Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bonnie's In-studio spiff up (OOPS! Pretend it's last Wednesday!) - #2

#2 OOPS!  07-11-15 - Guess who forgot!  I'm going to pretend it's last Wednesday and do it TODAY!

Bonnie assigned Step 2 as the day to "Tackle your cutting space." 
><  (I would love to comment on her blog - but for some wierd reason - my computer won't let me comment on ANYONE's blog - drat it!)  At any rate - this one may take a while - mostly because I need to figure out WHERE I'm putting the stuff I take OFF of the table!

Granted - I have one of those vertical office file thingies that hang up on the wall - like they have in Dr. offices - and use that for holding  patterns - mostly applique patterns.  This HAS to sit on the table since my plaster is so old and weak that it would shatter if I tried to nail a nail into it!  I also have little trays - a cutting tool tray - has scissors, slicers, etc. in it - that I use on that table.  And I a baggie for scraps - which hangs on the doorknob right next to the table with those plastic rulers hanging right above.
My "work" door - actually a door to a closet that is extraordinarily narrow.
I use the door for sewing machine directions, paper piecing patterns,
goals, and mostly for rulers and templates that I use a LOT!
(the 6.5 x 24" I use on yardage, an 18.5" one, a skinny little 3.5 x 12.5" and a 4.5 square)

All my other rulers sit inside the closet
hanging on hooks that are probably as old as time!
On the floor sit a craft case and my rollaway sewing machine bag.

Table is semi-cleaned up.
You can see the plastic vertical file holder filled with quilt patterns.
You can also see the green felt covering different miniature "design walls"
that I can  toss into my sewing machine bag.  The yellow Nestle Qwik cans
I use to toss thread and snip its into and when full take them to the LQS for a
lady who makes doggie pillows from them.  We will NOT discuss the
cardboard boxes of SCRAPS hiding in various places!

My sewing machine desk - machine sits on an old cutting mat - that is warped beyond belief!
Next to the machine is the gray cutting mat that I use for quick snips as needed.
Top drawer holds all my thread - well... SOME of all my thread.  More thread is in
its own case tucked in the center open space (along with pin boxes, directions for the machine).
  The bottom drawer holds 2 trays - one for scissors and slicers, the other for odds and
ends - like pencils - stuff like that!
The pictures are OLD - and so right now, my goal is to at the least get it BACK to that level of decluttering and picking up - and then figure out WHERE my problems are (as in accumulation of fabric - scraps and yardage) on the cutting table and see what I can do to resolve that!

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