Monday, August 11, 2014

Design Wall for Week 32 - 08-11-14

Toes in the Sand, Torrey Pines.  This is block 5.
I still have blocks 6 and 7 to do.  (Block 8 will be done during class this month!)
Yellow Brick Road - this is NOT the most up to date picture - since I also added borders (2).
However I can't find the picture of them!  Hopefully THIS one will be finished this week!!!

Thanksgiving Table Runner.  Partially quilted.
Just needs quilting the rest of the way, trimming and binding! 

My Leader Ender project - for Jamestown Landing.
Piecing light strings.

ALMOST done - Irish Double Chain.  I need a good session with the slicer and a ruler.
Then sew 'er together, put on borders and the flimsy will be done!


Sandie said...

Jamestown Landing is my all time favorite "Bonnie" Pattern, but my stash just doesn't have enough variety in lights or enough of one color family to make it work right. Good Luck with yours! ALSO... can you tell me where you found the floral fabric in your Irish Chain Quilt? I have been desperately searching for some of that same print to finish a special quilt. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

Helen said...

Sandie - I DO have SOME left over. Love the fabric. But - how much do you need? Contact me at and let me know