Monday, August 18, 2014

Ta Da for Week 32

No finishes - BUT.....

Education - Worked on backlog (a serious one!!!!) of schooling projects - Religion is caught up mostly from Spring!  Still trying to finish up other areas!

Cooking/food preservation -..... well, moving right along....

Quilt -  Again - no finishes - but here is what I DID do!!!!!!!

Buckeye Beauty!
I made entirely too many patches for 1 baby quilt of this!
I think there's enough for 3-4!!!

Irish Double Chain
This is B block.  A block is already done!
Almost ready to turn the blocks into a flimsy!!!!  Maybe by next week?

Jamestown Landing!
String blocks!  And I'm wondering if I will EVER run out of strings!!!!

Toes in the Sand - this is Block 6
I don't remember the specific name of this one
(each block has a name of a beach along the coast in CA!)

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