Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ta Da for Week 34 - 08-30-14

Toes in Sand - Block 8 (August's block!)
aka Santa Monica (as stated by Jaybird Quilts)
Other than the above block, I did NOT do a lot of much in terms of quilting!  Last Sunday - I quilted (discussed that!), Monday I worked on my studies - and house! which DESPERATELY needed it!  Tues and Wednesday - I - uhm - found an interesting couple of books - so that was that!  Thursday - I did NOT feel great - slept most of the day and Friday - I had an ultra sound!  Now, ultrasounds really don't hurt.  And there was NO reason (that I can think of) for my back, kidneys, to go beserk and try to keep me up all night with pain!  (I don't like to take pain medication and then go to sleep - just a horrible phobia of mine - has to do with fear of not breathing!)  STILL hurt - a whole bunch!  Body STILL rejecting that ultrasound!  NO idea why!
But then - I'll get over it - or not!  Either way - not to worry!

Um - not a lot of much happened - I am STILL trying to play catch up!  Although I now have a "game plan" and hope to get caught up a LOT faster!  I truly need to - and no, I'm NOT saying how far behind I am - although if a person thinks about it a bit, it isn't hard to figure out!

Worst, of course, was - Botany - which has NOT been what I expected it to be!  With the second worst being the course I call the Earth (think history) - which I THOUGHT I would enjoy!  And in some ways do! third is Russian - which I keep going back and reviewing - mostly because it seems that almost all the basis for grammar is in the first 30 lessons!  and there is quite a bit!  Although, truth be said, not nearly as much as with English - and a lot more consistently (mostly) than English!

Foolishly, I put my math and creative writing on hold until I caught up.  That is one mistake I won't repeat again!  I should be OUT of those books and into the next set for sure!  Urgh!  However - over all, despite being behind - I think I AM enjoying my self-inflicted (LOL good choice of words there) homeschool study plan!  Do I feel "smarter"?  You've GOT to be kidding!

Still have LOTS of green beans! I picked one side of bean beds (plural!), still have other side to go!  And yes, some are BIG and shelly - so am drying and will thrash beans out and use like dried kidney or pinto beans!
Greens - uhmmmm - definitely large.  What is funny is that I have planted purple kohlrabi - only where I THOUGHT it was, it isn't!  No kohlrabi's forming!  Instead - there are quite tall and lush purple-y plants that MIGHT look like purple broccoli - but isn't - no flowerets forming!  So - am harvesting like I do other greens, removing center ribs like I do with collards - and cooking that way - either stir-frying like my favorite way of doing collards, or cooking up like I do with greens!  Delicious - whatever kind of cole plant they are!


Other than putting up what I have, I can see that I will definitely be buying in most of my foods this year!  Especially fruit!  Strawberries were delicious - but I need more - a LOT more!  Raspberries never made it to the house!  Same for blackberries!  And I want to move both those plants! 

Mulberries - I think I got only 7 berries - but the tree is very young and needs my other plants moved AWAY from it!  NO cherries this year - drat it! and only 1 peach which is still hanging on the tree, greener than a gourd!  I DID have apples - but every single one of them vanished! Probably during June drop!  Do have pears though!  And I may have to trim out the middle of that tree - esp since it is now starting to get really tall!  Problem is though - if I do that, it will then shade over a much wider area - which means I will definitely need to move my side garden!  And yes, the blueberry bushes - vanished!  Totally!  Not cut off - just gone!  

Grape vines are coming along beautifully - and, yes, I need to transplant the one that has sprouted in my raspberry bushes - it is vining this year!  Which means that either I didn't transplant ALL of the grapes I had "temporarily" planted there - OR that I must have left part of a root - or a vine there!  Other two - the original and it's "daughter" plant - doing wonderfully EXCEPT there is no fruit!

Re the grapes, lessened raspberry crop (blackberries just starting to come in to their own), cherry tree, peach tree, and, I suspect, the apple tree - we have a very sudden, unexpected late frost this year - after several lovely warm weather days - and I think that caught all the fruit buds - at least to some degree!  Only ones not affected seem to be those plants that ordinarily bloom later!

So - end result - I will DEFINITELY be buying in cans and jars this year!

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