Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Soooooooooo sleeeepy.....................

am soooooooooo sleepy today. not as much as yesterday though. Well - to work, to work, to work!

Today is a vacation day for me (YAY!) Am waiting for the plumber (who unclogged my sink Monday - YAY!) to finish up a job upstairs. I was under the impression he would be here in the morning. Nope!

Problem is - I need to leave the house - get food for dinner, lunch, kitty food, my meds from Wally world, take the kitty to the groomers' and a couple of other things that I forgot already! And I KNOW that if I leave that the the plumber will choose THAT time to show up! Nor do I know the plumber's name and phone number (son contacted them).

In addition, I have the side porch floor to paint (I volunteered - son was determined to paint last night - was falling over he was so tired), clean house somewhat, papers to sort (am looking for specific paper - not finding it so far!), and SOMEWHERE in there SEW!

Sigh! More later

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Wendy said...

You're superwoman! You CAN do it!