Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Design Wall - 06-20-16

No pictures yet - BUT...........


Valentine Table runner - actually only needs embroidery, then binding.  Quilting is DONE!

Baby blanket #1 (from orphan blocks intended for valence) - this is turning into a very sweet little quilt!  While I would LIKE to make some FMQ strips - not sure I will have time!  Walking foot is DONE!  NEEDS only binding!  (and this hurry is because I'm #3 on the Queen's UFO challenge list! and I don't wanna be Queen! - those ermine robes are danged hot!)

In the Quilting wings - oh my!  I'm going to be quilting for quite a while now!!!! - 11 projects worth - most of which are fair to middlin' long! - table toppers, baby blankets and the like (now - if I would only stop with the FMQ ideas of what to do it would go Faster!) and including at least 1 tie quilt!

ALSO - the June numbered UFO challenge - my awful ugly slippers - need lining and quilting.  HOWEVER I doubt I will make pictures here - they ARE Uuuuu-gggggg-ly!  but oh so much needed and I can feel virtuous about using these particular fabric pieces that would otherwise not only be pitched but taken out under a neighbor's tree and deeply buried!

And also on the June list - those quilting samplers that I have been threatening to get done for the last - OH MY! - 12 YEARS!!!!?????  Has it truly been that long????


Orange Crush - a quilt along with my dd!  This is on step 5 of the mystery quilt (out of 6 steps!) - and will be quilted probably in July!  Hopefully!

As regards those pictures - as soon as I get my room cleaned up enough (ie, move cats, vacuum dust bunnies and armadillos and make my bed), I'll lay out the quilts, take pictures and post!

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