Saturday, January 02, 2016

Goals - 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!


These are NOT resolutions!  These are Hope for's and Work on's and Believe I can Do this projects..........  And are NOT just about sewing or gardening or whatever

  1. Work on healthy eating skills - think Pyramid chart and post.  No between meal snacks, nothing after 8 PM (unless visiting my son and his wife - their 6 PM dinner is usually ready about 730 - 8 PM)
  2. Move that body!  Includes  yoga, strength training, Physical therapy, walking, bicycling - really almost any physical activity.  does NOT include housecleaning - though it should - but after a gazillion tries to include this - it was NOT helping anyway, so I'm ignoring that.
  3. Housekeeping - note the difference - not Cleaning since I don't like to do that anyway - but housekeeping - which should be a step up, sounds more friendly, and should mean at least a minimum of effort has been used anyway!  BUT it is more inclusive of so  much more than just cleaning!
  4. Sewing - quilts and so on - set up by the month with progress noted.  This includes piecing, hand sewing of some sort, Quilting, binding (my nemesis)
  5. Get smarter program - at least one subject 6 days a week.  Doing all my subjects may be something I WANT to do but the time involved is humongous - and I usually don't have that time.

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