Monday, August 27, 2012

Design Wall for 08-27-12

Here's hoping I get at least one of these 2 done.  Will show those first - THEN show those projects temporarily (I hope) tabled - at least for this month!

These will go for the sadly neglected Color Palette Challenge - due 08-31  NO idea what I will do!

This is for a baby blanket - should be fairly simple.  Hopefully!

This I need to have finished by September meeting.  Hopefully.  Grandma's Scrap Bag - which has turned out to have a strong fall flavour!

Mondo Bag - STILL not finished.  Class was on the first Saturday in August!  For shame! 

Hopefully by the 31st (midnight) I will have one (or more!) either completed or a good strong start going!  First on the list though will be to get the August UFO and CP done - AND MOST IMPORTANT - quilt the Nicole's Couch Quilt (wedding is on the 7th!)

Flimsy Finish!!!!!

This is an all-over view - and yes, my bed IS lumpy (not the quilt!)

This is a view of one corner.  It doesn't look like it - but the outside border fabric is a different pattern from the second border (which is the same as used in the blocks). 

Next will be to quilt, then bind it.  All by me.  All by next week!  Hopefully!

It is strange - at first I did NOT like this quilt - but now - it will be really REALLY hard to give it away (wedding present) - just hope they like it.  And USE it!

Stash Report for 08-26-12 (Ok - so it's the 27th - so what else is nu???)

Yeehaw - another flimsy finish - will post pix as soon as I figure out WHERE I put the camera!!!!  This is the Nicole Couch Quilt, btw!!!!  GORGEOUS!!!!

Used This Week:  8.76  yards
Used This Month: 8.76 yards for August
Used Year to Date: 86.505 yards

Added This Week:.0 yards
Added This Month: 0.25
Added Year to Date: 44.43 yards
Net Used for 2012: 42.075 yards (I think I messed up on my math - because I also had 40.575 yards if I add 8.76 yards instead of subtracting!!!!  Anyway - you get the idea!!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stash Report - 08-19-12

Oops!!!!!  I totally forgot posting last week!!!!! 

Bad girl!  Bad girl! (giving my hands a smack!)

Seriously though - I haven't added - or used (noticeably) any - STILL working on the couch quilt for the all too soon upcoming wedding - and definitely feeling a bit down because my baby is getting married!  (Of course, I know the answer to this - two fold - adopting kids!!!! and GRANDCHILDREN!!! However to the best of my knowledge - very limited knowledge - this isn't yet!)

Re the upcoming marriage - my son's friends took him out on some sort of survival course for his bachelor's party - and posted a picture of him - with one hellacious bruise on his arm!  Wonder if I will ever hear the story on that!!!!

Back to the stash - as said - I'm STILL working on the couch quilt (not that hard - just finding the TIME is!) - should be done this week - God willing and the crick don't rise!

Part of the reason all has been slowed up was having to scour the upstairs apartment - which was SUPPOSED to have been cleaned up (and was - just trashed over the summer by the kid who was staying!) to get it ready for the new add-on tenants!  And there ARE the beans of course (I could hardly wait for these to come in - and now I'm going nuts with them!  Yeehaw!).  Sweet corn is a bust - at least for me.  Then too I decided in some misguided moment this was the week to declutter my store room - aka library.  Ugh!  Have been free-cycling most of the week!

Used This Week: 0 yards
Used This Month: 0 yards for August
Used Year to Date: 77. 745 yards

Added This Week:.0 yards
Added This Month: 0.25
Added Year to Date: 44.43 yards
Net Used for 2012: 31.815 yards

Monday, August 06, 2012

Design Wall Monday - 08-06-12

A BUNCH of projects for this month.  3 Classes, 1 Swap - certainly contributed to the free-for all!!!!

First of all - the Swap - You see the July HSTs in a plastic bag - I am planning to do August from the colors/fabrics shown.  That is - with the considerable help from the printed HST papers.....

The first class is the Fresh Air class - however class is over - but due to a missed session - I'm WAY behind - and plan on finishing up ASAP!!!!  The quilt is composed of 9 patches alternating with Snowball blocks - and was photographed in the Quilt Sampler magazine.  It's an easy-do! with some applique for a fresh twist!

Then Saturday there was a class on the Mondo Bag - which I can see making a bunch of these - for gifts as well as for my own use!  Again there was a pattern (I don't have the pattern!!!)  this was the first time I've ever used fusible successfully - and it's fun! Still not done though!

coming up at the end of the month is a Quilt-a-Quarter class - and this quarter we're working on Grandma's Scrap Bag.  LOTS to do on this one!

And MOST important - I want to finish up - and quilt - Nicole's Couch Quilt - for a gift (I sure hope the recipient likes it!)

2 other items really belong on here - but I haven't even got going good on them yet.  One is a baby blanket - the pieces are cut - just need putting to gether and quilting.

The other is the Color Palette for the month - and I have NO idea what I'm going to do for that!  Possibly some sort of block that I like - and do this as table toppers!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Stash report for 08-05-12

Finishes this week - (will post a picture later of ALL of the placemats - posting of just one for now)
Centerpiece/placemat thingy tabletopper
Sorry - still no straw hat and plates of melon, etc. - hope to have that done this week!  Counting this as done - because other than adding the OPTIONAL applique - it is!  (Except for quilting and minor details like that!  LOL)

Had hoped to have several more - but have been putting up beans, etc. this week.  Haven't figured out how to put up beans in COOL weather - seems only to happen in the hottest, most humid weather!

2 classes this week - Fresh Air quilt - last class (and did I finish - Nyet!!!!  Gotta love those WIPs!!!!) and the Mondo Bag (how did this bag ever get THAT name anyhow?)  Mondo bag is going to be a WIP for a while - I didn't realize it required some fleece for batting!  Have NO idea why I didn't realize that!  So will get this one as far along as I can - then off to WIP-land for the Mondo Bag!  It IS cute though!

Used This Week:  2.0 yards
Used This Month: 6.87 yards for July, 0 yards for August
Used Year to Date: 77. 745 yards

Added This Week:.25 yards - August
Added This Month: 9.51 yards for July, 0.25 for August 
Added Year to Date: 44.43 yards
Net Used for 2012: 31.815 yards