Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bonnie's In-Studio "Spiff-up" or "Hmmm -- there seems to be a pattern developing here! " - #3

Hmmm -- there seems to be a pattern developing here!  On Wednesday's I have Bonnie's "spiff-up" - unfortunately - by the time Wednesday rolls around, I'm tired - and spiffing ANYTHING up is the LAST thing on my mind!

That being said - for the next 30 minutes I'm pretending like it is Wednesday.  After that 30 minutes are up - life can go back to being Saturday!  In fact, I would really like it to!

Bonnie's 3rd assignment ( is to straighten up the FQ collection.

Ummmm - mine isn't in TOO bad of a shape - mostly because I store my FQ in plastic shoeboxes and by predominant color.  IDEALLY however, once cut into - the FQ is no longer a true FQ - and needs to move on to large hunks of scraps.  However I don't have a good system in place for that - just grocery bags where everything is jumbled.  So the cut-into FQ goes BACK into the box - hopefully with the cut side out so that I can tell I used part of it.

There is a down side to doing it this way.  For some wierd reason - I will use YARDAGE.  I will use SCRAPS.  But - I DONT seem to use the FQ - and so they linger and linger and linger!  I'm better about it than I used to be - especially since some of the quilts I've been working on DO use FQ.  However, given half a chance, I ignore the FQ and go for the scraps almost every time!

This hasn't seemed to take too long - and hopefully I will find my camera so that I can take pix of some of my FQ collections.  It isn't terribly extensive - and it would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy to "just drift into the quilt shop and pick a few" now and then!  good thing that I head QUICKLY - head down, past any temptation and back to the sewing tables for class!

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