Friday, December 23, 2011

Yeehaw! I can post!!! I Can Post!!!!

Yeehaw!!!! They fixed it = well, at least SOMEONE did!!!! I can post!!! I can post!!! Since my last post in September, I have been laid off (November 15)- am still on severance pay (TG!) which means my medical is covered - which is the only thing I've been concerned about!

Life here - well, I am enjoying the slower pace TREMENDOUSLY!!!! I've been to open sew - and am cleaning up this place the way I want it to be. I also am reading up a storm and have been putting myself through my own form of homeschool (currently behind - too much medical stuff to wade through!)

Have another quilt - the Carpenter Star - that I'm sending to Wendy - and am trying to finish up some VERY out of date swaps (who will definitely NOT want me back - not that I want to swap again for sure! My life is too chaotic for that!)

Also am finishing up 2 baby mats (the quilting part), 2 baby blankets - and, now that I have the framework of the sewing room back together - am trying to get the 5 bags and 4 bins unpacked, sorted and ready to go - a VERY needful thing since I have all the setting triangles for my Double Duty Quilt mixed up in there SOMEWHERE! Hope to have all that done this weekend - in addition to lighting Chanukkah candles, and wishing friends and family Merry Holidays!

Have signed up for a slew of quilting classes - just trying to figure out now how I'm going to pay for them! :/ They promise to be quite interesting though! One is a Log Cabin class - which isn't really hard although MAKING them is NOT my favorite thing to do - I do love the overall effect though! Another is the Quilt a Quarter class which I'm really excited about! And then there is the Open Sew class. Sigh! And that's just for January!

So I guess between that and housework, and studies, and volunteering either at food pantry and/or hospital as a cuddler that I'm going to be back in a somewhat frenetic pace again! Ugh! I need my brain examined!

Oh yeah - this is my new computer. Unfortunately, however, when the old one died - it took all my Siggies with it - which makes me NOT very happy! I need to replenish, I guess. Barring that - I guess I will have to break down and figure out how to upload photos from my camera to the computer and from there to the blog!!! Hmmm!!!!!

Monday, December 05, 2011