Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stash reports


Strictly speaking this is still my stash report - mostly because I have NO idea what I want to do for crochet or knitting or.... well, whatever!  Regardless I am hoping this is the year that (1) I get all those gazillion scraps categorized - light/dark and to heck with the mediums!  Medium depends so much on whatever else I am using!  (2) I actually am brave enough to not only use my walking foot, but also to do some FMQ - like a LOT of it!  Heck!  With over 85 quilt projects (2 table runners = 1 project because the TR are SMALL!), I've GOT to get some quilting done!  And, goodness knows, (3) there are soooooooooo many quilts I want to do!

However - considering that it is 02/22/15 and I am just starting up again - that is where I will start my stash report!  Including with the project I just finished this past week!

Oh - and I will be counting ONLY completed quilts - flimsy, quilting and binding - the whole thing!

02-22-15 - Week 8
Used This Week: 02.50 yards /Used This month: 02.50 yards/Used Year to Date: 02.50 yards
Added This Week: 1 yard/Added This Month:1 yard/Added Year to Date: 1 yard
Net Used for 2015: +1.50 yards


Kalicocreations said...

You have a good start on outage.

Dar said...

You are well on your way to using up your stash, especially when you get your FMQ going! Go girl!