Monday, August 04, 2014

Design Wall for Week 31 - 08-04-14

Toes in the Sand
I've had several people inquire about the triangular block quilt - and decided to do a separate post about it.  It's a class BOM project - and I'll probably post something on a quilt page and add to each page as I go. for those done so far!

A second BOM project is Tell It to the Stars - which began last January as a mystery BOM.  I just this past week decided to join in the fun.  Sorry - no pix yet!  I hope to have not only July's block, but some of the prior ones as well.

I finished 50 4 patches for Wendy which she will get when she comes down - and delivers my new machine!!!!


Irish Double chain - I truly do need to have a slice and dice session with this!

Buckeye Beauty
I will also probably NOT add the Jamestown Landing back in - since I've been working on a new quilt as a Quilt along with my dd and I'm using the 4 patches with that as my current LE - at least until I get more caught up!

So far I have strips sewn - but not pressed and not cut up.  So no pix yet!
Thanksgiving table runner - I do need to finish this!

Passover table runner - I need to finish this one up too!
But first I need to spend a session with my froggy friend - the seam ripper!

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