Sunday, November 30, 2014

Since I was here last...........

Whew!  FINALLY!!!  I'm back on blog!  Although Pix will follow later!

I had computer problems, had to go back and do the whole "insert disc A" thing and so on.  I did get most (I think ALL - just not sure) of my previous programs back but had and UNBELIEVABLE horrible time trying to get back on to MY blog!  I could get the published page just fine - just couldn't get to the blogger dashboard!  Ugh!  And ended with a whole second blog address which I did NOT want!


Worst problem - after all that I have a lot of the same S.................................L................................O..........................................W..............................!!!! problems I did before - and have already picked up viruses (virii?) which although deleted may still somehow be affecting my computer!  Ugh!

Dd Wendy and Vince came down from Canada and spent several days here with me!  Was great! Thoroughly enjoyed their visit!

They also brought my new to me - Treadle sewing machine!  This machine is from 1907 - and has ALL the parts, ALL the directions.  Yes - the cabinet itself probably needs refinishing and the machine needs cleaning and obviously has been used a lot at some time or other - you can see where the spool spun around and around.  It also needs a new belt!  But - oh it is a beauty! And I KNOW Bonnie H. would love to have THIS machine - but it is MINE!  All MINE!

AND - they brought....... the quilt Wendy has been working on!  Just gorgeous!  And yes - I DO have to work on the binding - but OH MY!  She did all this gorgeous quilting on it!  CUSTOM quilting!  Baskets of flowers and feathers  - just lovely!  Absolutely lovely!

Last time I mentioned that I have a NEW GRANDSON!!!!  who is absolutely adorable!  I've taken my camera over there lots of times for pix.  Starting next week I take my camera over there and have someone take pix!  Somehow I seem to have problems getting it altogether!  (But this is NOT a function of encroaching old age - ask my friends and family - I've unfortunately ALWAYS been this way!)

At any rate I've been babysitting Evan - Mondays through Thursdays while Nathan (who works at home on the 3rd floor until at least 530 - and sometimes until a LOT later than that!) and Lynn (who starts work on a semi-part time basis at 230 PM and works until LATE or who I spell so Lynn can catch some much needed sleep and regroup energies).  Sherri babysits Friday through Sunday evening - and sometimes alternates on Tuesdays with me.

Re Evan - LOL - he sleeps through a lot, performs all necessary body functions, eats a lot and LOVES to (1) be carried by dad (Nathan) around and around the dining room table (we are talking N. walks VERY fast around the table - aerobic speed!), (2) dance to Winnie the Pooh's Tigger song with Sherri, (3) relax and play with Lynn or watch her, (4) Waltz with me! and (5) listen to Sherri tell him story after story or (6) me - singing (he's the only uncomplaining audience I have!  what can I say!)  Oh - and SOMETIMES he sleeps! (unless it is between 430 and 730 PM when he wants SOMETHING - other than eating/sleeping/walking or something - just don't know what! Frustrating to figure out WHAT it is he wants!)

Finally yesterday - Nathan scooped him up and took him over to the play mat and set him down so he could see himself in the mirror and had a couple of jingly toys that his little hands could smack when he moved them.  Evan was totally entranced!  (I think NATHAN doing this was the key!  I tried the week before - and Evan was NOT impressed - trust me on that one!)

LOL - I could (and have) gone on forever about Evan!  But I meant to bring up some changes in the way I think I want to do this blog!

And, yes, once again - having a blog to focus on makes a BIG difference in whether I drift along, not completing tasks I said I would do - or whether I at least ATTEMPT to accomplish things!

(1) I re-joined Spark Page.  All my efforts at losing weight so far are yuck!  and I ended 4 pounds HEAVIER than when I started!  Admittedly - I am still ODD (that is oppositionally defiant disorder for those who want to know - although I AM somewhat Odd at times as well!) and so I think I may have to focus on the exercise part more than the food part and just try to stay somewhat in bounds.  I also think that for a while at least, I may be re-starting my diet pretty much on a daily or even twice daily basis!

(1a) Overall goal weight is 145 pounds - which means I have 40 pounds (currently) to lose OVERALL.  My interim goal - or short range goal is to lose 5 pounds a month, or 15 pounds during the time I'm on the Biggest Loser team (Pink Panther is my specific team) but that is for the total period of time with the Winter Freeze Off challenge! - AND to increase my metabolic rate to something probably above 0+ (although to breathe, eat and sleep - I am spending some energy so I know my metabolic rate is higher than 0!)

(1b) I also joined Spark Coach - which is good - and I'm doing my best to go with the program, diet not withstanding!

(2)I've ordered (and recieved) the next set of books (yup, I'm delusional!  I actually believe I will complete all the educational "lesson books" I have!  Oh - and this includes art (OK - so it IS on the K-3 basis - but I am truly impressed with this! Now to get the tools for making stuff!)

(3)I'm currently in Bonnie Hunter's quilt mystery - GRAND ILLUSION!  Am excited about that!
I'm also #11 or less of being UFO Queen on Stashbusters (and you DON'T wanna be UFO Queen!  Trust me! It's embarrassing!)

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