Friday, January 06, 2012

Now that I Know HOW.....

Yeehaw - I can EDIT!!!!! FINALLY figured that part out!

Now to figure out how to take pix and upload to my computer - or to my blog - whichever!!! And to the owners of the blog - I apologize!!! Profusely! Even though I still believe that if something isn't broken - DON'T fix it!

More later - am off to a rousing morning of home-doned PT (they called and cancelled - yippee - saves me 3 hours! 2 of which are travel time!) and my "homeschool" (don't ask - I just re-set my studies - and already I'm behind!- so what else is nu?) as well as cleaning, paper sorting and .... and....

Oh yeah - this afternoon I plan on SEWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just saw a neat idea on Heidi's blog - I too have these hideous plastic crates that I use for.... holding my study books when not in use, a launching pad of stuff I NEED to remember to take to the car/deliver/drop off, holding my ironing (they aren't big enough for all my mending!) So - I may be working on that this weekend - along with a kajillian other things!

Other noteworthy events - I had planned on going out to lunch with some of my former co-workers (I'm the former - they're still current) - but one of my friends couldn't make it - so we're re-scheduling for February - am thinking of a bigger group anyway!d Should be fun! At least 2 management, 2 team leaders, including my adopted sister, and several of my co-workers! Hmmn - not sure how I'm going to do this! Oh well, I'll figure it out!

Former... - oh yeah - well - I was laid off - which is just as well since there was NO WAY I wanted to go back through another spring season there - I don't do well under stress and pressure - and boy, there is definitely stress and pressure.

Not in the negative sense because folks there are great - but it is the sheer volume of work and the fact that it ALL has to be ACCURATE which is my waterloo right there! Not that I'm not accurate - but when it usually doesn't count as much! When it does - OH MY!

Regardless, I love the folks there dearly and miss them terribly - and I know they miss me as well. I don't have sour grapes about it because they kept me on a lot longer than I would have in their shoes, for sure! Terrific people!

Other news - I just harvested the last of my fall cabbages - well, ALMOST the last one - and the last I'm going to attempt harvesting - there are 2 more - little bitty things! It has now gotten VERY COLD although today is warmer than it has been. And I've finally discovered the cabbages to put up for fall/winter harvest - Savoy cabbages - they don't seem to hold as much water as the other ones! Which is what I want for winter harvest!

This week - today I am thinking - I'm sending one quilt top to be quilted and by tomorrow at the latest will have 3 packages ready to send of row strips (TG!!!!!) - and with a bit of luck - that last of all my swaps as well!!!!!! Re the quilt top - it will take quite a while for Wendy to get around to it, I'm sure - but it will be gorgeous when done! It is just that she doesn't really have a lot of time - because she is now in an entirely different type of position than what she used to be and is EXHAUSTED by the time she gets home - so we'll see! Anyway - that's where I'll be re quilt tops this weekend.

Then for the rest of the month I want to work on last year's quilts - finishing up 2 of the 3 baby quilts - with the third one going on THIS YEAR'S list.

LIST - oh yeah, I goofed (amongst all the other times!) I got my list together s- then mostly because of my stupid computer problems and not being able to edit, etc. - I procrastinated on sending the info and URL to Judy L.

Result? I (sob!) missed the date for being ready to post the list! With (sniffle, sniffle!) the slight possibility of being able to identify what number is being posted next - I can still work on that one. If however I can't -= I'll download the hat and use THAT for identifying. OR I'll ask Wendy to close her eyes and pick one! (and NOT the hardest - least done one either!!!!)

That's it for now - more later as I modify/change/edit to my heart's content!

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