It's on the Blackboard - Science, Geography, and Math!!!


Year 3:World of Plants/Weather//Discovering the Human Body and Senses/Applied Chemistry

Year 4:Astronomy/World of Tools and Technology, motion/Discovering the Ocean/Chemical Elements

Year 1:The World of Space/World of Light and Sound/ World of Insects and Arachnids/Chemical Reactions

Year 2:Discovering Earth's Landforms and Surface Features/Heat and Energy
/World of Vertebrates/Discovering Atoms, Molecules, Matter


Year 1:Saxon Math 1/Math 65/Algebra I

Year 2:Saxon Math 2/Math 76/Algebra II

Year 3:Saxon Math 3/Math 87/Advanced Mathematics

Year 4:Math 54/Algebra 1/2/Calculus

GEOGRAPHY??? ??   This is taught in conjunction with the History of the area studied.  NOT sure whether I want to teach this as a separate thing.  Below is a suggestion from Layers of Learning.  Not sure if I want to use it.  PART of it - yes. (Year I)

Year 1:Concepts and Continents (Maps & Globes; map keys; global grids; Wonders; Mapping People; Physical Earth; Oceans; Deserts; Arctic; Forests; Mountains; Rivers and Lakes; Grasslands;  from here on - it is all up for grabs~!)

Year 2:Countries around the World

Year 3:Countries around the World

Year 4:the United States

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