Sunday, May 15, 2016

Trying ONCE again!!!!! Sparkpeople - I'm ba-a-a-ack!

Today I didn't even bother to climb onto the scales!  I KNOW I'm overweight - WAY overweight!  When I put my arms down at my sides and the pudginess keeps me from feeling my ribs - I am too entirely fat!  Not just overweight, not pudgy - but FAT!

The emphasis these days is to love yourself regardless of what weight or size you are.  Fine, well and good!  However when I'm FAT - I have increased problems breathing, problems standing and walking, my knees pop out more, my chronic fatigue makes itself known once again and my metabalic rate plummets!  I also feel bad!  WAY bad!

So - I need to tackle this problem.........  I don't know how others do it - but I DO know how I do it and what can work for me (IF I stick to it!).
1. EXERCISE!  Yoga for sure - especially if I enjoy walking, standing, sitting without pain.  And Strength exercise - my muscles are going in the wrong direction for now - and definitely need to be built up!  Especially if I enjoy the walking, standing, sitting activities for which Yoga has given me the flexibility!

Cardiovascular activity - uhm - IF I keep up the above - this one follows almost automatically - usually in the form of walking around the house, dancing (although it can - and has in the past led to knees popping out of joint again!)

2. STAY AWAY from coffee.  or at least stay away from more than 1 cup a day.  Tea is fine - to an extent - just not strong tea!

3. No dieting per se - but re-figuring my food intake options - and going for healthy food choices - and yes, I do like the Spark people diet.
a. Limit fat intake.
b. Limit sugars
c. More fiber
d. Veggies - esp raw ones are good - just watch the sauces
e. Make sure I consume 3 glasses milk daily - OR the equivalent
f. One helping
g. REGULAR times for eating.  Breakfast at 7. Morning pick me up at 10. Lunch at 12:30.
h. at 8 PM - evening snack - which is figured as part of day's caloric intake.
i. at 3 PM - afternoon snack - also part of day's caloric intake.
j. Weigh and/or measure EVERYTHING!
k. Make friends with salads!

4. Ummm - I SHOULD be journaling the diet - but considering that I spend too much time sitting and being on the computer anyway - that can be a problem.  Consider planning - and then following the plan!

5. Weigh in - uhm - this gets to be a problem and then I hyperfocus on foods and overeat or binge eat.  Consider losing inches rather than weight - and decreasing clothing size!

6. Rewards for each week?  hmmm - at this point a reward for each DAY would be nice!  should be something fun and NOT food!  Must think on this!  I definitely am too food oriented - and, no - hot fudge sundaes will NOT work as a reward! Neither will adding to my overly abundant stash!

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