Monday, July 13, 2015

Design Wall for Week 28 - 07-13-15

And a very HAPPY SHOUT OUT to my daughter Wendy who was born this day - and I'm NOT saying how many years ago! (not if I value my life!)

Not a lot of changes here...........


The Log Cabin Wendy quilted for me - needs binding still!
Buckeye Beauty baby quilt

Baby quilt #1 from extra squares
Baby quilt #2 from extra squares

Virginia Bound
BLAST IT - I forgot that I had to add 1/4 inch to all sides!
Now not only will 6 squares be too small - but my points will be REALLY chopped
(instead of only slightly chopped like usual!)

On Point quilt pattern
It's a BOM with 2/month.
So far I'm working on the second block for last January!

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