Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Design Wall for Week 8 - 02-23-15

The Mini Twister- this will go to a friend Peggy.

BINDING NEEDED! (probably will have to wait a tad - maybe not!)

Log Cabin quilt is back home!
Wendy did a BEAUTIFUL job quilting it -
not sure you can see all the feathers or the baskets of flowers and so on with this picture!
but they're there - and boy are they gorgeous!
Now to put the Binding on - and - ta da - it will be DONE!

My Passover Table Runner - also my first experience FMQ.
The Walking Foot part was fine!  But OMG the FMQ!
Going to work on the vine - and may remove at least part of that blasted flower
 and re do it in a different thread!

Buckeye Beauty -
will be straight Walking Foot - at least until the borders!

Am going to be adding on the corners LE style -
at least until I get done with other projects!
I would like to get this to the flimsy point.
Don't have enough black though.
Wendy's Stars
This will become the Medallion for a QOV - as soon as I add the borders, et al.
Hoping to bring this to a flimsy status this month

Odds and ends from a VERY OLD Swap that I totally flubbed on!
Want to finish up the last of these - today I think.  And because the fabrics got separated from the envelopes and the directions when I moved, the blocks that I do not specifically recognize I will post pix on both to that email list as well as to the individuals.  Some were already sent to the individuals in that swap - including one block that I inadvertently left the embroidered antennae OFF of the butterfly.  Those folks who do not reply after a month or who indicate this will have their block added to a quilt for a charity.

This is one of the blocks

I have to re-sew part of this - but this is another block.
Unfortunately, it apparently doesn't belong to the Louise I thought it did!

Hand Piecing is on hold until after all the Bindings are done, done, DONE!

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