Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Design Wall for Week 9, 03-02-15

This week I'm working on several items - but can't show you all the pictures of the items YET - mostly because 2 of the items are barely started!!!  The third - ummmm - I may take out some of the quilting (flowers) - maybe or maybe not!  It all depends!

I belong to a group - Stashbusters - and have joined two challenges (actually more than 2!)  The first is a UFO challenge.  All the members of that challenge do their level best to NOT become queen of the UFOs - but as members complete a UFO, their name rotates to the bottom of the list and the other members move slowly - or even not so slowly - towards the top or the Queen position!

At the same time there is another UFO challenge - wherein we each list all our UFOs and assign them numbers according to their position on the list.  Each month two numbers are announced and we do our level best to finish the UFOs on that list corresponding to the numbers called.  This month - March - the numbers are 7 and 17.  for me, that means Crazy Quilt (#07) and Spring's at the Morn (#17) - both of which are BARELY started!  Significant progress this month on those would mean flimsies, at least!  And, of course, at this point I don't even have pictures of the projects - #07 would mean a picture of my machine with one of the many scrap boxes right next to it - and scraps dribbling over the top and on to the floor!  #17 would mean the fabrics, the few cut out pieces (not sewn together as of yet - but the fabric is cut into and that makes it a UFO!  Besides I like the name!)

By next week there should be something more to see!


There are 2 other table runners I am  hopeful of quilting this week as well
Both the Crazy Quilt as well as Spring's at the Morn fall under this category. 
Just no pictures yet!
This will be the binding on the Passover table Runner

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