Friday, March 25, 2016

Quilting Marathon!

Actually it starts on TUESDAY - March 29, 2016.  HOWEVER - I just finished quilting (and binding) another quilt - and I'm on a roll!  Essentially!  So - I'm prepping for the quilting - and maybe doing some quilting surreptitiously along the way!  :)

Items I want to quilt............

1. The Valences (3) (yup - I'm quilting it - backing with a white sheet and then quilting enough so that the block will stay a block when washed!
2.  and 3.   These are 2 baby blankets that I pieced from blocks leftover from the  Valences - 4 blocks each!  And there are STILL leftover blocks I will use SOMEWHERE!
4. Charlestown baby quilt - turned into a flimsy this past January when I was SUPPOSED to be working on my Tobacco Road Couch quilt!
5. Yellow Brick  Road - and I FINALLY know how I want to quilt this.  Now to see if I can develop the skills I need!
6. New Year's Mystery quilt table topper (2010)
7 - 12 - Table Runners for different holidays
13. Summer Breeze - a full size quilt
14. Scrap Basket Quilt - a QOV I want to get finished and on its way!
15. Apple Cider table topper
16. Hurricane Sandy table topper

and I'm quite sure I can find others hidden away - uh - tucked away on my shelves!

Of course I need to clone myself and my machine several times over in order to get this all done!  So - I'm going to just list these here - then play elephant.  You know - how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!  Probably starting with the easiest first (table runners, valences, baby quilts!)

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Charlene S said...

The only way to eat that elephant is to start with one small bite and chew. Good luck with your quilting.