salivary glands see online - NOT so good!)

Now I know better than to do this! The last time I did this I spent double what I usually do when I went to the store - and that for only a week's worth (most of which is left over - but that's another story and has to do with starving myself from Mon eve to Wed eve - a whole other adventure in messed up hospital schedules for a procedure!) This time, my saving grace is that I have most if not almost all, the ingredients on hand. So - I will make these items. And freeze the leftovers for NEXT week! If possible. And if I can get them packed for the freezer as soon as the items are done and my day's portion is out.

I am actually looking forward to lunch time this week - neat salads, neat pita sandwiches, neat soups. Yup! all there! Now to keep from eating the items when the 8 PM munchies hit me! (Hmmm - maybe I need to plan for that one as well - so far it has been fruit - which I eat - and then want MORE - and don't really care WHAT more I want either!)

Wendy has been ill - sounds awful - and she's supposedly on the mend. I hate it when my kids are sick - even if my kids are fully grown and have been for some time.
Still I worry.

Oh yes, - Nathan was right about seed starting/planting dates hereabouts - and he was really nice enough (so far) about it when I admitted he was right (I looked at the Old Farmer's Almanac online! Plugged in the addy for Westfield - where I live - and again for Sturbridge where he lives. His plants start a little more than a week later than mine - still earlier than he thought it would.

Mine are not ready yet - BUT I need to have a whole bunch of stuff planted by March 15. That's 2 days from now. First though I need to brush the snow off......

Actually I will get stuff in the ground - just as soon as possible. If I do the beds (not made up yet, of course) then it will be sooner. Otherwise it will be as I can. Stuff that needs to be transplanted - well, most was to be started Feb 28 - but if I get it in the flats tomorrow eve - that will be great! Just don't know where I'll put the flats! And I am not crazy about bringing them here to Sturbridge - however that may be what I need to do - we'll see. I wonder if the flats have lids - that may be the only thing to keep McB away from eating the tender little plants! NEXT year - my side porch will turn into a sort of greenhouse - which I think will work just fine. Greenhouse for early spring and summer/fall sitting place and winter veggie/greens raising place - MAYBE.

Otherwise - today - I am sorting papers - and sewing. Mostly sewing since paperwork is NOT my favorite thing to do! Hopefully will almost finish the Underground RR quilt that I didn't work on during the last week. Think I will declare ANOTHER retreat for this week. Maybe I will actually get some work done!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

March - already???!!!!!!?

Hah! On the UFO challenge for March - #1 - YAY!!!! #1 - Baby quilts 1a and 1b!!!! Yeehaw!!!!

Now mind you I am NOT done with number 6 for January, nor am I done with number 10 for February! Add to that the monochromatic challenge - yellow for January, and lilac or purple for February with the NEW monochromatic challenge for March being Brown!

Still and all - I'm somewhat pleased - numbers 6 and 10 were perhaps the most behind (with one more qualifying for that title) that I had. March should be a breeze! So - hopefully this weekend I will knock out one if not both baby quilts - then back to the salt mines to work on the Underground RR (which is not THAT far from being ready!)

Meanwhile - I am sorting papers! UGH UGH UGH!!!! Making chicken soup (tomorrow and another one that I haven't decided on for Sunday!). Also will be finishing up the seed catalogs and getting that little task done as well!

Would love to post photos of my quilts on here - but that would require me taking a photo of picture of them!!!

more later!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Quilting retreat!!!

I had a wonderful weekend - sewing, slicing and dicing blocks and otherwise making a wonderful quilty mess! Didn't work on son's quilt - though I will - but have been going full steam ahead on the Underground RR quilt! Mostly cutting - but sewing too! Did discover that I left 2 of my fabrics (which I THOUGHT - quite erroneously - were together!!!) at home. One I know what it looks like (yes, it HAS been a long time since I worked on this one!) and essentially where it is. The other one??? well, if I can't figure it out - then that calls .... for a trip to Southhampton quilts!!!! (and you can see how I suffer when I say that!!!!)

Other than that - it has been very quiet. Son's gf came over yesterday - I really REALLY like her. Of course it doesn't really matter whether or not I do - only whether or not son likes her! And I think he does! She's a very warm, caring person - who also has no problem telling N. when he's coming on a bit strong. She also volunteers to chip in and help where help is needed and continues until the job is done! All very positive things!

Other news - acc. to son - Dennis finished putting down the subfloor this past week - and apparently will be working on setting up walls, insulation and the rest of it. Who knows - I might even get back home before the end of March - although I'm not banking on it. Cabinets though won't be delivered until late Feb/first part of March = and I won't have them probably until sometime in May - however it will be nice to get back home and to my own sewing room, etc.

Still have to get my garden stuff ordered - think I will work on that tonight - I'm kind of quilted out for the moment!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Of storms and things.....

This is so weird! Last night we had a THUNDERSTORM - in February, no less!!!! Definitely didn't expect that! And Nathan's (son's) house is really neat in thunderstorms!

This morning - did my daily/weekly chores - and will be sewing most of the day. Which is great! Do miss talking with dd though! Miss that a lot!

Projects for today.... Sewing - Nathan's quilt (I am DETERMINED to finish that!), the Underground railroad quilt. Gardening - getting seed orders ready. Paperwork - processing any and all paperwork I have with me. - all of which means that this day had best be at least 2 - 3 days long! LOL

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

It's February!!!!! (Already!!!!)

Yeehaw - another snow day!!! LOVE that! However to be honest - I DID try to go into work this AM - all the way up to where I realized that while I could see the car ahead of me - the one ahead of THAT (not that far away) I could barely see the outline (yes, my eyes are bad - but not THAT bad!) and that the snow was coming down REALLY hard! Add to that roads which were slippery - and egads - NOTHING is worth braving that and taking my life in my hands! Particularly when the farther south I went - the worse it got! So I called my boss. Anyway - she relayed that they will be dismissing work early because of the weather - so I feel better about that!

Have been playing Flylady Bingo this AM - LOVE doing that - makes my daily chores go SO fast - and it's fun! 3 15-minute sessions of different chores (I draw up a list - assigning numbers - and someone calls out a number and that's my next chore) followed by a 15 minute break! Works for me!

I found out that Judy Laquidara has chosen Violet or purple for the next monochromatic color - for the month of Feb. While I have LOTS of violet - I'm not sure if I have any strings that color and I really would like to focus on strings. That being said - a particular quilt pattern I want to call Lilacs in bloom calls me - something I'm kind of creating along the way. More later on this!

She (Judy) also chose #10 for the next UFO quilt item - which for me is...My Underground Railroad - which is hilarious considering that I was contemplating doing a square in different ones of those LAST month as I worked on son's sampler - which BTW is NOT completed yet - but which I really hope will be further along this week! Hopefully even to the point where I can ship it off to Wendy - much less post pictures of it!

I may do some string blocks anyway - hmmm - last month was golds or yellow - so maybe golds and brown strings???? with either solids between the string blocks - OR set the strings up as a sort of medallion - with other things around...... hmmmm - thinking on this one! Esp since Wendy (Inky Threads) mentioned something about quilts still definitely being needed for Haiti.

More later

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bits and Pieces....

Today is posted in bits and pieces. No reason - just thought y'all might want to know!

Have been playing FlyLady Bingo - which I enjoy - sorta - while I clean up the place and move stuff around (getting everything ready for remodeling whatever part it is - number 4??? or 5???? Anyway - FINALLY have living room done - looks good - but I need more bookshelves and a table (LR is becoming my library - and I REALLY like it this way! A WHOLE section devoted strictly to Ancient history - so cool!!!!)

Getting the dining room ready too - for all the stuff that WAS in the kitchen (from pantry, bathroom - and of course, the kitchen!) Now this is the frustrating part! - I've been buying rolled oats - however I have a BIG bin of rolled oats (25 pounds) that isn't even opened! Why buy then? Well, when the guys are doing a remodel-deconstruct - all that plaster dust and debris becomes airborne. I'd just as soon it didn't settle in my rolled oat bin and spoil the batch! So - it remains - here - but unopened!

This last 2 weeks have really shown one of the many reasons I buy in bulk - we've had a horrendous amount of snowfall - and it has NOT been easy to do fun things like ... shop for groceries! Am soooooooo - glad I have some pantry supplies! Definitely plan on continuing this venture for sure!

Exercise - A few weeks ago I would have been delighted to point out that I had managed to pull a shoulder muscle (exercising with cold muscles) or that I had messed up one leg (same thing). Now that I've been exercising pretty much on a daily basis - I feel really PO'd!!! Well - I'll get over it - or not! Will try lifting dumbells again tomorrow. AFTER warming up my muscles, of course!

January has been for the last few years a busy season. This one has been no exception. However it is now heading into February - so we'll see how that one goes too! (April is the month I dread!!!!)

Quilting - ummm. I am supposed to work on son's quilt - and hopefully finish the flimsy - at least! Key words there are .... ummmm! am SUPPOSED TO and HOPEFULLY. Does this give you any ideas about where I stand on this? Now I HAVE figured out WHAT and WHERE - sorta. Mostly I am going to wing it - the rest of today - and all of tomorrow!

Oh yeah - the remodeling date... - they begin Feb 9 - what would have been my mom's bday.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

New month, new day and .... NEW YEAR!!!!! (Actually I'm still working on July 2010!!! A bit chilly out though for growing green beans!)

January - a time for resolutions (and sometimes breaking them), new beginnings - a time when I feel like Superwoman - and invariably take on more than 20 people can handle. That lasts until Jan 2 - when I suddenly realize exactly what I've done! So - now I do try (honest!) to hold it down a tad. Maybe instead of resolutions (solemn upright things those resoltions - all stiff and staid) I will try ONE (or so - probably the or so!) GOAL - complete that one and work on the next - as in it keeps me moving and focused - that's the thought anyway - and it keeps me from snowballing myself under! Hopefully!

Therefore - in THAT light... I'll post my goals to the side.

First - I do want to adopt - or at least try to do so. So this needs to be a major focus here! And is!

Second - I DO want/need to work on my weight! Most definitely - especially if I want to walk without pain.

Third - there are all those lovely quilts waiting to be completed - and even more - there are soooooooooo many more in mind to be begun!!!!! (me drooling here!) So one quilt at a time - and focusing FIRST on the challenge quilts!!!

And the FIRST challenge quilt - is #6 - Nathan's quilt! I'm not saying it will be DONE - but it will be worked on for sure!!! Now to make out a sort of time table here.....

Fourth - My house. Now this includes the Flylady Focus, remodeling insanity..... uh oh..... I see a major glitch (did I say GLITCH???) here. Well, I'll work on it!

Focus is to work on these things and HAVE FUN!!!!