Saturday, April 04, 2015

Passover menues

Oops!  I had meant to post Passover menues last night before Passover began.  Well, that didn't happen!  so - I'm posting today!

Passover began Friday  night (Shabbos) and will continue, I believe, until next week's Saturday nights - a full 8 days (evening begins our day - then there is the morning and day - but evening starts it all!)

S:  Snacks are generally leftovers or fruit so I'm not going to mention them here!

D:FIRST SEDER Charoses, Hillel sandwich, hard cooked eggs, matzoh, egg drop soup, turkey, roasted potatoes, asparagus, passover sponge cake, red raspberry sorbet, wine, tea

B:hard boiled eggs, lo jelly roll, strawberries, coffee
L:avocado, grapefruit salad, honey dressing, cheese and matzoh, coffee, macaroons, tea, milk
D:SECOND SEDER Charoses,Hillel sandwich, hard cooked eggs, matzo, gefilte fish mousse, roast pickled tongue (won't happen - can't find tongue ANYWHERE!), tossed salad, Eggplant fritters, brussel sprouts, passover lemon cake roll, wine, tea

B:Matzoh Brie, coffee or tea
L:chicken soup, matzoh meal dumplings, passover nut cookies, tea
D:Turkey blintzes, applesauce, red and white coleslaw, matzo charlotte

B:Passover Hremslach, coffee or tea
L:passover borscht, hard boiled eggs, potato, matzo,  jelly roll,  tea, milk
D:Fish fillets with yogurt,  dumplings and prunes, passover jelly roll

B:Matzoh crumbles, coffee or tea
L:Passover muffins, molded chicken salad, apple barb,  tea
D:Asparagus-cheese casserole, Passover Apple Charlotte

B:Passover cheese pancakes, coffee or tea
L:spinach rice casserole, passover cream puffs (the shell), jam squares tea, milk
D:Macaroni-cheese Passover style, spinach vegetable squares, Passover apple pie,

B:Matzoh Brie, coffee or tea
L:matzoh meal pancakes, hot tuna salad, lemon squares, tea, milk
D:Hoppel Poppel, jam tarts

B:Passover crullers, coffee or tea
L:pineapple upside down kugel, apple squares,  tea, milk
D:stuffed cabbage with sweet sour sauce, molded pineapple cucumber salad, Passover cheese pie

B:hard boiled egg, matzoh crumbles, berries, coffee or tea
L:lemon meringue pie, eggplant lasagna,  tea, milk
D:baked gefilte fish loaf, tomato vegetable aspic, birds  nest dessert

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