Monday, December 31, 2012

January 01 plans.............

  1.  QOV - not sure which one.
  2. Mystery - may do this with Wendy - this would be from - the New Year's mystery!
  3. Binding on Threadhead!
  4. Work on Fancy Flowers
  5. at least 1-15 minute session sorting fabrics (think mystery quilt and strings)
  1. See if I can catch up the Garden page.  ALL seeds (except one and it is probably in my mail box now! will pick up on Wed!)
  2. Debating on printing out care and feeding PER ITEM and glueing to page.   After last year I feel so totally inept - my garden should have been producing like crazy!
  1. Sweet potato pancakes - although Judy's sweet potato chicken grits thingy sure looks awfully good!  May do both (different days!)  MUST remember to take before pix!
  2. Finish dusting and dust mopping my room and sewing room (sewing room - pick up and put stuff away.)
  3. Bathroom zone and Laundry room - complete (scrub floor, sort through stuff on shelves in laundry room)
  4. Menues for coming week and print out.
  5. Flylady calendar 
  6. 15 minutes declutter in living room
  1. Blackeyed peas, cornbread, collards.  May go vegetarian - OR use beef - OR use chicken (more probably) cut up in small pieces.  Dessert????  Apple crisp or Apple Gbetty (for Just Because!)
Wonder who will be first footing????

  1. my room and sewing room are looking GOOD!!!!  
  2. Bathroom done and I forgot about the laundry room - will do that tomorrow!
  3. Will post picture of Sweet potato pancakes a little later (having that for supper instead - debated about making sweet potato pie - and may still do that!!!
  4. Flylady Calendar - got hung up here and on the garden plan thingy - and PLAYED!!!!!  Almost done with calendar (as soon as I post school calendar on it!)
  5. Still need to declutter living room!!!!
  6. Menues done and printed.
  1. I got the garden planner software - hopefully it will work nicely.  So far I am having frustration attacks - BUT then - I'm a newby at that software.  Am especially interested in the greenhouse/plant it and HARVEST it parts!
  2. Worked a bit last night on the garden page of the blog (I'll hopefully post my plan on there when it is done! we'll see!)
  1. Have all my mystery clues printed out
  2. Wendy is sick - and has company besides - so am quilting by myself.  Think I will do my binding - and then work some of a mystery (Quilting Tizzy's????)

Get it done - January 2013

For sure I want to get these done............

a. Machine quilt Nathan and Lynn's Couch Quilt - stippling

b. Machine quilt Weave It to Me - this one may have been sold - lady also wants another one as well - I need to let her know pricing first, however.  NOT sure what pattern I will use.
c. Machine quilt - Wendy's Fancy Flowers - walking foot - stitch in the ditch, then bind it.  5 placemats (one is mine).  May make napkins as well.
d. Bind Threadhead mini sampler and GET IT DONE!!!!!!

Things I sure HOPE to get done..................

a.Underground RR to be sashed and flimsy finished.

b. Samplers finished and SENT

c. Tequila Buzz - aka Arizona Skies to be flimsy finished

d. Easy Street (Bonnie Hunter's Mystery)

Design Wall - Week 52, 12-31-12

Wow!  Last day of the year!!!!!!

Ambitious plans for the New Year - I don't have pix of everything YET - but will add as time goes on!

However for THIS week ...........

Hand work

Hexies - hand
Threadhead - Binding
 Leader Ender project
Christmas Ribbons - my now Leader Ender
 Machine Quilting - Free Motion Quilting
Nathan and Lynn's Couch Quilt
 There is also a FMQ sampler as well - will insert picture this week

Machine Quilting - Walking Foot
Walking Foot Sampler - only 4 squares left

There is another Walking Foot Sampler as well - will insert picture this week
Baby Quilt #1

Fancy Flowers 
Easy Street - Bonnie's Mystery Quilt
QOV from Wendy - this one is WELL overdue for borders!!!!

Annie's Block - one of Swap Samplers - all need to be DONE and SENT!!!!
Also need to re-do one for Janet (lost in mail????)

Sewing - Winter wardrobe

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stash Report for Week 52

Didn't get as many quilted as I thought I would - partially because I ended up driving back and forth from one place to another and back again.   Then too, I had forgotten about a class I had signed up for (Friday night Open Sew) until Pam called me!  (Ooops!!!!!)  Of course I COULD have taken the things that I was going to finish up - but then I'm not really that organized!  

52 12-30-12 Used This Week: 2.5714 yards
Used This Month: 5.1964 yards for December
Used Year to Date: 120.8914 yards
Added This Week: 0 yards
Added This Month: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 54.81 yards
Net Used for 2012: 66.0814 yards

Next post will be on the New Year's!  Woo hoo!  And I'm goal setting right here and now to use at least 100 more yards than I add (almost said 75 more yards - but then I remembered that I'm supposed to work on my FMQ and walking foot and actually QUILT those doodads I piece together!)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

And - it's ANOTHER flimsy Finish!!!!! Woohoo!

Twister Table topper Quilt!

And from a different angle - same quilt table topper!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday - Who knew!!!!.........

I just love it when I don't read directions correctly, journey off on my own - and screw up!  (NOT!!!!)  Such WAS the situation with my Twister quilt!  And  all last week I kept pouting and not doing a whole lot of much because I KNEW I screwed up - and I REALLY hate that (not counting wasting a LOT of fabric along the way!).

Today I decided to get brave and see if I could fix it!  I DID I DID I DID! and it was EASY!  I had forgotten originally that there was border added to the original blocks BEFORE cutting and re-sewing! and tried doing the cutting etc. without that!  Fix was easy - just sew the border to the outside edges of the quilt - THEN press and cut THAT part as well - putting the pieces cut into the right order. Hope to finish up THIS do-dad today! Which will leave only the smaller quilt to be made from the rest.  Confusing, huh!  Well - will show pictures in a bit (next break!)

Also finished up my morning routine, swept the front porch, and thoroughly cleaned the entrance and the stairs!

Aargh!  Irritated at my computer.  The cursor keeps popping around and trying to delete half my words!  There IS a fix - just wish I could remember what it is!

Design Wall for Week 51

Well, I knew this would happen!  It did!!!!

All along I knew I really SHOULDA been doing my final quilting and binding like crazy or it would be the end of the year before I knew it!  Yup!!!  Guess what!!!!  It's the end of the year (almost!) and I'm going to be quilting like crazy!  Which  is really frustrating when you consider all those lovely OTHER quilty things out there just waiting to be pieced/appliqued!

Maybe next year I SHOULD really pay attention to the Quilt it Fridays - AND make sure that I have at least one weekend a month where I spend the entire time quilting up my flimsys! that is, any that I have done!

This is the updated quilted version of the Threadhead sampler. I decided to NOT do any applique - so all I have left to do here is to bind it!

This is the back of the Threadhead sampler - I DEFINITELY need to practice my Stitch in a Ditch quilting!

Baby blanket #2.  Actually this one has been hanging around WAITING..... so this is the year it actually gets done! Walking foot and MAYBE some FMQ on the borders although I have in mind some of the lovely Walking Foot Sampler stitches too!
Improvisation placemat - I need to do the quilting (Shatterglass?????) BEFORE I do the applique I have in mind!

New Year's Mystery (2010) from a website - I did make minor changes. NOT sure how I want to quilt this!

Baby Blanket #3 - not sure how I want to quilt this and may decide to FMQ

Fancy Flowers - there are FIVE of these - Stitch in the ditch for sure, then bind!

Baby Blanket #1.  This one will be easy to do (hopefully! and provided I use a ruler!) Am going to use a straight grid (diagonal) on the borders UP TO the center!  Bind and done.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

It Is Sunday - and I feel like SUPERWOMAN..............

Actually when I feel like that I know I've had too much coffee and it is time to go lie down!

Goals for today -

  1. Class/Party today - bring 1 class project completed and something to work on (the FIRST project - which about defeated me - because I persistently cut things the WRONG WAY!)
  2. Zone Clean Bathroom
  3. Zone Clean MY room (and closet!)
  4. Sew borders on Twister quilt and re-cut.
  5. Sew on Tequila Buzz (or Arizona Skies as I like to call it!) - IF possible - get all rows ready to sew together.
  6. Sign up for Next Year's Runner group - and pay for it
  7. Laundry (as always on Sundays!)
  8. Clean up kitchen - which I don't even want to discuss!
  9. Walking Foot - Fancy Flowers.
  10. Walking Foot - Baby Quilt 2 or 3 - the pink one!
  11. Binding - Fancy Flowers Placemats 
  12. Binding - Threadhead mat
  13. Make sure I don't find any kryptonite!  I'm on a roll!
I didn't get any fabric today - probably will on Friday - I went to class and I DID sign up for the runner class - and got the book for that.  Also got some more safety pins (one of these days I will find out where most of those things are hiding!) 

Now for a sting of - (gasp! are you ready????  CLEANING - and reheating stuff for tonight's leftover dinner!)

Stash Report for Week 51 - 12-23-12

Judy L. talked about the evil twin suggesting that she wait until after Jan 1 for finishing up some projects.  I think the evil twin she was talking about lived here at my house!

Regardless - having cannabalized the black I got LAST week for the Charm Around (already reported) on the Twister Quilt (STILL not done!), I now need black for the Charm Around again!  So I WILL be adding TO my stash again - probably today!  I DO need sashing etc. and it really isn't fair (although the evil twin is back again, for sure!, to hold off on getting MORE fabric until NEXT year!  (Is this a regular occurrence with EVERYONE???? That we want to move/shove/push things like buying MORE fabric over to the following year - so that it won't affect this year's numbers?????

However - I'll be good - ALMOST!  (I DO plan on doing a LOT of finish ups THIS week - so am hoping to put NEXT week's numbers on the USED part a LOT higher!!!) (The Evil twin DOES get a modicum of comfort after all - but this one is legitimate!!!!)

51 12-23-12 Used This Week: 0.0 yards/Used This Month: 2.625 yards for December/Used Year to Date: 118.320 yards
Added This Week: 0 yards/Added This Month: 2.625 yards/Added Year to Date: 54.81yards
Net Used for 2012:  63.510 yards

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Garden!

Why is it I invariably plan either on more garden than there actually is????  I would say wishful thinking - but even when I did market gardening on a half acre (intensively planted) I STILL bought more seed/berries and whatever than the land would hold!

I also used to grow plants from seeds in a greenhouse - and would sell them at the market, planting whatever was leftover (even if I already had planted what my market garden needed!)  It's about the year I raised 700 tomato plants!!!!!  Didn't have space in my market garden - so I looked at the hills - and planted them up and down hills, next to trees (BAD decision - those things can CLIMB!!!!).  I guess I went by the "if I raised and nurtured them from seeds, then they had to at least have a chance to grow" kind of philosophy!  Crazy huh!

And here - I don't even have that amount of land - just a back yard with 26 foot long beds that are 4 foot wide (each section in the bed 4 foot long) and 8 - possibly 9 (hopefully - tomatoes, peppers, eggplants!!!!) of those.

WHY do I plant so much?  I think it may be partly because of the "what it..." thought - what if we have a trucker strike, what if I can't get to the store because of a blizzard, poverty, flooding - whatever.  Part of it may be because of sheer habit.  But I KNOW MOST of the reason is because all those lovely seed packets sound so wonderful and I don't really want to make a choice between A and B, so I'll take both!  I'm greedy!  And - sigh - I don't like to make choices.  If a seed packet calls my name and says "Plant me" I respond with "Sure - and how many packets shall I get!"

That being said - now to a pleasant procrastination - uh.... form of work.

Sweet corn - obviously the posts and fencing need to come out.
I DO want something to provide support for squash, etc.
I am going to move melons over to the side yard, possibly interplanted with flowers (and drifting onto the yard - straw or mulch of some sort covered areas.  HOPEFULLY it will look ok)
For Tomatoes, eggplant peppers - see below.

This WAS going to be the beans area - now I'm talking about putting tomatoes, Eggplants, peppers here - one row completely tomatoes and the other split 50/50 between peppers, eggplant.

Currently Raspberry bushes are here - but I'm moving them over to the North East side of the yard!  This will be the new Beans/Peas area - although I may need to switch this off with another area for this year.  I am thinking there is something about a bean mosaic??????  Maybe next year's potato area?

I  had thought originally that this would be the potato and root area.  It held tomatoes last year - so that may NOT be a good plan!  Actually I may put lettuce/salad crops here - definitely will need to trim that one blasted branch off - the one that almost touches the ground when there is snow and is entirely too high to reach when there isn't!  It puts too much shade here!  The rest of the garden gets sun at least the majority of the day!  If I switch things around - maybe potatoes and roots where I was going to put the beans and peas, Salad things here and tomatoes a little farther east - maybe.

I think I need a garden expander!!!!!  I had thought possibly of putting  just raspberry bushes here - but now am thinking  of moving beans and peas here.  For this year - and NEXT year do a bit more orderly march across the garden.

This WAS going to be JUST the top part of the flower garden.  HOWEVER now I am moving my greenhouse over  to the fence - mostly because the mower guy won't mow around it - only on the major part of the yard - and left the rest to weeds!!!!  :(
I DO  wish that I had a particular friend's ability with landscaping.  She had the most marvelous garden - GORGEOUS plantings of flowers blended with shrubbery - and veggies and fruits interwoven very attractively throughout!  Right in the middle of her front lawn she had a lovely pumpkin (Big Max!), several tomato plants, flowering cabbage and kale as well as a variety of flowers and shrubbery - and it looked gorgeous!  (She was also an artist in her own right as well!)

For the REST of the flower border - I may put the rose bushes closer here - but I don't want the rose thorns to scratch the kids next door - even though the mom is more than agreeable to roses (I asked)

This area gets a LOT of snow in the winter - enough to kill almost any permanent planting - so I'm thinking of a slight berm - draining water AWAY from the foundation - and putting flowering ground cover plants - still permanent - but not shrubbery -  and possibly additional flowering plants as well - not sure what or how - but SOMETHING needs to be done - it is UGLY and doesn't need to be!  Also I obviously need to repaint the brick - and power wash the  house siding!

VERY hard to see - but there is a line of trees going toward the back yard - all fruit trees.  So far there are  pie cherry, peach, apple (I need another one - the other one died back to the rootstock), Pear.  I still want to add plums (probably stanley prune plum and maybe/maybe not green gage plum).  I would also like to add blueberry bushes (mine croaked!).  I still need to figure out where to place the grape vine (singular - but I would like to add another as well!) and the blackberry bushes!

Monday, December 17, 2012

For Tuesday..............

Visit to the Dr. (mammogram - OUCH!)

Then the items pictured below...............
Laundry Room - this will take 5 - 10 minutes at most - straighten, dust mop, scrub if need be (washer and dryer already cleaned!)
Sewing Room - the mending and ironing pile between shelving and the white drawers.   Figure maybe an hour's worth

My room - do all the zone work for the week!

Paperwork - do another 30 minutes!  30 minutes a day = 3.5 hours a week!
Easy Street Mystery Quilt - Step 2 - needs 128 Flying Geese!

Twister - hopefully I will remember to replace this picture with an up to date picture - the RE-slicing  on the quilt and sew into rows

Christmas Ribbons - keep working on Folded Corners - LE style!
Hexies - need to show my NEWEST!!!!