Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Wednesday - "in studio spiff up" #1

I recently looked with a Fresh Eye at my apartment/house.  Oy Vey!  Amazing how a mess creeps up!  Especially when it creeps up until it is overwhelming!  Not the worst by any means, but I glanced into my sewing room - and - egads!  What tornado hit here????

Somewhere over this past week, I checked on a fellow blogger's blog - Institches with Bonnie - and found the 15 minute studio spiff up page!  While I most certainly am NOT doing before pictures - I am thinking of maybe AFTER pictures (which will still look pretty Before to others - but fine to me!) as I journey through the weeks of blog URLs she has posted and work on MY sewing room as well!

#1 - Vacuum whatever amount of floor I can get to!  I like this blog list of Bonnie's already!!!!
#2 - List any and all UFO projects.  Bonnie uses an Excel spreadsheet.  I don't dare - since I am a Procrastination winner at using any and all spread sheets!  Simple is best for me!  I KNOW what still needs to be done to various projects - even when they are 12, 15, and 20 years old (thankfully I got rid of the pretty dress I had sewn for my dd that still needed buttons and a hem!  She was 6 at the time - and over 39 plus - when I re-homed it in year 2000!!!)

So far I have over 86 quilty things listed - not counting the 2 baby blankets, nor the other projects (5 of them!) I began this past week!  Somehow I don't think my mind has grasped the concept of winnowing DOWN the number of UFOs!

I also found Vickie Welsh's UFO challenge and may do that as well!  Who knows!  I may even complete some and at least NOT add any more for a while!  One thing she does that I'm adopting is that she posts a list of things done - and I think I may do that as well!  so - Another page - and a once a month post!  Sounds good!

By NO MEANS is this all of my UFOs.
I have more - LOTS more - in boxes on the bottom or
bottom 2 of each of the 3 shelving units in the room

More of the UFOs - on the very bottom shelf.
My project basket
IDEALLY it would hold ONLY 1 WIP for machine piecing, 1 flimsy for quilting,
maybe 1 for binding, 1 for applique.
Not that I'm admitting to a mass pile-up or anything!

And for the truly BAD parts.......

Obviously this is the BEFORE picture from working without picking up and putting away!

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