Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Whew! Another good report!

Yesterday I had surgery - a colonoscopy which included removal of 6 polyps plus one that definitely did NOT look good (although biopsy showed no CA cells - that still wasn't the whole thing - plus most of the polyps from last November were pre-cancerous!).  As far as the surgeon can tell, that's it at least for now.  Everything was sent to the lab and official results will eventually wind their way back to me.  However the surgeon says that everything truly looks good and he doesn't expect to see me again for a year!  YAY!!!!!!

Even more exciting - I could EAT again!  Admittedly it was chicken soup (Big Y makes FANTASTIC chicken soup - chock full of shredded roasted chicken, LOTS of veggies and some noodles - and of course the soup part which is always delicious!)  Nathan, in addition to chauffering me back and forth, bought me a whole quart of the soup!  which of course, being me, did NOT last until morning!

Today I decided that even though I was cleared to drive, that I was still enough of a space cadet that I had best stay home - and sewed and sewed! (today I was cleared to operate machines - but not yesterday - not that I wanted to do anything but sleep!)  I've since modified my Fab 4 list to become a FAB 6 list - which is cool!  And fortunately I found enough bonus triangles (check out Bonny Hunter on this one!) so that I won't have to make all 388 HSTs.  Hopefully I won't have to make any! (I do have a BIG bag - somewhere in that mess!  For now I'm working off all the little odds and ends bonus triangle bags!)

I also got some cleaning done (a little), slept a lot, and am getting ready to finish up my binding on my Log cabin (HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) - which of course means I have to find my glasses AND the black thread!  and will be watching one or more of my favorite DVDs.  So far I have 12 possibilities sitting here on the night stand.  I think My Fellow Americans will be the first - especially considering how I feel about some of the potential candidates!

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