Thursday, September 17, 2015

Design Wall for Week 38 - (and probably next week as well!) - 09-13-15

Log Cabin quilt

This is the mini version (which is done and gone!) of the BIG quilt that I want to finish
 and donate for auction for Alzheimer's Association

Baby blanket - I think it is large enough for a youth bed for Evan
Buckeye Beauty.
Jamestown landing - only 5.658,979 1/2 to go - or so it seams (pun intended!)
Actually there are less than half still to be done.
(no pix at present)
4 patches - aqua and light! or white!

On point quilt.  Would you believe this is the ONLY one I have done?
 It is a BOM starting this last January!
 I think I am just a tad behind!


Irish Double Chain.
 I have to change around some of the part B - which I have managed to mess up!
Pray I have enough of THAT pattern of WOW (white on white)!
This was one of the 2 January UFO numbers called!

Wendy's QOV - which I need to finish and get sent off!
This number was called for UFO numbers to work on I think in February
(actually another QOV very similar was called - which I can't find -
and this one will be a great substitute!)

old picture - from the eons old swap!
still checking to make sure I have all the blocks!  


Halloween hanging!
(no pix yet)  clothing is/are  several nightgowns.

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