Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday's goals - 06-23-16

Post office
Visit Evan and Lynn
they cancelled Cardiologist

B:Cracked wheat, butter, brown sugar, coffee, milk
L:hot sandwich, fruit, coffee
D:stir fry



  • Make Your Bed (Do this as soon as you get up.)
  • Get Dressed Down to Your Shoes
  • Swish and Swipe
  • Start Your Laundry
  • Decide on Dinner
  • Check Your Calendar
  • Start the Day off with a Shiny Sink. Don’t leave the breakfast dishes sitting.
  • Keep track of time!!!
 Afternoon Routine:
  • Eat Lunch
  • Clear off One Hot Spot
  • Reboot the Laundry
  • Declutter for 15 Minutes (Be sure to have your children declutter, too.)
  • Drink Your Water
Before Bed: (This starts right after dinner.)
  • Check the Calendar for Tomorrow
  • Lay out Your Clothes for Tomorrow (Have your children lay their clothes out, too.)
  • Put things at your launch pad
  • Shine Your Sink
  • Clean Off a Hot Spot
  • Go to Bed at Decent Hour
  • Zone 1 - pupa
  • Zone 2 - (Wednesday and Thursday)
    • Kitchen
      • Mission 5 - 
        • Super Fling Boogie - Your goal here is to clear off the front and side of your refrigerator. 
        • Zone - Take 15 minutes and scrub your stove top!  Soak the knobs and drip pans in hot soapy water while you clean the stove top.
      • Mission 6
        • Super Fling Boogie - head under our kitchen sinks. Set your timer for 15 minutes and get rid of the clutter hidden in there
        • Zone -  spend 5 minutes and check on the cleaning supplies and things under your sink?  Are there things that you don't use?  Are there items you have run out of and need to put on your list?  Now, what is up with your dish rags and sponges? If you need new ones, put them on the list too.
      • Mission 7
        • Super Fling Boogie - declutter the pots and pans. That cookie sheet that's leaning to one side? The pan with the non stick coating scratched off and peeling? How about the 10 lids with no matching pot? 
        • Zone - Your Mission for today is to declutter your plastic wraps and foil drawers, cabinets or shelves. 
      • Mission 8
        • Super Fling Boogie - The Pantry! Go through one shelf at a time and get rid of any old/expired food, dented cans, stale foods, etc. Go through as much as you can in 15 minutes.
        • Zone  - the silverware holder had become!  Also, the area around the holder was filled with little bits of nothing..elastics, paperclips, ketchup packets!
      • Mission 9
        • Super Fling Boogie - The junk drawer. You know the one I'm talking about! If you have more than one, just pick one and work on it today. Set your timer for 15 minutes and toss all the clutter you can.
        • Zone -  gadgets and small appliances that you use on a regular basis - Wipe them down and make them shine. 
      • Mission 10
        • Super Fling Boogie - What's sitting out on your counter tops? Today's mission is to clear out and put away anything you don't use. From junk mail to appliances, you know what's clutter.
        • Zone - Scrub down your counter tops,
        • Zone - Grab those brushes and some general purpose cleaner and scrub those faucets on your kitchen sink.
        • Zone - the cabinets. Take a few minutes to check them out, I bet you will see that they need a little sprucing up. Just wipe down the outside surfaces.
      • Mission 11
        • Super Fling Boogie -  time to tackle the fridge! Bet you didn't see that coming after yesterday's pantry mission lol. You know the drill- expired food, old take out boxes, spoiled milk, etc. Get to tossing!
        • Zone - Today we are going to declutter our leftover, food storage, plastic, Rubbermaid, Tupperware,and Glad-Ware containers!
        • Zone - Sweep and thoroughly scrub floor
  • Zone 3 - pupa
  • Zone 4 - My room - (Friday)
    • Zone 4 - My room - (IF POSSIBLE!)
      • Mission 19 - 
        • Super Fling Boogie - Declutter the top of the nightstand. If you still have a few minutes left on your timer, get a drawer done too! 
          Bathroom- Toss the clutter that's in your shower/tub. 
          Closet- Declutter old, broken, and missing shoes. 
      • Mission 20 - 
        • Super Fling Boogie - Master Bedroom:Set your timer for 15 minutes and get rid of the clutter and dust bunnies under the bed. You'll sleep better tonight without clutter under your head.

          Bathroom: Hair products, tools, and stylers. 

          Closet: Declutter your dresses. If they don't fit anymore, your local women's shelter would love to have them!  
        • Zone - Declutter under the bed for 15
      • Mission 21 - 
        • Super Fling Boogie - Master Bedroom: Time to go through our bras, panties, and socks. Set your timer for 15 minutes and get rid of anything with holes, rips, and tears.

          Bathroom: Declutter your makeup. Makeup does actually have a shelf life! Mascara should only be kept around 3 months. If you aren't sure if it's time to toss, a quick google search will give you some guidelines.

          Closet: Let's go through old belts and scarves. If you were out shopping right now, would you buy that belt? If the answer is no, it's time to let it bless someone else! 
        • Zone - Clear/clean the top of the bed for 15
      • Mission 22 - 
        • Super Fling Boogie - Master Bedroom:Master Bedroom: Time to go through our bras, panties, and socks. Set your timer for 15 minutes and get rid of anything with holes, rips, and tears.
        • Bathroom: Declutter your makeup. 
        • Closet: Let's go through old belts and scarves. 
        • Zone - whatever you have on the left side of you bed you are to fling and put away.  If you have been using your night stand or floor as temporary storage for thigs that do not belong there, your mission for today is to clear this off and put it away!
  • Zone 5: 
    • Living Room
      • pupa
    • Study
      • WHB
  • Paperwork - 
    • R keep current
  • Plant
    • Sweet corn (1/2)
    • Roots like turnips, beets, kohlrabi
    • Coles (probably have to buy in seed)
  • Weed garden
  • Harvest - daily - at least 1-2 lettuce
  • Spark People
    • Keep track online.
    • 1500 calorie/day max
    • Keep up with Realistic Challenges and New Member challenge
    • Yoga - routines 2
    • Strength - legs
    • Cardiovascular - gardening, housework
  • RUSSIAN - W - 22-26 Review
  • MATH
    • Algebra - T, - to L 4
    • Rachmaninoff - Section 1 - timing
    • Hebrew - Ot L Baot - hw 5B
  • HANDWRITING -  W. (17)
  • CREATIVE WRITING - W, (3-13 to Day 5
  • SCIENCE (doing review of some of work)
    • Botany - Lab 4.2
    • R , 4
  • ART - W, (L4 p. 8)
          • QUILTING 
            • Baby quilt - sampler 2  free motion quilting.
          • Orange Crush - 
            • It is a quilt along with Wendy!  Currently ready for Step 5, part B!!!!
          • Four Patch Re-Visited - LE until end of June

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